Make no mistake before you buy! What is the difference between AR glasses and VR glasses

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Although the popularity of the metaverse has dropped a bit, it does not prevent more and more people from pursuing to experience some VR and AR glasses. For these two products, in fact, many novices are difficult to distinguish the difference, often looking at the appearance and introduction. Buy it home and find that it is not like that! In fact, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two completely different technologies, and they have completely different application scenarios and experiences. VR glasses are devices specifically designed to create immersive virtual reality experiences, while AR glasses are primarily used to overlay augmented reality information on the real world.

VR glasses: creating a new world for you

VR glasses are devices used to create virtual reality worlds, typically consisting of a head-mounted display, a tracking device, and an audio device. When the user wears VR glasses, he will be completely surrounded in a virtual reality environment and can interact with the virtual environment. This is to present the virtual environment in front of the user's eyes through the display, making the user feel that they are in the virtual environment. At the same time, the tracking device is able to track the user's head movement, allowing the user to see the 360-degree virtual environment. VR glasses can also provide visual feedback that matches the movement as the user moves in virtual reality, further enhancing the experience.

Make no mistake before you buy! What is the difference between AR glasses and VR glasses

Virtual reality is mainly used in games, education, entertainment, experience and other fields. Through virtual reality, users can immerse themselves in a completely different world and interact with the virtual world. Virtual reality is also widely used in aviation, military, and medical fields, where VR can provide a highly realistic simulation experience to help people learn and train quickly.

AR glasses: Let the real world show more elements

AR glasses are mainly used to overlay augmented reality information in the real world. AR glasses typically contain displays, sensors, computer chips, and wireless network connections, which create a new augmented reality experience by superimposing virtual information on the user's field of view. When the user wears AR glasses, he will see scenes in the real world, as well as virtual information superimposed on reality.

Make no mistake before you buy! What is the difference between AR glasses and VR glasses

Augmented reality is commonly used in education, healthcare, industry, and gaming. For example, doctors can use AR glasses to view a patient's latest medical record data in order to make a better diagnosis. In the industrial sector, AR glasses can be used to check the status of equipment in real time or to guide maintenance work. In addition, AR glasses can also be used in the field of gaming and entertainment, for example, players can participate in augmented reality interactive games through AR glasses.

What is the difference between the two and how should players choose?


VR glasses can provide a fully virtual reality experience, where users can fully immerse themselves in and interact with the virtual environment. To put it simply, in the case of a game, after the user puts on VR glasses, they enter a programmed world, where you may be in a royal palace, or in the desert, or in the cockpit of a fighter jet, or Mars. From the moment you put on your glasses, you have nothing to do with the real environment.

Make no mistake before you buy! What is the difference between AR glasses and VR glasses

AR glasses, on the other hand, superimpose virtual information on the real world, and users need to pay attention to both augmented reality information and real scenes. To put it simply, your home TV is only 50 inches, you feel unhappy watching movies, wearing AR glasses The TV in front of you can become 120 inches, and at this moment, in addition to this 120-inch TV, the sofas and coffee tables around you have not changed, you can still see it.

Make no mistake before you buy! What is the difference between AR glasses and VR glasses

How to choose?

If you want a fully immersive experience, you can choose VR glasses, the experience he can bring you from vision to interaction is incomparable to AR, simply put, staying at home is boring, and do not want to go out, but also want to do something different, then buy VR is right. And simply want a larger screen, see the picture more shocking, such as turning the home TV into 120 inches, such as making the Switch screen larger, and making the gaming notebook screen larger, you can consider AR glasses products.