Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain

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On September 29, the movie "93 International Train Robbery: Operation Moscow" directed by Qiu Litao was officially released, which is the only ferocious crime action blockbuster in the National Day file.

In the film, in the 90s of last century, a large number of Chinese "uncles" took the K3 international train from Beijing to Moscow to resell goods to Russia and obtain sky-high profits. The bandit group led by Miao Qingshan (played by Huang Xuan) carried out crimes such as a series of robberies on the K3 train carrying huge amounts of cash and wealth, and the case caused a sensation. Police officer Cui Zhenhai (played by Zhang Hanyu) led the public security team to disguise themselves as businessmen and go deep into Moscow to launch an arrest operation. In the process, a mysterious man named Vasily (Andy Lau) and a woman named Zhenzhen (played by Wen Yongshan) attracted the attention of the police, and a bigger shocking conspiracy was gradually revealed...

The movie "Operation Moscow" gathers Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan, Wen Yongshan, Gu Jiacheng, Zhao Bingrui, Bai Narisu, Zhang Benyu and other movie stars, and strives to present the audience with a star-studded action visual effects feast.

Among them, Miao Qingshan, played by Huang Xuan, is the leader of the K3 train robbery robbery, nicknamed "Old D". He was shrewd and symphonic, and his youthful injuries led to a cruel and brutal personality when he grew up. In China, he followed Master Vasily to start a business of buying and selling, and after being arrested and released from prison, he went to Moscow to gather a group of accomplices to rob the train.

This is Huang Xuan's first villain on the big screen, and in an interview a few days ago, he said that Miao Qingshan is a special villain, and he is quite excited to play a villain in a movie for the first time.

Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain
Don't want to portray a particularly face-painted bad guy

Why is Miao Qingshan a special villain? In Huang Xuan's prequel to the character, Miao Qingshan's mother remarried a musician who liked to drink heavily, he grew up in a remarried family full of domestic violence, the world was unfriendly to him, and his heart was full of hatred, and he wanted to leave the family and go far from home to earn money to support himself. Miao Qingshan met Vasily in Shenzhen and began to smuggle electronic products, and after going to prison, he finally fled to Russia, slowly evolving into a robber mob. Huang Xuan explained, "He is a very fierce and cruel thug, but at the same time he has a very elegant and literary side inside, he likes classical music, I think he is a mixture of extreme and twisted inside."

In order to play this role well, Huang Xuan did a lot of preparations. Huang Xuan said that he watched a large number of video interviews with real criminals, studied their state, demeanor, and what they personally experienced, to analyze what led them here, what their psychological motivations were, and how they became a brutal bandit.

Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain

In order to highlight the characteristics of the characters, Huang Xuan also discussed with the director and added a flute to the play: "Because this person likes classical music, he will go to the Grand Theater to listen to the symphony when he has nothing to do." We also imagine that he grew up in an orchestra when he was a child, and his father and mother were both musicians, so I think he would definitely be an instrument, and it was a Western classical instrument. Huang Xuan spent a long time practicing flute playing, and also found a professional teacher to tutor, and prepared "Evening outside Moscow" and "Carmen" intermezzo.

In addition, Huang Xuan said that he also did a lot of physical training for the film. "Because there are a lot of action scenes in it, we have to rob and fight on the train, and even the police come to chase us in the end, we escape, and there are some stunts and difficult movements that we have to complete ourselves. Then physical fitness, motor coordination and some basic fighting movements must be trained in advance. ”

Miao Qingshan in the film is fluent in Russian, and Huang Xuan also learned Russian in the crew. "My character has a lot of Russian lines, and many of the characters in it are in Russian. I had to join the group early, and the crew sent me a Russian teacher to tutor me. Because there is no foundation at all, learning Russian can only be memorized, memorized into muscle memory, and can be spoken casually when you get to the scene. Anyway, although this character is a villain, there are actually a lot of things to prepare. ”

Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain

When interpreting this arrogant and distorted character, Huang Xuan believes that "imagination is a very important part", and the most important thing for an actor is to have experience, life experience, and imagination of characters beyond life experience. "And I don't want to portray a particularly face-painted bad guy, the kind of bad guy who looks fierce and evil." I don't think some people are too photogenic, and I don't look like that, so I have to combine my own characteristics to find the feeling of the bad guy. Imagine his rich pre-growth history, presenting a complex and twisted personality. I hope he can be a relatively special villain. ”

