Famous General's Graveyard: A defeat that affected the fortunes of the country in ancient times, and the battle that damaged the most famous generals

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War is cruel, and it is not uncommon for a major war to suffer hundreds of thousands of casualties, but it is rare to lose many generals in a war, not because the lives of soldiers are not worth anything, but because it is easy to get a thousand armies and difficult to find, and famous generals are not only tied to the heart of the army, but also the foundation of victory on the battlefield, so the loss of famous generals not only affects the victory or defeat of World War I, but also seriously affects the prosperity and decline of national strength.

For example, in the Battle of Salhu, the Ming army once lost Liu Yao and Juniper, two famous generals, which were already very tragic. But today we are talking about an even more tragic war.

Famous General's Graveyard: A defeat that affected the fortunes of the country in ancient times, and the battle that damaged the most famous generals

In 417, after Liu Yu's army was destroyed in the Northern Expedition, Qin occupied Guanzhong , and when he was about to take advantage of the victory to continue the Northern Expedition, Liu Muzhi, a close confidant who was sitting in the rear, died of illness, and Liu Yu, who was worried about the political turmoil of the dynasty, had to return south to the capital, leaving his son Liu Yizhen and a number of famous generals to assist him in Guanzhong .

Liu Yu just withdrew his troops on the front foot, coveting Hu Xia Guo Helian Bo in the Pass, and sent troops south to attack Guanzhong on the hind foot, while the big enemy on the Jin side was currently in internal strife, and when evacuating Guanzhong because the generals led by Liu Yizhen were carrying a large amount of property, the woman was slowly pursued by the enemy army, and finally almost all the army was wiped out in a defeat, and most of the famous generals who made great achievements for him in the southern and northern wars since Liu Yu rose up were lost in this big battle, and for Liu Yu, who was preparing to claim the emperor again in the Northern Expedition to clear the world, it was not a broken bone, but a broken arm.

The first one, Wang Zhen Evil

Wang Zhenxi, the first general under Liu Yu, assisted Fu Jian to dominate the north of the grandson of Wang Meng, the former Qin famous chancellor Wang Meng, after the fall of Former Qin, he fled to the Eastern Jin Dynasty to follow Liu Yu, and made repeated combat achievements in the crusade against Lu Xun, Sima Xiuzhi and other rebel forces, as a striker to quickly pacify Liu Yi twenty days later Liu Yu's main force arrived, after the Northern Expedition Qin led the army to conquer Luoyang, Tongguan and Chang'an, was the first meritorious minister of Later Qin, and also the head of the generals who assisted Liu Yizhen, but was murdered by his colleagues Shen Tianzi and Fu Hongzhi when he led his army to resist at the beginning of Helian Bobo's invasion, and died at the age of forty-six.

Famous General's Graveyard: A defeat that affected the fortunes of the country in ancient times, and the battle that damaged the most famous generals

2nd Prize, Shen Tiako

Shen Tianzi was also a famous general under Liu Yu, participating in the crusade against Huan Xuan, Liu Yi, and Sima Xiuzhi who usurped the Jin Dynasty, and pursued and beheaded his second-in-command Xu Daofu during the Northern Expedition against Lu Xunshi, and broke the enemy after the death of the commander during the Northern Expedition and Southern Yan, and as a partial division of the Northern Expedition to the Later Qin, there were only less than 1,000 people, but he contained tens of thousands of people in Later Qin and killed more than 10,000 enemies with fewer victories. Helian Bobo was convicted of killing Wang Zhenxi after losing the initial battle during the invasion at the age of Chinese New Year's Eve.

The third place, Fu Hongzhi

Fu Hongzhi followed Liu Yuhou to fight and kill Huan Xuanyu party Huan Shisui, participated in the pacification of Sima Xiuzhi, after the Northern Expedition Qin Shi and Shen Tianzi led more than a thousand people to break through the pass and defeated tens of thousands of Later Qin troops, after Helian Bobo invaded, Fu Hongzhi led 5,000 horsemen to defeat 30,000, Liu Yizhen was pursued by Hu Xia army when he evacuated Chang'an, Fu Hongzhi led his army to resist, and the three armies were crowned, but Liu Yizhen's main force collapsed, the Jin army was defeated, and Fu Hongzhi's troops were captured after suffering all casualties, it was cold, and the Hu Xia army stripped Fu Hongzhi's clothes in an attempt to make him submit, Fu Hongzhi cursed and refused to surrender and was killed at the age of forty-two.

