Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

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#4月财经新势力 #

Sports superstars have been heavily indebted for gambling, and the dark industry behind them has surfaced, and the world's most developed gambling industry is in small Southeast Asian countries. Behind the deeds of calamity to the country and the people, all the Chinese people are targeting their compatriots, why do these Southeast Asian countries half-push and half-acquiesce to the existence of dark events? Like the collection, let's see how much dirt lies behind the notorious Southeast Asia.

Zhang Jike gambled and owed a huge debt. Zhang Jike's gambling incident has recently made a lot of noise, but a generation of sports superstars have become gamblers, which is inevitably embarrassing. But as we all know, the mainland has always strictly banned 'pornography, gambling and drugs', and the crackdown is so strong that it is among the best in the world. After the incident, some 'cyber detectives' immediately launched an investigation and found that this Zhang Jike frequently traveled to and from Southeast Asia, and as soon as these three words were mentioned, it is estimated that many viewers would sigh 'strange'. After all, for so many years, these little neighbors on our side have been very bad, and the 'Golden Triangle' area in the early years was a notorious crime area, and many films and television films as long as they are related to drugs will definitely involve this area. However, under the joint blows of the mainland and friendly countries, the prestige of the 'Golden Triangle' is far less than before.

But as the saying goes, one foot high, one foot high, high-level various crackdowns can only cut grass, but can not remove roots, and with the development of the times, Southeast Asian countries crime has extended to more types. In addition to drugs, there are also telecom fraud, gambling, human trafficking, etc., which can be said to be extremely dark. As long as your mobile phone receives a scam call, most of the scammers are located in Southeast Asia, and some time ago, the hot meme of 'northern Myanmar' exploded on the Internet, and a number of well-known bloggers were suspected of being the evil forces in Myanmar. Relying on the Internet to publicize local customs and customs, attract unknown Chinese people to travel, and then commit criminal activities. Incidents of victimization of Chinese people occur frequently, causing panic among the people. Fortunately, under the publicity and warning of the state, the mainland people have become more and more vigilant about fraud activities in Southeast Asia, but in contrast, the less well-known gambling industry has also flooded in the local area.

Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

When it comes to gambling, this is actually a very special industry, unlike 'poison' which is strictly prohibited in the world, although its reputation is not very good, but there are legal casinos in many countries. For example, the Macau casino in the mainland and the Las Vegas casino in the old beauty, these are the formal casinos allowed by the state, and they have specially given it a nice name called the gaming industry, and it is specially developed as a career. In fact, this situation is also caused by national conditions, after all, the city to develop, there must be some selling points, like Macau and Las Vegas, long ago was a famous casino, if you give people casinos are all closed, then the development of the city will come to an end. But in Southeast Asia, this is much more complicated, you say its casino is not regular, people also have a certificate issued by the state, but you have to say that it is regular, all kinds of criminal incidents are endless.

The most infuriating thing is that these small Southeast Asian countries, although they are neighbors on the surface, but privately specifically pit us Chinese, take the Philippines, its online gambling industry is very developed, even reached the world's first volume, formed a huge industrial chain, related employees reached millions, and its main target customers are our people. In other words, in the Philippines, hundreds of people live by deceiving mainland people into gambling online. What is chilling is that many local casino owners are actually our Chinese, but as compatriots, they are ruthless, you know, except for Macao, other regions in the mainland are prohibited from opening casinos, and the crackdown on the gambling industry is very strong. But it is difficult to prevent family thieves day and night, and we crack down harshly at home, but those compatriots in foreign countries think all day long about how to attract Chinese people to gamble money so as to fill their pockets.

This situation has caused very serious harm to the property safety of the mainland people, and once the gambling game is as deep as the sea, how many originally happy families have been torn apart because of gambling, so the country has no choice but to find the Philippine authorities for the safety of its citizens, hoping that they can manage these online gambling incidents. Since this big brother spoke, the Philippines had to give face and began to crack down on online gambling, but after a long time, the Philippine top management stopped working, just did some surface work, reduced the number of gaming license issuance, and the rest were basically in a state of laissez-faire. People have their own explanations for this, this Philippines is really too poor, to develop it does not have that strength, many people in the country can not even eat, although this gambling is not honorable, but good can make money, not only solved a large number of national employment, but also brought a lot of income to the country, if all banned, then the problem will be even greater.

Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

As soon as this remark came out, we really didn't know how to refute it, and we couldn't let others cut themselves off. All that can be done is to do its best to tell the Philippines that the prevalence of the gambling industry is a huge harm to national governance. But the problem is that the Philippines knows the truth, but it has to make this money, or it has to go hungry. Under such a paradoxical situation, the Philippines made full use of the Taoist concept of yin and yang, while cracking down on gambling, while legalizing gambling, in order to facilitate foreign tourists to come to the Philippines to gamble, but also opened a special route to casinos. It's funny and crying.

Not only that, there is also a very absurd phenomenon in the Philippines, in order to control the number of domestic casinos, the surface work is done well, the Philippines will issue a certificate, which is equivalent to a business license, only casinos with a certificate can operate legally. And those private black casinos have become targets. As a result, the industry began to eat black behavior, those who have certificates, in order to reduce competitiveness, a single largest, will use this certificate to frantically suppress peers, call the top management to seal those without certificates. In this regard, those casinos that have been suppressed have no way to do it, although everyone is all the way, but who calls themselves unable to get on the table?

