Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

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In the inaccessible mountains of Hunan, there is a small village surrounded by strong peaks and mountains. The environment is extremely harsh, and the villagers live a self-sufficient and hard-working life.

Due to the lack of systematic educational resources, children often walk in groups after school, stepping on the familiar paths and sneaking into the depths of the dense forest in search of wild animals and plants to sustain themselves.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Fifteen-year-old Wang Ermin, like the other children in the village, often crawls between the mountains to get a variety of delicious mushrooms for his own enjoyment.

Although the village elders constantly remind them to be careful of the poisonous creatures lurking in the mountains and forests, these naïve children always take these warnings as wind in their ears.

However, at a certain point in a certain year, Wang Ermin and his friends accidentally ate several highly poisonous mushrooms during the collection process, and he unknowingly mixed these poisonous mushrooms with other ingredients, and then ate them without hesitation.

Soon after, he felt lightheaded, his vision gradually blurred, and even hallucinated.

The family immediately realized that he might have been poisoned, so they rushed to help him induce vomiting, trying to remove the toxin from his body, but without success.

Seeing Wang Ermin's condition deteriorating day by day, the parents' hearts were full of sadness, for fear that the child was about to leave them. The family carried him overnight to the town's hospital, but the medical facilities were so rudimentary that the doctors could not determine what kind of toxins he had in his body.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Just as the family is in despair, a villager suddenly reveals that there is a mysterious old man who specializes in detoxification in another nearby village.

This glimmer of life rekindled the flame of hope for the whole family, and they decided to send Wang Ermin to the divine doctor at all costs, seeking the last straw.

As expected, the old man with silver hair could accurately judge that what Wang Ermin was in was a rare "chronic plant toxin" with just a few observations.

Subsequently, he took out an ancient Chinese medicine prescription from the dilapidated wooden box, and personally cooked the medicinal materials into a decoction and fed it to Wang Ermin.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Just over an hour later, something unbelievable happened—Wang Ermin miraculously regained consciousness and vitality! The whole family was overjoyed and expressed their willingness to give everything they had to repay this miraculous doctor, but he politely declined.

Oh! It turns out that the old man with great skill has lived in this vast mountain forest since ancient times, and every generation of the family has devoted all their efforts to the study of the unique and mysterious technique that can ward off diseases and prolong life.

He saw that Wang Ermin was thirsty for knowledge, so he did not hesitate to teach his ancestral detoxification skills to him, an outstanding disciple.

In the face of Wang Ermin's sudden and highly toxic infection, the old man still remained calm and only smiled slightly: "Young man, don't worry, what he is taking is just a rare chronic poisonous mushroom, not an incurable disease."

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

After the old man finished speaking, he took out a peculiar prescription from the simple wooden box, carefully selected the herbs one by one and put them into the pot, and boiled a bowl of rich medicinal soup.

Seeing the appearance of the bowl of medicinal soup, everyone's hearts were full of doubts, but the old man said firmly: "Drink it with confidence, I guarantee that you will feel refreshed immediately."

At that time, Wang Ermin was already on the verge of dying, and he had no choice but to fully trust this mysterious old man Soon after taking the medicine, he was really refreshed as if he had been reborn.

The family was pleasantly surprised, and they all bowed down to the old man and wanted to take out all the family property to show their gratitude, but the old man politely refused. It turned out that the barefoot doctor's family had lived in the mountains and forests of Hunan for generations.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Due to the remote location of this place, the villagers have been picking and eating wild fruits and vegetables for generations, and poisoning incidents are common in the mountains and forests.

In order to survive, their ancestors did their best to develop a unique detoxification method that can drive away diseases and prolong life. Seeing that Wang Ermin was gifted and eager to learn, the old man immediately decided to teach him this masterpiece.

From then on, Wang Ermin respectfully called the old man a teacher and conscientiously learned the way of detoxification.

Master first taught him how to identify the various poisons in the mountains and forests, as well as their properties. Then he began to personally instruct him in the process of concocting miracle formulas and pharmaceuticals that are invincible.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Since his apprenticeship, Wang Ermin has been devoting himself to the study of detoxification knowledge. First of all, he had to keep in mind the characteristics, distribution, and degree of harm of the various mountain and forest poisons taught by the Master.

For him, who grew up in the mountains, this was not too much of a challenge.

What follows is the practical stage of drug compatibility and conditioning. Wang Ermin followed his master's side, carefully learning the uniqueness and efficacy of various types of Chinese herbal medicines, and knew how to skillfully combine them to protect against various toxins.

What's even more amazing is that the teacher taught a seemingly unconventional strategy of "fighting poison with poison" - for some poisons, it is necessary to use another tiny poison to neutralize each other.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

This unheard-of treatment was an eye-opener for Wang Ermin. He was determined to surpass his mentor and develop a more efficient and effective antidote to the virus.

Therefore, in addition to the daytime classes, Wang Ermin often devoted himself to studying the composition and properties of various toxins in the dead of night.

