I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

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Beijing, October 3 (Zhongxin Net) (Di Yingxuan) "Master, you should see that your apprentices are so powerful..."

After winning the women's 100m hurdles final at the Hangzhou Asian Games on October 1, Lin Yuwei was asked what the competition meant, and she first mentioned not the results and Olympic qualifications, but several times choked up and said: It means that the wish made with Master has come true.

I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

Lin Yuwei won the Asian Games women's 100m hurdles title in 12.74 seconds Photo by Shi Chunyang, China News Agency

The "master" mentioned by Lin Yuwei is the man who once appeared in her videos and was hung up with gold medals by her disciples over and over again. His name is Liu Zhaoxu and he is Lin Yuwei's coach. In the video, he was very happy, and the two girls were also smiling happily, but unfortunately he could not be there to watch the Asian Games in person.

I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

Image source: Lin Yuwei's personal social media

At the end of 2022, Liu Zhaoxu died of illness. Another girl in the video, Ge Manqi, is the women's 100m champion of the Asian Games, and after winning the championship, she also tearfully expressed her gratitude to the coach: "I would like to see me standing on the podium with him, but unfortunately, but I believe he also saw it, my previous agreement with him was to win the gold medal in the Asian Games, and now it is completed, he must have seen it." ”

I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

Ge Manqi was interviewed after the game and shed tears Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

For Ge Manqi, Coach Liu Zhaoxu is "half a father". The two have been together for 12 years, and Liu Chaoxu has watched Ge Manqi grow up all the way: from winning the 100m Asian Youth Olympic Games at the age of 16, to the highlight of the women's 4×100m relay in Tokyo, and to those low moments when they are plagued by injuries or mistakes.

For Ge Manqi's junior sister Lin Yuwei, Liu Zhaoxu is "like a big tree, always behind them".

I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

Group photo of Ge Manqi, Lin Yuwei and coach Liu Zhaoxu and teammates Image source: Ge Manqi's personal social media

Because of this, the death of coach Liu Zhaoxu dealt a huge blow to the two, when Lin Yuwei was still suffering from injuries, and the Asian Games were about to be held on their doorstep, and they overcame too many challenges to regain their form. The agreement with their mentor became their firmer reason and motivation, as Lin Yuwei said after the game: "Thinking of the words in my heart, that person's expectations of us, I still persevered." ”

The last news of coach Liu Zhaoxu's social media stopped at "Congratulations to Manqi for winning the third gold medal of the National Games", and the previous release was also about the breakthrough of the disciples' results and training moments in the competition.

In the past two days, the comment area of these videos has been brushed by netizens: "Coach, your beloved apprentice won the championship again today!" "She won the championship, you must have seen it!" ......

I want to tell Coach Liu that Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi did it

Screenshot of comments from netizens on short video platforms

"The brightest star in the night sky, did you see it, I did it! This is our gold medal! Ge Manqi wrote this after winning the championship. I also want to tell Coach Liu that your beloved apprentices have done it, and the star you have become will definitely guide them to achieve more shining results. (End)

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