"Liu Qiangdong" digital human live broadcast with goods debut: more than 20 million views, netizens said "less feelings"

"Liu Qiangdong" digital human live broadcast with goods debut: more than 20 million views, netizens said "less feelings"

"Liu Qiangdong" digital human live broadcast with goods debut: more than 20 million views, netizens said "less feelings"

"Liu Qiangdong" digital person in the live broadcast room

Jingdong Live has a new anchor: Liu Qiangdong.

"Long time no see, I'm your old friend Liu Qiangdong......" At 6:18 pm on April 16, the image of Liu Qiangdong, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong, "Brother Dong" appeared in the live broadcast room of Jingdong Home Appliances and Jingdong Supermarket at the same time.

"Sitting here today, I have to sigh that time flies so fast, and in a blink of an eye, has been established for more than 20 years. When first started e-commerce, online shopping was just emerging, and there were very few products to choose from, and there were many fakes and inferior goods. I founded to make the goods you buy convenient, fast and cheap, and to ensure the quality of the products. After a simple 5-minute warm-up, the Dongge digital person quickly started bringing goods, and did not talk too much about his personal life and opinions.

According to the disclosure of Jingdong Supermarket, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room exceeded 10 million in just 40 minutes, creating the highest peak in the number of viewers since the launch of the live broadcast room of Jingdong Supermarket, and the number of viewers exceeded 20 million in the past 1 hour, and the average stay time of users during the live broadcast period reached 5.6 times the daily average. Within 40 minutes, the overall order volume of the live broadcast room exceeded 100,000.

During the live broadcast, 13 products were explained by Dongge's AI digital human, and the overall order volume increased by 7.6 times compared with last Sunday, and the turnover of Jingdong Supermarket's "10 billion agricultural subsidies" increased by 5.7 times compared with last Sunday.

This is also the live broadcast debut of "Liu Qiangdong" on Jingdong APP. In the warm-up video released by,"Liu Qiangdong"Introduce himself as's YanxiAIdigital person,The reporter observed,In the live broadcast room,Liu Qiangdong's digital people bring goods products including Hisense air conditioner、Skyworth TV、Blueberries、Milk、Corn and other daily necessities。

According to the reporter's observation in the live broadcast room, Liu Qiangdong's digital person is indeed quite similar to a real person: whether it is his appearance or voice tone, they all imitate Liu Qiangdong's habits, but many netizens still commented that it was too blunt, and many netizens shouted to Jingdong and asked Liu Qiangdong himself to go on the broadcast in person, "The copycat version of Dongge still lacks some feelings." ”

Will "Purchasing and Selling Dongge" return to the live broadcast room in the future? At present, Jingdong has not responded, but according to the reporter's understanding, it is very likely that Dongge digital people will work again in the future.

According to Jingdong, the surging news reporter told the surging news reporter that in order to create a real "Dongge", the technical team made many adjustments to the large model: at first, the speech material "fed" to the large model was too formal although it was passionate and explosive. To this end, they used the latest recorded chats as the main material, including Liu Qiangdong's own travel experience, and then extracted the rhythmic characteristics of the 5-minute speech and poured it into the large model.

Liu Qiangdong's participation in the live broadcast this time is mainly to further warm up's content ecology and short video creation. According to Tianyancha's intellectual property information, recently, Jingdong has applied for the registration of trademarks such as "Lao Liu Special Field", "Youjing Home Products" and "Round Head Price", and the international classification involves advertising sales, clothing, shoes and hats, etc., and the current trademark status is pending substantive examination.

On April 10th, Jingdong announced that it would enter the short video game in a big way, investing 1 billion cash and 1 billion traffic as rewards, but compared with Taobao's Li Jiaqi and Douyin's Dong Yuhui, Jingdong Live has not yet given birth to "First Brother", and at present, "Dongge" seems to be a strong competitor.

By testing the waters through "purchasing and selling Dongge", does Jingdong hope to achieve "corner overtaking" through digital human anchors?

In terms of technology, Jingdong said that for businesses or agency operations with multiple live broadcast needs, Yanxi digital people do not need local computer configuration, and thousands of live broadcast rooms can be broadcast simultaneously in the cloud, further reducing the cost of broadcasting by 30%, so that real anchors and digital human anchors can be switched, and they are unattended 24 hours a day.

However, from the perspective of practical application, the person in charge of a number of head live broadcast rooms told reporters that it is still necessary to be cautious when officially investing in digital people, "For the live broadcast room to be able to make money, it depends on the good management of people, goods, and venues." There is also the accumulation of brands in the live broadcast room, and digital people are just tools. The relevant person in charge of the "head live broadcast room" make a friend told the surging news reporter that in his opinion, the current digital human technology as a whole is still very rudimentary, and the company has also tried to use digital human live broadcast before, but the effect is not good, "Digital human live broadcast is still not very mature, Jingdong uses Liu Qiangdong's digital person, but also uses Liu Qiangdong's IP, in fact, the digital human anchor may be 3-5 years away from the official commercial use." ”

There are also many companies that use the concept of digital humans to "cut leeks". According to the 2024 AI Security Report, AI-based deepfake fraud cases will show a staggering growth trend in 2023, with a growth rate of up to 3,000%.

The person in charge of a digital human company told reporters that at present, there are still two sides to the digital person, and there are indeed many organizations in the industry with the mentality of "AI" Internet celebrities. However, leading companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and Kuaishou have also deployed digital human research and development, and compliant digital human products still have great potential for commercial use in the future.

It is worth noting that for digital human live broadcast, the specifications of various platforms are still being improved. On March 26, the Douyin Security Center issued an announcement on the governance of the improper use of AI to generate virtual characters, pointing out that it will strictly punish the illegal use of AI-generated virtual characters to publish content that violates scientific common sense, deceives, and spreads rumors.

According to the announcement, Douyin will focus on the use of AI to generate fake foreigners, fake elites, and the use of AI to generate image deception interactions. In addition to conventional punishment methods such as account blocking, the announcement also specifically mentioned: "The platform has grasped the clues that some black industry gangs have improperly used AI-generated virtual characters for crime, and will report to the police to crack down." ”

Previously, Douyin had released the "Douyin Platform Specification and Industry Initiative on Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content", mentioning that the image and content of virtual anchors must be pre-recorded. Before the virtual anchor starts broadcasting, users can find the authentication registration entrance through the "Douyin Creator Center - Anchor Center - Category Anchor Certification", and virtual anchors who have not been reported by the platform cannot start broadcasting. In addition, the virtual live broadcast must be prominently marked to help users distinguish between virtual and reality. The platform will provide a unified AI-generated content identification capability to help creators mark and make it easier for users to distinguish between virtual and reality.

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