@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

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Friday, May 17, 2024


2024 Dongyang "High School Entrance Examination Enrollment Face-to-face"

Live consultations

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Scene: 400-square-meter studio on the first floor of Dongyang Rong Media Center (click to jump to navigate).

Live broadcast: Song and painting Dongyang app Dongyang City Radio FM100.2


Live broadcast preview

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Dongyang City Admissions Office as well

Dongyang Middle School

Dongyang Vocational Education Center School

Dongyang Zhongtian Senior High School

Heads of 3 schools

Introduce the school's profile and admissions policies

Answer questions from candidates and parents on the spot

(1) 200 on-site consultation places are reserved

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@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Attention parents: 200 places on site are available on a first-served, first-served basis. Due to the large flow of people at the on-site event and the limited parking space on site, it is recommended that parents who come to the consultation meeting carpool and obey the instructions of the on-site staff.

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@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you


School Introduction

Dongyang Middle School

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Dongyang Middle School adheres to the 100-year cultural context and heritage, carries forward the school spirit of "solid and simple", the teaching style of "rigorous and sincere", the style of study of "hard work" and the founding spirit of "perseverance, want to do it", innovates the school-running system and mechanism, integrates internal and external advantageous resources, builds a liberal arts whole-person education, and strives to cultivate diversified leading talents with a broad foundation, physical and mental health, and rich family and country feelings, and opens a new journey of modern high-quality characteristic development of "science and technology high school, sports education, and humanistic foundation" in the new era.

Integrate resources and optimize the curriculum. Tell the stories of Dongzhong alumni and inherit the spirit of Chinese in Dongzhong. We will build the "Keats Academy of Sciences", "Tiwu College of Literature" and "Fosun Public Welfare College", promote the construction of subject classrooms, innovation laboratories and smart campuses, and optimize the "liberal arts whole-person" curriculum system. It has been successfully established as the first batch of modern schools in Zhejiang Province, and is a national artificial intelligence experimental school, a national informatization experimental school, a national football characteristic school, a provincial digital campus demonstration school and a provincial smart education comprehensive pilot school; It has become the science and technology innovation base of Peking University Information Research Institute, the deputy secretary-general unit of the Tennis Branch of the China Sports Association, and the high-level reserve talent base of the Zhejiang Tennis Association and the Table Tennis Association. Efforts are made to guide students to transfer from paper and brush questions in the teaching building to hands-on exploration in science laboratories, passionate swaying in sports venues, and extensive reading in reading rooms, so as to enrich selectivity and promote personalized and diversified development.

Deepen reform and develop with characteristics. Registered the "Dongzhong Alumni Association", established the Dongzhong Education Group Council and the Dongzhong Education Development Foundation to stimulate the vitality of the school. In the past four years, 42 people have won the provincial first prize in the five university science Olympiads, won 5 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze in the national finals, and the chemistry Olympiad entered the national training team for the first time; In the past three years, 1 person has won the title of national athlete, 22 people have won the title of first-class athlete, and 68 people have won the title of second-class athlete.

Elevate ideas and energize. Vigorously introduce and cultivate famous backbone teachers, carry forward the excellent style of "loving the school like home", "reviewing overnight" and "accompanying Q&A", and the teachers of the whole school are honest and simple to educate people, work hard, and lay a solid foundation for high quality with the teaching reform of "winning efficient classrooms, winning homework training, and winning hierarchical tutoring". "A good student should be a good athlete, and a good teacher should be a sports enthusiast" "No health, no talent, no mental difficulty, strong sports new East Middle School" health education concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; "Loud action, daily activities, efficient learning and practice, independent advancement", students' self-consciousness and activation of life have become a common practice. "Accompany for three years and lay the foundation for a lifetime", the school presents a new situation of high standing, new reform, slow education, and distinctive comprehensive and high-quality.

Address: No. 1, Bachelor North Road, Dongyang City

Telephone: 89328810

Dongyang Vocational Education Center School

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Founded in 1982, Dongyang Vocational Education Center School Dongji Campus is one of the first batch of national key vocational high schools, the first batch of demonstration schools for the reform and development of secondary vocational education in Zhejiang Province, modern schools in Zhejiang Province, and civilized campuses in Zhejiang Province.

