In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

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In recent years, Song Qian can be called the darling of the heroine in the TV drama market. One after another, the new dramas have not only won a high reputation, but also achieved great results.

"Dear Life" starring her ended perfectly not long ago, with an average rating of 1.093% per episode, and the finale exceeded 1.312%, becoming another masterpiece of Song Qian.

In the new drama "Everyone Knows I Love You", which is currently on the air, Song Qian's role as He Xiaoran has caused the new media index to climb sharply.

In the upcoming "Warm and Sweet", Song Qian plays the "Beijing Big Girl" Nanfei, her personality is lively, dare to love and hate, coupled with her excellent performance, people are full of expectations for this drama.

In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

It can be clearly seen that after becoming an actor, Song Qian has continued to take on many dramas, especially in recent years, her acting skills and reputation have improved significantly.

Compared with those artists who debuted as actors, it is not easy for Song Qian to walk out of her own drama path as an idol. What is even more valuable is that she not only rose to prominence in the field of actors, but also achieved dazzling achievements.

Song Qian relied on her hard work, constantly groped forward, and achieved a series of achievements. Her works have outstanding acting skills and have also won wide audience recognition and love.

During the idol group period, Song Qian showed tenacity and perseverance. After entering the field of actress, she was more intelligent and decisive.

In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

She is well versed in the trend of domestic entertainment film and television dramas, and chooses scripts wisely. For example, "Yuki Chitose-sama's First Love", a work that changed the audience's perception of her, she played the kind and strong "Guan Pipi" in the play, showing superb acting skills, especially the touching crying scene, which made her widely praised, and the play has also become a hot theme of fantasy love.

In "The Next Stop is Happiness" broadcast in 2020, the royal sister and little wolf dog character of Song Qian and Song Weilong aroused the audience's feverish pursuit. Song Qian laid the foundation for her sibling love in 85 flowers with the role of He Fanxing, and was named "Sister Dog Tiancai".

In the urban suspense drama "Strange Lovers", Song Qian faced greater breakthroughs and challenges, playing two roles by one person, successfully playing two roles with different personalities, showing her more acting potential.

In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

Based on her independent and strong character traits, Song Qian perfectly integrates herself with the character, and she explores this route deeply, striving to break the mold and not be satisfied with her comfort zone.

In "Dear Life", she plays the female doctor Du Di who is calm on the outside, full of warmth and professional ability inside. The role is not a popular setting and requires a deep understanding of the actor to make her less likable image reasonable.

Song Qian's progressive interpretation shows the growth and transformation of the heroine Du Di, showing the rationality and calmness of women in the workplace. In order to shape the role of this doctor, she received strict training in the basic skills of medicine, and studied hard, which was impressive.

In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

She said that she hopes that through this drama, the audience can better understand obstetricians and gynecologists, convey the correct medical outlook and values, and also hope to bring positive power to more young working women.

Looking back at the roles played by Song Qian, whether they are royal sisters, working women or sibling lovers, they all show a variety of rich characteristics, which also proves her versatile shaping ability.

In last year's hit "Feng Qi Luoyang", Wu Siyue, played by Song Qian, was heroic and sassy, showing her demeanor. This is reminiscent of Song Qian, who is a dance major, and her civility and martial arts/dance are complete. After all, there are very few female stars who can present the scene so professionally and beautifully.

In the 85 firepower competition, why is Song Qian's popularity high? Look at her work and you will understand

Whether it is a modern drama or a costume drama, Song Qian's understanding of the role is full of female tenacity, which is not only her personal advantage, but also in line with the current market trend, highlighting her deep understanding of the aesthetics and thinking of film and television works.

In recent years, women's themes have become a popular track for film and television dramas, which coincides with the opportunity for "85 Flowers" to break through again. Song Qian happened to stand on the cusp with her excellent strength, and the roles she chose were eclectic, breaking the traditional female stereotype and easily resonating with female audiences.

In addition, Song Qian's tempering during the idol girl group period and her experience in the entertainment industry have become the best material, so that her character background can be highlighted through the role and promote the role shaping.

Song Qian has always maintained a clear understanding. She said that compared with other "post-85 actors", she started late, so she can only try her best to do things that she has not yet mastered.

At present, Song Qian is filming the TV series "Our Translator" starring Chen Xingxu, and it can be seen from Reuters photos that the tacit understanding between the two leading actors is full, which invisibly raises the expectations of netizens.

She hopes to interpret more realistic themes and present real life through film and television works, which shows that Song Qian is now more confident in herself and has a deeper understanding of her works. She has the courage to challenge more unknown possibilities.

Song Qian speaks with her works, and her commercial value is also very prominent in "85 Flowers". She continues to cooperate with international big brands such as CHANEL, JIMMY CHOO, etc., and has become the darling of the fashion industry with her superior body management and fashion expression.

It can be seen that Song Qian, who has developed in many fields, has firmly established the status of "85 flowers". It is no wonder that when discussing the actual performance of "85 flowers", Song Qian is always the first to think of!

Song Qian's momentum is so strong, people are very excited about her next performance.

To sum up, Song Qian has made remarkable progress in the field of acting in recent years. She not only successfully transformed into a popular actor after her idol debut, but also performed well in the field of film and television dramas. She is good at grasping market trends, choosing scripts wisely, showing a variety of characters, and is loved by the audience. Her versatility also makes her one of the representatives of "85 flowers" with outstanding comprehensive strength. I look forward to her continuing to show her talent in the future and contribute more wonderful works to the audience.

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