With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

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First of all, a common sense question, China's largest import of commodities every year is not oil, but chips, this situation has lasted for many years, indicating that we have been relying on imports in the chip field.

The current situation of China's chip industry

In 2022, the mainland imported chips spent 400 billion US dollars, equivalent to the sum of oil and iron ore imports, and the mainland chip imports in 2022 were 15% less than in 2021, but the funds spent fell by only 5%, indicating that the unit price of imported chips is rising.

With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

Globally, the United States is a comprehensive leader in the semiconductor industry, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands have advantages in their respective semiconductor fields, and China is in a weak position in the chip field, and it is also subject to sanctions by US imperialism, and the development is even slower.

If the mainland can achieve a big breakthrough in the field of chips, it will not only save 400 billion US dollars a year, but also greatly enhance the competitiveness of China's manufacturing, China's scientific and technological strength will also step to a new level, but also drive the rise of the entire industrial chain, create more jobs and taxes, in short, there are too many benefits!

However, the chip field is a technology- and capital-intensive industry, which requires long-term technology accumulation, long-term capital investment, and a large talent team investment, which is not an industry that can achieve a big breakthrough and see returns in the short term.

The world's largest chip company is born

On May 30, NVIDIA's market value exceeded $1 trillion, equivalent to more than 7 trillion yuan, which is the first chip company in the history of the US stock market to exceed $1 trillion.

From the perspective of global company market capitalization, NVIDIA ranks sixth, after all, there are only a few companies in the world with a market value of more than $1 trillion, and the previous leader in the semiconductor industry, TSMC, has a market value of $530 billion, and NVIDIA's market value is worth two TSMCs.

With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

NVIDIA is an American technology company headquartered in California, USA, is an artificial intelligence-related chip giant, founded by Chinese-American Jensen Huang. NVIDIA's market share in AI artificial intelligence is as high as 60%, and now it stands at the cusp of artificial intelligence, the market value has risen wildly, and the current fire of ChatGPT needs to use more than 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs.

In fact, the United States is not only NVIDIA, but also Intel, Qualcomm, Micron, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, AMD and many other chip companies, in 2022 global semiconductor revenue top 10 companies, 7 companies from the United States.

With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

The United States is almost all-round leader in the field of semiconductor chips, even ASML, headquartered in the Netherlands, and TSMC, headquartered in Taiwan, need to use relevant technologies in the United States, once the United States does not provide relevant technologies and components, these technology giants will face shutdown, which is the current status of the global semiconductor industry.

China's chip industry has a long way to go

China's chip industry did not start late, but it was affected by the idea of "making is better than buying, buying is better than renting", resulting in the overall lagging behind the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries in the mainland chip industry, and now it is difficult to face the difficulties and require a long time of research and development and investment.

In 2021, 3,400 enterprises in the mainland chip industry were revoked or cancelled, and by 2022, the number will rise to more than 5,700, and there are still 170,000 chip-related enterprises in China.

With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

Why have so many chip companies "disappeared" one after another? The famous economist Ma Guangyuan once said that the chip industry has been valued by the state, and a group of companies and funds that cheat chip subsidies have appeared in large numbers, and after a while, they have changed their vests to start a new road to wealth...

China's chip development is very fast, so many chip companies always stand out, in terms of chip design and packaging and testing we are not worse than the United States, but in chip manufacturing gap is too big, SMIC can only achieve 14nm mass production, 7nm has not yet achieved large-scale mass production, and TSMC has already manufactured 3nm chips, Apple's large number of 3nm chip orders have been given to TSMC.

On the other hand, chip manufacturing is inseparable from the lithography machine, and the Netherlands ASML monopolizes the global high-end lithography machine market, ASML lithography machine parts from the United States, Germany, Japan and other more than ten countries, set the world's top technology in one, the mainland to achieve high-end lithography machine manufacturing to break through the current human history of the top technology, after all, the United States and other countries sanctions can not be exported to the mainland.

With a market value of more than 7 trillion, the world's largest chip company was "born", which is worth 2 TSMC

From the perspective of the development law of human history, technical sanctions have never been successful, since the Netherlands can be manufactured, the United States and Japan can be manufactured, then we can too, but we need to pay a lot of money, time and train more talents, China to break through the chip blockade, technical difficulty is undoubtedly the highest ever, we are not short of funds and markets, we need more technology, talents and time.