Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

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In the fifty-eighth episode of "Water Margin", Lin Chong and Lu Zhishen met again, and Lu Zhishen told Lin Chong that Lin Niangzi finally hanged herself because she couldn't bear the harassment in Gao Yan, and Lin Chong's father-in-law also died of grief soon after.

In other words, Gao Ya was scheming, and in the end he defiled Lin Niangzi.

So, in order to get Lin Niangzi, what kind of tricks did Gao Yanei use? What is his final outcome?

Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

When they met for the first time, Gao Yanei was full of courage

Gao Yanei was originally the son of Gao Yu's third uncle's family, according to generation, he was the same generation as Gao Yu, and belonged to his uncle and brother, but after Gao Yu gained power, because he had no heirs, he recognized his brother as a son.

Isn't this incomprehensible? How can anyone still be willing to lower their rank and recognize their elder brother as their father?

In fact, this is very easy to understand, because according to the Song system, if Gao Yanei becomes Gao Yu's son, when Gao Yu hangs up, he will be the first heir, and the family property, title, etc., will be his.

Therefore, Gao Yanei was in a hurry to recognize "Dad", and he couldn't stop it.

After becoming the eldest young master, the scoundrel nature of Gao Ya was revealed, and he was notorious in Tokyo, and one of his favorite things to do in his life was to flirt with women from good families.

"That guy is powerful in Tokyo, and he loves to bully other people's wives and daughters. The people of Jingshi are afraid of his power, who dares to compete with him? --"Water Margin"

In the Great Xiangguo Temple, Gao Yanei saw Lin Chong's wife for the first time, and was immediately shocked.

You must know that Gao Yanei has never seen a woman in his life, and his professional hobby is this, so he can't look down on ordinary vulgar fans, but what can make him stunned is naturally very beautiful.

Therefore, he couldn't hold back his impulse, and Gao Yanei naturally molested Lin Chong's wife.

Lin Chong was naturally extremely annoyed that his wife was molested, but there was a detail here, that is, he didn't know that the other party was Gao Yanei at that time, and Gao Yanei didn't know that the person he was molesting was Lin Chong's wife.

At that time, Lin Chong was about to come over, but he recognized that it was the official Gao Yanei, and he relented first, and Gao Yanei said: "Lin Chong, what are you doing! You have to take care of it!" It turned out that Gao Yanei didn't know that she was Lin Chong's wife, and if she still knew, there would be no such thing. --- "Water Margin"

From their conversation, one piece of information can be derived, that is, Lin Chong and Gao Yanei originally knew each other.

This is not surprising, Lin Chong is the head of the forbidden army, and Gao Yu is his top boss, as Gao Yu's favorite son, he must have seen and knew Lin Chong.

And the book also makes it clear that if Gao Yanei knew in advance that this was Lin Chong's wife, he would not have molested. And Lin Chong also softened his hand after seeing that the other party was Gao Yanei.

It's not that Lin Chong is cowardly, but because he knows that Gao Yanei is this kind of thing, and it is his nature to flirt with women.

Originally, he thought that Gao Yanei would have a misunderstanding because he didn't know about it, but now that everyone has figured it out, there should be nothing wrong in the future, so he didn't teach Gao Yanei a lesson at the first time.

It's just that Lin Chong made a mistake, he underestimated the degree of scoundrels in Gao Yanei.

Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

made it bad again, and designed to force Lin Niangzi to rape

did not succeed in flirting, but touched a nose of ash, Gao Yanei was naturally aggrieved, and Lin Niangzi's graceful posture made Gao Yanei unpleasant to eat and unable to sleep, so a vicious plan was formed.

"Since I have seen many good girls, I have somehow only loved her, and my heart has been fascinated. --- "Water Margin"

Later, under the instigation of Gao Yanei, Lu Qian lured Lin Chong away on the pretext of drinking, and then lured Lin Niangzi and took her to a room in the city, causing Lin Niangzi to be alone, so as to let Gao Yanei take the opportunity to cheat and rape.

Within half an hour, I saw a man rushing to the house in a hurry and said to the lady, "I am Lu Yuhou's neighbor." Your tutor and Lu Qian were eating and drinking, but when they saw that the tutor didn't come in one breath, they knocked him down!" Until the family in the front alley of Taiwei's mansion, when they went upstairs, they saw some wine and food on the table, and no officials were seen. Just when I went downstairs, I saw that the queen of Luo Noise Lady in the Yue Temple the day before yesterday came out and said: "The lady sits less, and your husband comes." --- "Water Margin"

Of course, Gao Yanei did not succeed this time, because Lin Chong arrived in time, Gao Yanei had to jump out of the window and flee in a hurry, and the two of them didn't even see each other.

And Lin Chong was really angry this time, not only smashed the room, but also brought a sharp knife and waited at Lu Qian's door, which shows that Lin Chong at that time was determined to settle accounts with Lu Qian.