One day, a villager was bitten by a poisonous insect and was poisonous. The teacher prescribed him a prescription with a dark color and a peculiar shape. Although everyone was skeptical about the efficacy of this prescription, the patient miraculously recovered after taking the medicine! Wang Ermin was deeply shocked by this scene and decided to study hard, hoping to develop a more miraculous antidote than Master's.

Since then, he has not been stingy and has embarked on a years-long journey of exploration. During the day, he humbly asks the elders for their skills, and at night, he delves into the mountains alone to comprehend the mysteries of nature hidden in the mist.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

In order to better understand the symptoms of the toxin, Wang Ermin even did not hesitate to try to take a small amount of highly toxic substances! His family was worried about this, but he did not care, firmly believing that only by feeling it himself could he concoct a good antidote to the symptoms.

After countless tests of life and death, Wang Ermin finally had a sudden inspiration in the middle of the night and successfully developed a peerless recipe that is "invulnerable to all poisons"! This recipe seems to be unremarkable, but once applied, whether it is pesticides, snake venom or mushroom toxins, it can be completely resolved.

As soon as Wang Ermin's recipe for inviolating poisons came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the entire village. As a small remote village, it is really jaw-dropping that such a detoxification wizard has suddenly emerged.

It is important to know that this place is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and poisoning incidents are commonplace due to wild beasts and poisonous insects. Although there are a few elderly people in the village who know a little about medicine, they are still helpless in the face of severe poison.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

However, Wang Ermin's miraculous prescription can not only completely cure all kinds of highly toxic diseases, but what is even more amazing is that this unique prescription is so simple and clear that it is as simple and innocent as an ordinary Chinese medicine formula!

In the face of everyone's puzzled eyes, Wang Ermin didn't care, but was even more determined to show the powerful power of this mysterious recipe to the public with practical actions!

The people of the whole village were dumbfounded, and their hearts were already filled with endless admiration. Not only does this young man have incredible courage, but he also seems to be able to deal with such a drastic chemical toxin, which is really a rare talent!

In order to further verify the miraculous effect of the magic formula, Wang Ermin conducted an even more shocking experiment.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

He chose a big rooster with a strong and mighty physique, and in the face of the gaze of the whole village, he did not hesitate to forcibly pour several mouthfuls of concentrated pesticides into the mouth of this poor rooster.

The rooster's eyes rolled instantly, and after a few consecutive burps, he collapsed to the ground with a weak breath.

Seeing the tragic end of the rooster, the onlookers covered their noses and left, lest they inhale the poisonous gas of pesticides.

Just when everyone was sure that this rooster would definitely die, Wang Ermin suddenly took out a small bottle of swaying liquid and poured all the liquid into the rooster's mouth in one go! Before everyone came to their senses, they saw that the big rooster that was originally dying miraculously regained its vitality, shook its head and became energetic, puffed up its chest and strutted forward, as if showing off its victory.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

This thrilling scene made the whole village dumbfounded, and some of them were so frightened that they almost fainted! Since then, Wang Ermin's name has spread as loudly as thunder throughout the land of Hunan, and countless patients with severe poison have come to seek treatment.

Could it be that the miraculous curative effect of this magic recipe for curing all kinds of diseases is really limited to this unique land? Many people of insight have come to this place one after another, trying to buy those seemingly ordinary herbs used by Wang Ermin.

Today, Wang Ermin's miracle medicine is widely known, and his own reputation is also rising. Countless poisoned patients from all over the country have been reborn because of his seemingly insipid prescription.

People's reverence for Mr. Wang Ermin is not only due to his extraordinary medical skills, but also from his noble medical ethics and the noble quality of treating fame and fortune as dung.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Whenever someone wanted to give him a large amount of money or a precious treasure, he did not hesitate to refuse it, accepting only a modest reward.

Such a pure-hearted and indifferent behavior of fame and fortune made him win widespread love and respect among the local people.

In order to pass on the top skill of detoxification, Wang Ermin took to heart the last wish left by his master before his death, and was determined to pass on all his knowledge and experience to his younger disciples without reservation.

He was busy diagnosing and treating patients during the day, and at night he was preoccupied with teaching his disciples how to identify toxins, how to formulate the best medicines, and most importantly, he did his best to instill in them the precious qualities of a doctor's compassion.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

After years of hard work and the words and deeds between master and apprentice, Wang Ermin finally succeeded in passing on his unique detoxification secret to future generations.

The magic prescription developed by him back then has now spread all over Hunan Province and has become a well-known local "antidote to poison".

Even today, as long as there are poisoned patients who come to ask for help, Wang Ermin will not hesitate to rush to the scene across thousands of mountains and rivers to personally treat them.

Thankfully, with his growing fame, the Chinese medicine industry in Hunan Province has also shown unprecedented prosperity.

Strange man Wang Ermin claimed: There is a magical detoxification technique

Those ordinary herbs in the past are now revered as antidote holy products, and people are vying to buy them, and the voices come and go. This has undoubtedly greatly promoted the vigorous development of Hunan's traditional Chinese medicine industry.

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