"The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" Reuters exposed Chen Duling, Guo Xiaoting and other makeup is amazing

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Since the start of filming, the comic drama "Fox Demon Little Red Lady" has attracted wide attention and has become a hot topic for the public. Both loyal fans of the original and fans of anime are talking about the makeup and costume design of the characters in the show. Recently, we saw a set of Reuters photos of Chen Duling, dressed in a fairy green dress, appeared with an excellent image, which made many netizens marvel, saying that her role suitability was full score.

It is not difficult to find that whether it is the cuffs or the embellishment on the chest, every detail highlights the ingenuity of the stylist. It is particularly worth mentioning that Chen Duling's double twisted braids give her a surprisingly dynamic sense of the whole image. Some people sighed: "This is the makeup I am most satisfied with at the moment in "The Fox Demon Little Red Lady", "It looks better than the anime, this stylist is really amazing, the costumes and hairstyles are too good", "Costume dramas are finally no longer the same".

"The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" Reuters exposed Chen Duling, Guo Xiaoting and other makeup is amazing

It is especially worth mentioning that Chen Duling only made a cameo appearance in "The Fox Demon Little Red Lady", playing the role of Moon Crying Flaw. This shows that the production team's care in casting and styling adds a lot to the whole drama.

In addition, Guo Xiaoting's photos when she played the role of Tushan Yaya were also exposed. She is dressed in a refreshing blue costume, full of spirit. Netizens praised her makeup and image, praising her sister for being so beautiful and cute, as if returning to the time of the jacaranda in "Sword of Immortals 3".

Of course, not only Chen Duling and Guo Xiaoting, Reuters photos of other female characters have also been exposed, including Chen Yao's Lu Jiwen, Zhu Xudan's Princess of the Royal Demon Kingdom, Hu Lianxin's Tu Shanrongrong, and Yang Mi's Tu Shan Honghong. Each female character has won the love of the audience with her unique charm and superb makeup.

"The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" Reuters exposed Chen Duling, Guo Xiaoting and other makeup is amazing

In addition, male roles cannot be ignored, Gong Jun's Dongfang Yue, Zhang Linghe's Wei Sheng, and Mao Zijun's Yan Ruyu all show their different but equally wonderful images.

In general, the costume design of this drama subverts the indifferent style of previous costume dramas and is full of creativity. Different colors of clothing, such as red, green, yellow, blue, etc., are amazing. The audience shouted "All-Staff Aesthetic Online" and lamented the revival of costume dramas, which restored the popular aesthetics of previous years. This has also triggered expectations for the future of domestic costume dramas, hoping that more dramas can make breakthroughs in appearance and service.

However, the eye-catching styling of numerous female characters has also caused some controversy. Some netizens pointed out that "The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" is very friendly to the makeup design of the supporting actresses, including Guo Xiaoting, Chen Duling, Chen Yao, Hu Lianxin, Zhu Xudan, and their costumes are excellent and amazing.

"The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" Reuters exposed Chen Duling, Guo Xiaoting and other makeup is amazing

At the same time, Yang Mi's fans posted a private message chat record with Wang Yixuan, the chief producer of the show's producer, Stellar Gravity, and Wang Yixi praised Yang Mi's most wonderful appearance in the play and excellent photogenic effect. He said that the quality of the play project is extremely high, and the leading actors have outstanding acting skills, so there is no need to worry. He also reminded fans not to be affected by some bad information, and called for not following the trend to maliciously smeared in order to maintain a good atmosphere of the series.

To sum up, the costume design and character image of the comic book drama "Fox Demon Little Red Lady" have attracted much attention, bringing a visual feast to the audience. Although controversy is inevitable, the crew's efforts and intentions have won the audience's recognition. The success of this drama also indicates that domestic costume dramas may have more wonderful performances in the future, which is exciting.

"The Fox Demon Little Red Lady" Reuters exposed Chen Duling, Guo Xiaoting and other makeup is amazing

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