Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out

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Pu Bajia's appearance resembles Wang Leehom, like a glass of aged wine. And his emotional life is as complex as a bunch of grapes.

Li Xiaolu, once known as the Queen of the Golden Horse Shadow, her beauty has captivated countless suitors since she was a child.

However, the experience between Pu Bajia and Li Xiaolu is full of drama and fog.

They had traveled to the Maldives together for a vacation, but Li Xiaolu was later admitted to the hospital and suspected of an ectopic pregnancy. Li Xiaolu explained in her blog that this was due to the rupture of the corpus luteum caused by overwork.

This incident has greatly impacted Li Xiaolu's pure image, making people wonder what are the characteristics of Pu Bajia that make the queen of the Golden Horse film fall in love with it?

Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out

We need to delve into Pu Baja's life experience to understand his past and future.


In 1985, Pu Bajia was born into a poor family in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, adjacent to the famous Ding Zhen Birth Geography Pond.

His parents made a living by growing barley and raising yaks, and they struggled to make ends meet. Pu Bajia and his brother share the housework, and they have to walk to school every day, 30 miles round trip.

During their childhood, Pu Bajia and his brother toiled to dig a pika burrow in an attempt to capture the creatures. The layout of the pika cave is intricate, like the streets of the ancient Chang'an City.

They also found a wooden fish in the cave, and when tapped on it, the wooden fish made wonderful sounds, playing various music and weather forecasts.

Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out

Despite the hardships of his childhood, Pu Bajia grew up to become a handsome young man. When they were in junior high school, their family struggled to pay the high school fees, so the older brother gave up his studies and gave up the opportunity to Pu Bajia.

In 2000, Pu Bajia came to Jiuzhaigou to work as a hotel waiter, doorman and security guard. However, his acting career is far from beginning.


In 2006, director Hu Xuehua decided to shoot the movie "Prince of the Himalayas", which required a Tibetan youth to play the protagonist Molodan. After some searching, Hu Xuehua found Pu Bajia and taught acting skills himself.

Pu Bajia had no professional acting training, but with intelligence and diligence, he was successfully qualified for the role. The film received widespread acclaim, and Pu Bajia embarked on the road of acting.

Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out

Soon after, he also received the honor of Olympic torchbearer. But although his career gradually took off, he realized that his acting skills needed to be improved, so he decided to enter the Shanghai Theater Academy to study acting.

His parents even sold a ewes to pay for his school fees. This decision shows that Pu Bajia is committed to his future.

In 2006, Oriental Satellite TV launched the talent show "Come on! Good Boy", Pu Bajia's looks and talent led him to the finals and eventually win the championship.

However, this victory did not give him a foothold in the entertainment industry, but was eclipsed for a while and needed to find new opportunities.

Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out


Li Xiaolu, born in 1981, is a popular female star who won the Golden Horse Film Award.

In 2008, she cooperated with Pu Bajia in the TV series "Zhan Beiping", in which Pu Bajia played two roles and showed superb acting skills for the audience.

However, the relationship between the two gradually warmed up and was frequently exposed by paparazzi. They went to the Maldives for a vacation together, but after Li Xiaolu was admitted to the hospital, it was reported that the suspected cause of ectopic pregnancy was reported.

Li Xiaolu once explained in a blog that overwork caused the problem, but the truth of the matter is still a mystery.

Li Xiaolu later married Jia Nailiang, and their marriage attracted widespread attention. However, this incident also called into question the image of Pu Bajia.

Pu Bajia's affair history, love triangle, played out

In 2014, Pu Bajia met Xu Dongdong.


Xu Dongdong, born in Harbin in 1990,


Pu Bajia, a young man living on the Tibetan plateau, once made him a well-respected public welfare spokesperson. However, the glitz and temptation of the entertainment industry also constantly test his persistence and patience.

Although his parents made a living by growing barley and raising yaks, their family was poor, but they gave everything they had for their son's education. Every morning, he and his brother had to walk a long mountain road to school, a far less distant road than he dreamed of as a child.

As children, they used to herd cattle, farm, and gather herbs together, barely making ends meet. They also went to dig pika's burrows, which were filled with the hardships of life but also taught them tenacity and wisdom. In a pika hole, Pu Bajia finds a wooden fish that becomes his spiritual pillar and sings his dreams.

However, the ups and downs of fate left him with many choices. In junior high school, tuition became a mountain, and the family could only afford to study for a son, so his brother gave up the opportunity and left it to his younger brother. The efforts of the whole family barely made it possible for him to finish junior high school.

But high school tuition remains an insurmountable obstacle. He wanted to be a bodyguard, but the high tuition fees made him prohibitive. Then, he worked as a substitute teacher for Chinese classes, but his meager income could not support his dream. So, he came to Jiuzhaigou and took on a variety of jobs, from hotel waiter to doorman to security guard, each job was his step towards his dream.

In 2000, he went to Chengdu and began his acting career. His passion and talent led him to the cabaret company and became a singer. However, show business is full of competition, and he needs to find his opportunities again.


The opportunity finally came in 2006, when the famous director Hu Xuehua masterminded the movie "Prince of the Himalayas" and discovered the potential of Pu Bajia. Although Pu Bajia had no acting experience, Hu Xuehua personally taught him, and he also studied acting conscientiously. After the release of the movie, he gained wide recognition for his outstanding performance, and also began his acting career.

Pu Bajia's acting skills were gradually recognized, and he won the Best Actor Award at the Moroccan International Film Festival for his film "Prince of the Himalayas" and became an Olympic torchbearer. However, he did not stop moving forward, but decided to further improve his acting skills. On the recommendation of his mentor, he entered the Shanghai Theater Academy to study acting, and although life was not easy, he persevered.

In 2006, Oriental Satellite TV held the talent show "Come on! Good boy", Pu Bajia's looks and musical talent attracted the attention of many audiences, and he eventually won the championship. However, the competition in the entertainment industry is fierce, and his reputation is gradually overshadowed by other artists.


Pu Bajia's tepid career did not affect his merry nature. His love life is also full of twists and turns and drama.

He once had a legendary relationship with Golden Horse actress Li Xiaolu. The two were once close and even traveled to the Maldives together. However, Li Xiaolu was later admitted to the hospital due to health problems, which sparked speculation of ectopic pregnancy. Although the two did not respond positively, this affair made Li Xiaolu's pure image questioned.

Pu Bajia then met Xu Dongdong, and the relationship between the two was once sweet, and even the news that Pu Bajia proposed to Xu Dongdong. However, later, for various reasons, the two broke up, causing a media storm. At this time, Pu Bajia's reputation began to be questioned and he was labeled a scumbag.

Soon after, the close cooperation between Pu Bajia and Wang Ou once again attracted the attention of the media and netizens. Although none of the three were particularly popular at the time, this love triangle attracted some attention. Pu Bajia's

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