The campus covers an area of 400 acres, with more than 4,100 students and more than 300 faculty members. At present, there are four major professional groups of civil engineering, mechanical and electrical information, finance and commerce, and art tourism, with 30 majors. Among them, architecture and wood carving are provincial high-level construction majors, backbone majors and characteristic majors. The construction technology training base is a skills training base supported by the central government, and the mechanical and electrical training base has been rated as a provincial demonstration base.

With the culture of "craftsmen and good workers" as the core, the school has solidly promoted the connotative and high-quality development of the school, and has achieved a series of results. The tourism team won the first prize of the National Secondary Vocational School Teacher Teaching Ability Competition, the third prize in the 2023 National Vocational College Skills Competition Prefabricated Competition, and the third place in the 2023 Second Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China. The construction level of the teaching staff has been improved with high quality, with 1 senior teacher, 1 "national technical expert", 2 national Huang Yanpei outstanding teachers, 1 Zhejiang Provincial Skill Master Studio, and more than 50 Jinhua or above awards such as rookies in the teaching field and informatization lectures; There are achievements in education and teaching, and "Skill Atlas + Research + Cultural Creativity: Reform and Practice of the Training Mechanism of New Successors of Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects" won the second prize of Zhejiang Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, and there are 4 typical cases of secondary vocational education reform in Zhejiang Province, including 1 excellent case. In cooperation with 13 higher vocational colleges, we have actively promoted the cultivation of talents with the integration of middle and higher vocational education and the integration of middle and higher vocational schools, and the number of students has reached 65.7%; The level of social services has been effectively improved, and more than 50,000 people have been trained in the past three years.


Dongyang Technical School Campus: No. 1, Feng Building, Chengdong Street, Dongyang City

Dongyang Second Vocational Campus: No. 4, Li Zhai Bachelor Road, Chengdong Street, Dongyang City


Dongyang Technical School Campus: 86389705 86389701

Dongyang Second Vocational Campus: 86011825 86011812

Dongyang Zhongtian Senior High School

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

Founded in 1995, Zhongtian High School is a fully enclosed boarding school fully invested by Zhongtian Holding Group. The school covers an area of 100 acres, with a construction area of more than 38,000 square meters, and the hardware facilities are equipped according to the standards of provincial first-class key high schools. The school has 30 classes, more than 1,500 students, and more than 120 faculty members. The school has advanced teaching equipment and facilities, with a sports and art hall that can undertake national basketball competitions, high-standard student dormitory buildings, etc., and is the "most beautiful campus" in Jinhua City, the "beautiful campus" in Zhejiang Province, the second-level key middle school in Zhejiang Province, and the national advanced private school.

Zhongtian High School has three major characteristics: good education quality, it is a model school of "high entry and excellent exit, low entry and high exit" in the province, and the improvement of student performance is the first in the city and leading in the province; It is an art characteristic school in Zhejiang Province, with an online rate of about 90% for the first stage of art, and the teaching quality is ahead of the province; Third, the whole school adopts tablet teaching, and the application level of modern educational technology is leading in the province. Chairman Lou Yongliang was cordially received by former President Hu Jintao, and former Minister of Education Zhou Ji and other leaders visited the school to inspect and guide the work.

The party branch of Zhongtian High School was established in 1998 and upgraded to the general party branch in 2017. There are 6 party branches and nearly 100 party members. The general party branch of the school attaches great importance to the exemplary and leading role of party members, and builds the branch in the grade group to lead all teachers to teach and educate people. The general branch attaches great importance to the leadership of mass organizations such as trade unions and the Communist Youth League, and the work of party building with industrial construction and party building with league building has been fruitful, and has now become a demonstration unit for party building work of new social organizations in Jinhua City and a demonstration base for party building work in private schools in Zhejiang Province.

Address: No. 432, Dongyi Road, Dongyang City

Tel: 0579-86360000 0579-86360005

@中考生和家长们! On May 17th, the live broadcast of "2024 Admissions Face-to-face" is waiting for you

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