From the perspective of the Hi-Tech Fair, the new trend: artificial intelligence has become a "magic weapon" for enterprises to go overseas!

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Artificial intelligence is not a new concept, but since the beginning of this year, the explosion of general-purpose large models represented by ChatGPT has pushed the artificial intelligence boom to unprecedented heights. In the 25th Hi-Tech Fair held from November 15th to 19th, you can also feel the reshaping of thousands of industries by artificial intelligence technology at all times.

At this year's Hi-Tech Fair, the artificial intelligence exhibition area occupied the "golden location" of Hall 1 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as a special smart city pavilion, and a total of hundreds of artificial intelligence companies brought new technologies and new products to the fair. In the 2023 China High-tech Forum held at the same time, almost "9 out of 10 guests are talking about artificial intelligence" in the forum sharing with the theme of "Emerging Technologies Changing the World"...

Through the window of the high-tech fair, the reporter observed: artificial intelligence is becoming an indispensable "magic weapon" for enterprises to go to sea, some companies rely on artificial intelligence products to successfully enter the overseas market, and more enterprises will face a series of problems such as supply chain management when going to sea, and artificial intelligence has become the "key to solving the problem".

AI links Chinese and foreign markets

A "small TV" hangs on the wall, in which a person dressed in Middle Eastern clothes is fluently speaking English, and when I look closer, I realize that it is actually a photo frame - a new AI photo frame brought by Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Laihua").

The staff of Laihua introduced to reporters that as long as you give this kind of photo frame a photo, it can use AI technology to make the people inside "come alive", reading, memorizing poems, and being proficient in many Chinese. It can also allow the digital person in the AI photo frame to talk to you in real time and communicate and interact, which can be used to accompany or mourn the deceased for the empty nesters in this way. The staff member said.

The "talking photo frame" at the Hi-Tech Fair to draw. An Yufei/photo

According to reports, the AI photo frame products that come to paint have been exported to Middle Eastern countries, and the momentum of going overseas is strong. At the 2023 GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) held at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE in October, Laihua exhibited AI photo frame products, and many participants placed orders to buy them on the spot. A small AI photo frame has become a bridge connecting Chinese and foreign markets.

Proficient in 83 Chinese and foreign languages, able to achieve offline translation in 16 languages, the effect is comparable to professional level 8, and the ability is comparable to "professional translation", the iFLYTEK translation machine also appeared in the iFLYTEK exhibition hall of this high-tech fair. It is understood that iFLYTEK is the event supplier of the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest (hereinafter referred to as the "World Championships"), and the translation hardware and software it provides have been widely used in the World Championships.

In June this year, iFLYTEK held a product launch conference and iFLYTEK AI TechDay event in Singapore, and iFLYTEK Xinghuo achieved its first overseas expansion. At this year's Hi-Tech Fair, iFLYTEK Xinghuo cognitive model V3.0 also appeared, and iFLYTEK demonstrated its in-depth applications and solutions in the fields of healthcare, education, cities, and digital employees.

The exhibition area of iFLYTEK at the Hi-Tech Fair is crowded with people iFLYTEK. An Yufei/photo

Enterprises need AI to help them go global

Jumping out of a single enterprise and looking at the global market, Chinese companies are ushering in the era of "accelerating running" to go overseas. In the first half of this year, the total import and export value of the mainland's trade in goods reached 20.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.1 percent, and the total import and export value of trade in goods exceeded 20 trillion yuan for the first time in the same period in history. Among them, the "new three" and other products represented by new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and solar cells have achieved a substantial increase of 61.6% in exports, and many industries have sounded the horn of going to sea.

Facing the new era of going global, Chinese companies also need a new "weapon" - AI technology. Lv Taixin, chief technology officer (CTO) of JUSDA International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., said that when an enterprise wants to go overseas, the complexity of its supply chain will increase exponentially, which requires AI to empower.

Lv Taixin said that traditional Chinese enterprises, whose suppliers and customers are all in China, have a very short supply chain, and it is easy to manage all kinds of abnormal situations. "But when you start to have global procurement, some factories or warehouses are overseas, and even when you start to sell finished products to customers around the world, the supply chain will be very long, and every link in the middle may go wrong, and it is no longer realistic to use traditional supply chain management methods to do it. He said.

In this case, the development of AI technology will facilitate supply chain management for overseas enterprises. Lv Taixin believes that the supply chain of enterprises is very, very long, and almost every link from procurement, production to sales can be empowered by AI. For example, on the procurement side, a large amount of data and deep learning models can be used to allow AI to intelligently determine how much goods enterprises need to replenish. The intelligent raw material inventory management cooperated by JUSDA and Zhejiang University can reduce the inventory by 20% to 30% without running out of stock, bringing great cost savings to the enterprise.

On the whole, when more and more Chinese enterprises begin to go overseas, they will inevitably face the challenge of multiplying the difficulty of supply chain management, and the increase in management efficiency brought by AI technology can greatly reduce the difficulty of supply chain management and become the "overseas assistant" of enterprises.

Behind going overseas is the competitiveness of the AI industry

Behind the overseas expansion of AI products and the help of AI enterprises to go overseas is the highly developed AI industry in China and its increasing competitiveness in the world. According to the data, the mainland's artificial intelligence industry is booming, with the scale of the core industry reaching 500 billion yuan and the number of enterprises exceeding 4,300.

Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei recently said: "We are about to enter the fourth industrial revolution, and the foundation is computing power." In terms of computing power construction, many Chinese companies are forging ahead.

At this year's CHTF, Huawei launched the "Ascend AI China Tour". Huawei's new Ascend AI computing cluster supports the training of large models with over one trillion parameters. At the iFLYTEK third quarterly performance briefing, Jiang Tao, secretary of the board of directors and vice president of iFLYTEK, said that Huawei's Ascend 910B capabilities have basically been benchmarked against the NVIDIA A100.

Luo Yi, vice president of Yuntian Lifei, said: "This chip is made using a 14nm process, and the national production process has been realized from design, manufacturing and packaging. The chip is mainly used in the field of AI computing and inference, and can realize the inference of tens of billions and hundreds of billions of large models. ”

Yuntian Lifei's domestically developed AI SoC chip Edge 10 Max Yuntian Lifei. An Yufei/photo

In July this year, Zhao Zhiguo, spokesman and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the total scale of computing power in mainland China ranks second in the world, maintaining an annual growth rate of about 30%, and intelligent computing power accounts for more than half of the new computing facilities, becoming a new engine for computing power growth.

From the research and development of underlying computing power, to the construction of AI large models, to the research and development of AI products, Chinese enterprises are continuing to make efforts at all levels of the AI industry. The development of the AI industry will also become the "oar" for Chinese enterprises to go overseas, helping enterprises to "go global" and inject inexhaustible impetus into China's economic development.

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