Acting with Andy Lau feels "unreal", and Zhang Hanyu has good physical strength in action scenes

Huang Xuan also talked freely about his cooperation with Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu and other actors in the film. Huang Xuan said that Andy Lau has acted a lot in various types of movies such as "God of Gamblers" that boys like, and he is a "legend" in everyone's hearts. "When I was a child, there was a poster of Brother Hua wearing jeans at home, and I looked at Brother Hua's face every day. So when I played the first scene with him on the scene, my feelings were beyond words, and seeing his eyes, his expression, and acting in the same scene with him was quite an unreal feeling. Of course very excited, especially honored. ”

Huang Xuan believes that Andy Lau is a role model worth learning from all junior actors. "First of all, he is very friendly, does not put pressure on young actors, and does not easily ask for anything from our performance. He chats to you like a gracious big brother and makes all the young actors relaxed. Secondly, he is also very professional and has a lot of experience, not only from the perspective of an actor to look at the characters, performances, plots, he is now also a producer, he is more from a larger dimension to look at a movie. How the film looks better, how the relationship between the characters is more interesting, and his dimension will be greater. ”

Huang Xuan also believes that Andy Lau's self-discipline is also worth learning. "Only by being very disciplined can you reach such a good state as an actor at this stage and creativity, energy, physical strength, which we all say in private is really amazing. He will also encourage us to be responsible for our profession, responsible for the audience, constantly improving and constantly demanding. It's really an honor and happiness to be able to make a movie with Brother Hua. ”

Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain
Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain

Talking about his cooperation with Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan said that he and Zhang Hanyu both write calligraphy and sometimes exchange some hobbies. "Han Yuge's experience and grasp of drama, that is needless to say. Han Yuge's handling of drama and lines and feedback is extremely stable and makes people quite grounded. I just show my understanding of the characters, he won't give you any unnecessary burden, I feel very smooth and safe. "Huang Xuan also revealed that Zhang Hanyu's physical strength is extremely good." We had a scene where he chased me, and we ran on a very high shelf, ran stairs, and kept jumping around. I was still wondering if I should run a little slower or I wouldn't be able to catch up. I asked the director, the director said of course I had to run hard, I said okay, when the shooting started, I ran away madly, and Brother Han Yu chased me behind. Because I ran every day, I jumped to the first floor in one breath, and after the director shouted to stop, as soon as I turned around and Han Yu brother was behind me, I felt that his physical strength was too good, I thought it was too good. ”

Talking about cooperating with director Qiu Litao, who is good at making action blockbusters, Huang Xuan said that Qiu Litao is very crisp and neat, knows very well what he wants, knows how to shoot his plays, and how to achieve them. "I worked with him on the thriller 10 years ago, which was the fastest movie I've ever made. At that time, I felt that the director knew too well what he wanted, the film was probably already in his head, and he had a lot of experience. This filming, the director will not consume you too much, he thinks clearly, can go through one and not two, so our efficiency is very high. Huang Xuan is even more full of appreciation and respect for Qiu Litao: "Director Qiu is a very good person, very respectful of others, and feelings, I think he doesn't seem to have the type that can't be filmed." Director Qiu is also a 60-year-old now, with such vigorous energy, clear mind, accurate shooting, and kindness, all of which make people feel that this is a very good person. ”

Actor Huang Xuan: Learned flute and Russian, practiced body, and premiered as a screen villain

The movie "Operation Moscow" adopts top industrial standards when setting construction, and restores the real scene 1:1. The scenes in the film, including the grand underground water palace and the rocket base, are all real and real scenes. For this reason, the art team of the film "Operation Moscow" spent a lot of time and energy to consult the information, from the shape of the stone bricks of the Moscow sewers to the steel reinforcement of the abandoned rocket base, all of which were strictly researched and carefully designed, and the art team tried to move the real Moscow of the 90s into the studio.

Huang Xuan admired the film's realistic restoration of the scene: "Our scene is simply so good, so real, that people can't believe that it was done in a studio." I originally thought that the water sprayed down tens of meters high must have been done with post-production special effects, but the studio built a drainage and opened it like a waterfall. I called it all out because I was so amazed. This movie is a collection of many film professionals, with a good director, a good creator, a good actor, a good script, it is a very amazing movie, I hope everyone can go into the cinema to watch it. ”

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