Things have developed to this extent, and they can basically be regarded as tearing their faces, but even if Lin Chong knew that Gao Yanei was not dead in his heart for his wife, he still didn't dare to look for him directly, after all, he was still Gao Yu's subordinate.

So, why didn't he go to Gao Qiu to complain? In his capacity, if he went to find Gao Yu and explained the truth of the matter clearly, presumably Gao Yu would have given some face to stop Gao Yanei from continuing to make mistakes, right?

The reason why he didn't look for Gao Yu was because Lin Chong had no evidence.

Lin Chong knew that the person who escaped was Gao Yanei, but because Gao Yanei escaped quickly, the two did not meet each other, so Lin Chong had no direct evidence to prove that Gao Yanei deceived and raped Lin Niangzi.

Therefore, even if Lin Chong was annoyed, he could only take the knife and go to Lu Qian, instead of looking for Gao Yu to complain, and it was impossible to kill Gao Yanei directly, after all, Lin Chong at this time was still a civil servant in the imperial court.

What Lin Chong never expected was that Gao Yu would be so protective.

Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

In order to cure Gao Yan's lovesickness, Gao Yu did not hesitate to frame Lin Chong

The failure of the deception made Gao Yanei very sad, and because of this, he suffered from lovesickness, and he had to die and live all day long.

After learning the ins and outs of the matter, Gao Yu found Lu Qian and Fu An, and the three of them discussed how to solve it.

And Gao Yu actually agreed to this proposal.

Gao Yu asked, "What do you two have to do with the affairs of my little ya, and when I can save my child, I will lift you two up." Lu Qian stepped forward and said: "Grace is above, except for this and this." Gao Yu saw that he said, and cheered: 'Good plan, you two will go with me tomorrow.' --"Water Margin"

This is what Lin Chong never expected, he couldn't imagine that his leader was willing to kill himself in order to satisfy his son's desires, which was not something that a normal person did at all.

But the development of things was completely according to Gao Yu's plan, Lin Chong was deceived to the White Tiger Hall, fell into a trap, and was charged with "entering the Jietang with a sharp blade hanging from his waist and wanting to assassinate", and was imprisoned.

In this way, Lin Chong had no possibility of turning the tables, and finally fell into the grass and went to Liangshan.

So, was Lin Niangzi defiled by Gao Yanei in the end? According to the hints given in the book, Gao Yanei should have taken the opportunity to succeed after Lin Chong was assigned.

Fifty-three times, after Lin Chong and Lu Zhishen got together, Lin Chong asked about Lin Niangzi's current situation, and through Lu Zhishen, he learned that his wife had already hanged herself, including his father-in-law, who was no longer alive.

Why did he commit suicide? It is very likely that Lin Niangzi died in shame because she was humiliated.

Otherwise, she has every chance to escape with her father, leave the capital, a place of right and wrong, and find a place where Gao Yanai doesn't know to live, why bother to die?

Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

What is the ending of Gao Yanei?

Regarding the ending of Gao Yanei, the book does not explain, after all, he is just an introduction to force Lin Chong to Liangshan, and when Lin Chong goes to Liangshan, this person will lose his role, so the author does not describe it.

However, how could the common people let such a heinous criminal person go? Therefore, in some other literary works, Gao Ya has all kinds of endings that make people cry out "happy."

"Dangkou Zhi": Gao Yanei's dead nature does not change, he still likes to flirt with women, but he has no eyes and no beads, and he provokes the female flying guard Chen Liqing, after being caught by Chen Liqing, he was first beaten with a bowstring covered in blood, and then styled his nose and ears, but he escaped by chance.

But soon after, he was caught by Lin Chong again, Lin Chong gritted his teeth with hatred for him, after all, everything he has now is due to Gao Yanei, so he did not kill him with a knife, but first bled out, then gouged out his eyes, and finally threw him into the pot and was cooked to death.

CCTV version of "Water Margin": After Lin Niangzi's death, Gao Yanei continued to do a lot of evil, and in order to avenge Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen took a group of apprentices to arrest him, and after a beating, he was castrated.

Shaw Brothers movie "Lin Chong Runs at Night": In this movie, Lin Chong finally got revenge, stabbed the enemy with his hand, and Gao Yanei was stabbed to death by Lin Chong.

"The True Colors of Heroes in the Water Margin": Similar to "Lin Chong Running at Night", except that the way Gao Ya died was replaced by being split in half with a knife.

The new version of "Water Margin": This time it was Lu Zhishen, who used a strategy to trick Gao Yanei into the vegetable garden and burned him to death with a fire.

Through the above ending, we can see that no matter which literary film and television work, in short, Gao Yanei got the end he deserved, and it doesn't matter how he died, the important thing is that the ending is "comfortable".

Did Gao Yanei succeed in bullying Lin Chong's wife, and how did he die in the end?

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