【Tweet】"Ten Years of Marriage", "Peach Zhao", "King Kong is Not Bad"

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"Ten Years of Marriage" Author: Jiu Lu

"Peach Trillion" Artist: Shirakuko

"King Kong is not bad" Author: Li Umbrella

【Tweet】"Ten Years of Marriage", "Peach Zhao", "King Kong is Not Bad"

"Ten Years of Marriage"

Author: Hisaku


收藏数:1.2w 字数:18.17w


Fang Yan and Sang Yiming have been married for ten years, and Sang Yi will be indifferent tomorrow, so in the ten years after marriage, Fang Yan has always been the one who silently waits to pay

The days were uneventful, and the two of them never blushed

Fang Yan thought that after so many years, there must be love between them, he thought that simple life was true, and he thought that Sang Yiming was deeply in love

It wasn't until the tenth year that he knew that the past ten years had been his own wishful thinking, and Sang Yiming had been commending him and this marriage

Will you go on or let it go?

Fang Yan decided to let Sang Yiming go free and took the initiative to file for divorce

Sang Yiming disagreed

Fang Yan was iron-hearted, decided not to sing a one-man show anymore, and began the road of crazy divorce

It's cold, the dialect no longer asks for warmth, a ticket flies to the island, the husband chases his wife for thousands of miles, and only sees his wife from afar

On Sang Yiming's birthday, Fang Yan no longer served tea and clothes, packed up his baggage and went back to his parents' house, and her husband slept on the floor of his bedroom all night

On the wedding anniversary, Fang Yan no longer had flowers and red wine, once again threw off the divorce agreement, went to a party and carnival, and was ready to be beautiful alone

Sang Yiming hurriedly arrived, and kicked away the man who was about to touch his wife's buttocks: Get out, he is married

After speaking, Sang Yiming picked up the dialect and left

Dialect: Don't you still agree to divorce? What is the meaning of a marriage that has always been settled?

Sang Yiming directly put Fang Yan in the back seat, lowered his head and kissed it: It's not a promise, I love you, you want a divorce, I'm going crazy

Sang Yiming (attack) x dialect (received)


he, sweet and sour, chasing his wife after marriage

【Tweet】"Ten Years of Marriage", "Peach Zhao", "King Kong is Not Bad"

"Peach Sign"

Author: White mustard seeds


收藏数:4.3w 字数:30.01w


Rong Zhao was born in the first sect in the Eastern Continent, with outstanding talent and immortal talents, and he is a well-deserved candidate for the next sect master.

His only nemesis is Wu Jianhu, who is also the heir of the Great Sect.

In terms of talent, cultivation, and temperament, he is on par with each other, both of whom are deep-minded and ambitious, and they have been fighting each other for a long time.

Until they went out for training, they fell into the same illusion and became husband and wife for three years.

Nanke Ichi, repentance.


* Wu See Margin (xǔ) x Rong Zhao

* Cynical x sanctimonious

* Neither the attacker nor the receiver is a good person

【Tweet】"Ten Years of Marriage", "Peach Zhao", "King Kong is Not Bad"

"King Kong is not bad"

Author: Li Umbrella


收藏数:4.4w 字数:45.16w


Ding Zhao, a humble social animal, docking customers is comparable to serving his ancestors, and he was complained about by his colleagues about his cartilage behind his back.

Jumping ship to a new company, his boss Cheng Nuowenxiu said ruthlessly, relying on strength to do big business, no matter how tricky Party A is, he respects him for three points.

Ding Zhao, who has been abused many times, learned from the pain and decided to double cultivate with Cheng Nuowen, attack the city and seize the land with him, and make a new version of iron and copper.

Vanity Fair is shiny, and it is easy to have the illusion after a long time, as if he can reach out again, and he can grasp the light source into the palm of his hand.

Delusion hurts people, living together for more than half a year, he is a god when Cheng Nuowen is a god, and Cheng Nuowen is his dog nanny, free to accompany the bed.

Books, gay men are going to die.


After Ding Zhao moved away, Cheng Nuowen returned to his single life, thinking that everything would be restored soon.

Reality: The dog goes crazy and he has insomnia.

After doing a deck all night, Cheng Nuowen analyzed that he probably liked Ding Zhao.

But the other party has already been reborn, with a hard neck, a straight waist, and dares to face himself in the company, and he has not been a good bully in the past.

Heaven is a good reincarnation, and if you want to chase people again, you can't do it if you don't lick it.

Cheng Nuowen: Are you there?

Ding Zhao: I'm off work.




Demon King Attribute Attack x 前怂后倔受

In the year, the workplace is cultivated, the office is in love, and there is a deputy CP with very little space

No one is perfect and there are many flaws, involving the advertising industry, and the details of the background magic are changed, please don't take it seriously

【Tweet】"Ten Years of Marriage", "Peach Zhao", "King Kong is Not Bad"


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