Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

author:Extraordinary onigiri Ao
Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

Author: Xiao Xiongzhi

I was enjoying the flowers on the edge of Lake Ling,

By chance

Met the Yellow Flower Wind Suzuki that I missed in my heart,

The heart is surging, and the heart is full of joy.

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

On the lakeside


Known as "all over the city with golden armor", the yellow flower wind suzuki.

Beautiful view currently,

A rare visual feast is staged...

This is the call of spring,

This is a gift of spring.

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

Yellow flowers bloom,

The golden color of the trees, the stunning variety of the trees.

Smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery.

Full of joy, full of joy.

Under the blue sky

The yellow flowers of spring are particularly dazzling.

The yellow flowers look like cute wind chimes.

Fluttering in the wind, graceful...

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

In the spring

A beautiful melody of "Spring Beauty" quietly plays...

It adds infinite fun to the spring.

The spring breeze gives birth to its color,

The warm sun awakens it.

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

Yellow flowers and wind chimes clustered,

They bloom on the branches.

For fear that a hundred flowers will be the first to rob it of its spring light,

The buds of the trees are fragrant and ready to go.

Just for

The sun is early in spring...


Dancing with joyful embarrassment,

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki


Sing the loudest love songs.

In the yellow flower bush

Cheers to them,

Sing for them ...

Meet the yellow flower wind suzuki

Xiao Xiongzhi screen name: prodigal son Qixiong

Ancestral hometown: Meizhou, Guangdong

Current residence: Huizhou, Guangdong

I love literature, poetry and prose, photography and traveling...

Occasional poems and essays can be found in Huizhou Culture, Huizhou West Lake Wenyuan section, Literature Hundred Flowers Platform, Young Writers Network, Pearl River Delta Literature Network, Today's Headlines Network...

He participated in the poetry competition of the robin Chinese network and won the second and third prizes.

Poetry: Measure the earth with your feet, walk the pen with poetry, and make life full of poetry...

He has participated in Huizhou civil suggestion activities to put forward personal suggestions, aiming to benefit the people.

I like Huizhou with "half city mountains and half city lake", Huizhou in Dongxiong County, a famous historical and cultural city, and Huimin Zhizhou with a strong cultural atmosphere of Dongpo.

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