Fourth, Quane

Those who have read Huang Yi's novel "The Legend of the Frontier Wilderness" must be no stranger to him, Quan En turned out to be a civilian man who carried forage for war horses, once lamented that one of his eldest husbands was actually a horseman, Liu Yu heard about it and gave him armor to follow him to quell Sun En's rebellion, Quang En often charged for Xiandeng in every battle, participated in the crusade against Huan Xuan and Sima Xiuzhi, pacified Liu Yi and Wang Zhen ranked first, and fought against Lu Xunshi and Shen Tianzi to chase Xu Daofu. With Zhu Lingshi and Shu and Northern Expedition, he was the vanguard in every battle. After the chaos in Guanzhong , he was ordered to enter the pass to meet Liu Yizhen, but was pursued by Helian Bobo's cavalry, the front army led by Liu Yizhen collapsed, and after Kuen led his troops to break off, he fought for a whole day, and the soldiers were captured after suffering all the casualties and "died in captivity".

Famous General's Graveyard: A defeat that affected the fortunes of the country in ancient times, and the battle that damaged the most famous generals

The fifth place, Zhu Lingshi

Zhu Lingshi, another commander under Liu Yu, participated in the crusade against Lu Xun, Liu Yi, and Southern Yan, as the commander of Fa Shu to destroy the connivance regime, and after the internal strife in Guanzhong was ordered to replace Liu Yizhen, just when the Jin army was defeated, Zhu Lingshi was surrounded by Hu Xia's army after retreating from Chang'an to Cao Gong Stronghold, and was captured after the water source was cut off Cao Gong Fortress and was captured, and was killed after being escorted back to Chang'an, at the age of forty.

Sixth place, Zhu Chaoshi

Zhu Chaoshi, Zhu Lingshi's younger brother, participated in the crusade against Liu Yi and Sima Xiuzhi, and after the Northern Expedition, Qin Shi commanded the Yue Array to break through more than 100,000 Northern Wei troops, and beheaded the Northern Wei Qingzhou assassin Shi A Bogan, after the defeat of the chaotic army in Guanzhong , Zhu Chaoshi was ordered to go to comfort Lao, and after learning that the army was irretrievably defeated, he went to Cao Gong to join Zhu Lingshi, and was captured and escorted to Chang'an and was killed unyieldingly, Chinese New Year's Eve at the age of seven.

Seventh, Mao Xiuzhi

Mao Xiuzhi, who participated in the crusade against Lu Xun, the Shu regime, and the Northern Expedition to Later Qin, Wang Zhenxi was killed after his official position, and when the army was defeated, he was separated from Liu Yizhen, and he could have fled, but was injured by the rebellion of the soldiers he had punished, so that he was captured by the enemy army and sent back to Huxia Kingdom.

The eighth, Wang Jingxian

Wang Jingxian, the general of Long Xiao under Liu Yu, the specific battle achievements are unknown, but none of the generals who can get this title are generals, the Western Jin Dynasty destroyed the famous Wu general Wang Jun, the former Qin Tianwang Fu Jian, the founding emperor of Later Qin Yao Yuan, including Wang Zhenxi and several people have served as Long Xiao generals. During Helian Bobo's invasion, Wang Jing first garrisoned the Cao Gong stronghold, and was later captured and killed along with Zhu Lingshi's brothers.

Famous General's Graveyard: A defeat that affected the fortunes of the country in ancient times, and the battle that damaged the most famous generals

These are only high-ranking generals, and the losses of other middle-level civil and military forces are equally heavy, "the generals and Ling Shi are not", "the generals and the king of the prefecture are captured", it can be said that the entire army is destroyed.

After this defeat, Liu Yu can be described as a great loss of vitality, which directly affects the strength of the entire Southern Dynasty and the Northern Dynasty, especially like Wang Zhenxi and Zhu Lingshi at this time, the prestige of battle achievements is still higher than that of the later "Great Wall of Bad Ru", and these famous generals are in the prime of life, if not damaged in this battle, the later Northern Expedition of Emperor Wen of Song should not "Yuan Jia hasty and win Canghuang Northern Gu".