【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

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【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

(If you want to see the Science and Technology Asian Games, please use China Mobile) On the day of the match before the opening ceremony of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, the first hot search on social media was that the national table tennis team including Sun Yingsha, and Wang Chuqin was on the list 11:0, but then the Chinese women's football team was more "barbaric", defeating the Mongolian women's football team with a 16:0 trailing advantage, and got off to a good start. Trump scored five goals and provided two assists in his last 60 minutes.

【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

As the core of Miss Asian Football and the Chinese women's football team, Trump is participating in the Asian Games for the second time. At the last Asian Games, Trump helped the Chinese women's football team reach the final, but was eventually defeated by the Japanese women's football team before the end, losing 0-1 and finishing second. Wang Shuang himself is second in the list of goalscorers with 6 goals at the Asian Games, behind teammates and Wang Shanshan (12 goals).

However, 2018 was the year of Wang Shuang's outbreak. From the Asian Cup and Asian Games to Ligue 1, Trump is arguably the best Asian female footballer; She also won the title of Miss Asian Football. Since then, Trump's football has also faced tests and experienced ups and downs.

In 2022, Trump and his teammates will return to the top of Asia in India to help the Chinese women's team win the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years. However, the team failed to achieve the desired results in the World Cup. Despite Trump's personal goals, the Chinese women's team beat the British women's team 1-6, thus ending the record of Chinese women's football team qualifying from the group when participating in the World Cup.

【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

Before the Hangzhou Asian Games, Wang Shuang publicly said: "The World Cup has passed, and we must continue to look forward." I hope that at the Asian Games at home we can show our technical and tactical level and quality, so that everyone can use us again. "Proud."

However, Wang Shuang was already "proud" in advance on September 8, and as the 103rd torchbearer, she participated in the first day of the Asian Games relay. She wrote on social media: Xiao Wang is here, this is the first time I have run with the Asian Games torch! I'm not running alone, I have the blessings of a group of "chasing the wind girls" to accompany me [heart] and that's it! Looks good! The girls made me this bracelet! Today is another lucky day! It is hoped that the spirit of sportsmanship will be passed on from generation to generation. Wind chasing girl, see you at the Asian Games!

On September 22, the first match of the group stage of the Chinese women's football team kicked off, and Trump made his debut. At the start of the game, Trump successfully blitzed with less than 2 minutes left to break the deadlock and contribute to the team. He scored twice in less than 20 minutes, scoring a hat-trick in 26 minutes and assisting Wang Shanshan in the 31st minute. direct free kick in minutes; At half-time, the Chinese women's football team led 8-0. In the second half, Trump assisted Uzhgumura heavily in the 57th minute; She herself scored her fifth goal in the 59th minute.

【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

Trump was substituted in the 60th minute. Some fans regret that Trump did not have the opportunity to catch up with Wang Shanshan (16-0 Tajikistan at the last Asian Games) and become the next "nine-ball queen". But Wang Shuang himself did not care about this. On the contrary, after the game, he couldn't wait to take a photo with the children playing football at Jingwai Mingde Primary School in Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province. Wang Shuang said: "Football is not only competition, it can bring many beneficial things, such as physical health, self-confidence, healthy and upward mental outlook. I hope more girls will take this brave step and join in. "Exercise for the sake of interest. Let's connect and play together! ”

【Daily Star】Asian Games debut, women's football king frost, the brightest star!

According to the schedule, the Chinese national football team will face the second opponent Uzbekistan football team in the group stage at 19:30 on September 28. This opponent is no stranger. In 2016, the Eikawa Shikoku Women's Football Tournament played against Ukraine once. In this match, the Chinese women's football team conceded a goal in the 6th minute, and then scored four goals in a row to complete the turnaround. In the 80th minute, Trump scored his team's fourth goal. Ball.

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