National Day holiday: Please pay attention to the invasion of "net red" landscape species

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The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, and we are about to usher in an 8-day holiday. Many citizens will take advantage of the short holiday to travel and enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and it is inevitable to check in some well-known local "net celebrity" cityscapes.

These "Internet celebrity" landscapes serve as drainage points for social media promotion, using some unknown "Internet celebrity" plants as gimmicks to attract tourists to check in and take photos. Most of these plants are imported species, and they are widely introduced for planting because of their color, form, aroma and other characteristics that are more in line with everyone's curiosity.

The author recently browsed an article and found that excessive "net reddification" of landscapes will lead to problems such as the invasion of alien species, threatening local biodiversity and ecosystem connectivity. The article mentioned that the introduction of a large number of "net red" plants into urban green landscape has become an important channel for species invasion, constantly eroding the living space of native species, and even bringing ecological disasters to some areas. Moreover, the homogeneity of "net red" plants in various places is serious, mainly foreign tree species that have no natural distribution in mainland China and tree species that originated from artificial cultivation.

National Day holiday: Please pay attention to the invasion of "net red" landscape species

Source: Green Society

These red plants are not native species, have weak adaptability to the native environment, and have high introduction and planting costs. The widespread introduction of alien species will crowd out the living space of native species, and the number of insects that use native plants as nectar sources will also decrease, which will form a chain reaction, causing changes in local biodiversity and affecting and disturbing the connectivity of local ecosystems.

National Day holiday: Please pay attention to the invasion of "net red" landscape species
National Day holiday: Please pay attention to the invasion of "net red" landscape species

Volunteers found a large area of suspected Canadian yellow flower in a village near the ancient lane of Xinqiao in Danyang, Jiangsu

The article specifically mentioned the invasive alien species - "Canadian goldenrod", the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "China Green Development Council") invasive alien species working group has also paid attention to this species, Canadian goldenrod was included in the "China Invasive Alien Species List" (the second batch) by the mainland, because of its strong reproductive ability, fast spread, long growth period, and drought tolerance, barren resistance and other strong adaptability to the environment, in other autumn weeds wither or stop growing, It still grows in an explosive manner, constantly encroaching on the territory of other weeds.

Zhou Jinfeng, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Green Development Association, also proposed that urban green landscapes should return to nature, and the "natural principle" is that if nature can grow grass, we do not need to plant lawns artificially, and if nature can grow trees, we must reduce artificial tree planting. Adhere to local conditions, with the minimum ecological cost, try to retain the original topography and natural landscape, on this basis, if you need to plant or introduce other plants, also insist on selecting native plants, so that biodiversity can be preserved, continued and continuously enriched.

The "Internet celebrity" landscape is beautiful, but the ecological harm it brings cannot be underestimated. Checking in and taking photos is only a momentary beauty, and a healthy earth and a good ecological environment are the most inclusive people's livelihood and well-being.

If you find invasive species and other related problems during your trip, please leave a feedback.

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