Also bowing to 'gambling' because of money is Myanmar. Local telecommunications fraud has harmed many of our compatriots, but at the same time, its gambling industry is also very developed. The most famous of these is the 'gaming city' Myowaddy, a city that is notorious throughout Southeast Asia for its crime industry. In the early years, Myanmar's top brass strictly banned the gambling industry, but at that time, Myawaddy was already a place outside the law, and although the casino was small, it was a well-known gambling venue. Myanmar is a unique situation, with a chaotic social situation and frequent conflicts, which is why crime is so rampant in Myanmar. Social instability, who has the leisure to take care of these things. But this wonderful wadi is powerful, it is not affected by social turmoil in the slightest, even if various forces are inseparable, people should do business as they should.

Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

In the early years, Myawaddy Casino was mainly aimed at customers from Thailand, so the gambling capital used was Thai baht. And it's very loosely managed, as long as you don't have lethal weapons on you, you can enter the casino and show off your strength. As mentioned above, Myanmar's top management originally banned the gambling industry, but why did Haoduan legalize it? Like the Philippines, there is a lack of money. Due to social instability, Myanmar's latest high-level management has only been managing the country for a few years, its own economic development is not good, the people under them are still not obedient to commands, in order to have an extra way to make money, attract tourists from other places to drive the local economic development, the top management began to focus on this gambling industry that cannot be put on the table.

To this end, relevant laws have been enacted to determine their legality. But this Myanmar strictly enforces the rule that no one can pit himself. In its law, while allowing the legality of gambling, it prohibits local nationals from gambling in casinos. Not only is it banned by the state, but even the local armed forces are constantly supervised. Some time ago, the news that a Burmese armed man smashed a casino in Myawaddy went viral on the Internet, and the armed personnel also warned afterwards that if there are still locals opening a casino, it is not so simple to smash it. Many local residents also said that after the flood of casinos, many people lost their savings because of gambling money, and the end was very sad.

Why is only Myawaddy the exception of all of Myanmar? First of all, its geographical location, which is very convenient to Thailand, is separated by only a river, although it is a national border in name, but due to lax management, local people often row boats to and from the two places all day. This is why it specialized in serving Thai customers in its early years. Gambling in Thailand is still strictly prohibited, and Myawaddy, just across the river, is the perfect place for Thais who want to gamble. On the other hand, it is 'chaos'. There are many armed forces entrenched in Myowaddy, and no one obeys anyone, and over time, it becomes a three-way zone similar to the 'Golden Triangle', and there are some lawless people who want to get rich while the troubled times appear. And there will be some outlaws who pay armed groups to protect themselves, and over time, the power will become more and more powerful.

Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

In addition to the above two countries, there is also a rising star in the gaming industry - Cambodia. Cambodia's gaming industry did not start early, but relying on rich tourism resources, the gaming industry has developed rapidly. Like Myanmar, Cambodia strictly prohibits its citizens from gambling and earning money from foreign tourists. And the main customer is also our Chinese. In just over a decade, Cambodia's high-level distribution of casino certificates has reached 150, which has become its main source of income, taking the epidemic, tourism has been hit hard, and other industries have fallen into a trough, but they have earned $40 million in income from the gaming industry. Although a lot of money was made, the proliferation of gambling also caused a series of bad chain reactions, followed by a surge in other criminal activities.

It has had a huge impact on the stability of society. The high amount of money in illegal crimes needs to be legalized through circulation, which is commonly known as 'money laundering'. Cambodia's money laundering industry has ranked among the top in the world, and has also caused great social harm to the mainland, and many illegal domestic money laundering incidents, traced to the root cause, are controlled by Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries.

The gaming industry in Southeast Asia has developed rapidly, and even Macau, an old gambling city in the mainland, has been greatly affected. As the only region in the mainland that operates legally in the gaming industry, Macau has always been famous for its casinos, which is also the economic pillar supporting Macau's development. But now, many of Macau's high-quality customers are gradually losing to Southeast Asian countries. Although it has not been surpassed by years of strong roots, a closer look reveals that Macau's gambling industry has become a little tired, but Cambodia is full of vitality and has a strong competitiveness with low tax rates.

Zhang Jike exploded thunder! The vast majority of Southeast Asian gaming shady are Chinese Chinese pits

It is worth mentioning that in Myanmar, the Philippines or Cambodia, many of the bigwigs behind are our people, with the rapid development of the mainland, the people's living standards continue to improve, we all know that there are many rich people in the country, coupled with the adjacent geographical location, the mainland has become the biggest target of Southeast Asian criminal gangs. All kinds of deception methods emerge one after another, not only the bosses are Chinese, but even those who commit fraud on the front line are basically Chinese. Under the temptation of interests, they do not care about the friendship of their compatriots, and even many people start from their relatives and friends, under the name of bringing you to wealth, and lead you to a trap to meet their interests.

Over the years, various cases of Chinese people being victimized and deceived in Southeast Asia have been repeated, although the country has carried out extensive publicity and warning, but greed is always the greatest weapon, many people know that there may be danger, or choose to take risks, want to fight for the ethereal interests. But as everyone knows, it is in the arms of the criminals, and once you enter the pit, you may face an endless abyss. And the heart of defense is indispensable, even if it is your own relatives and friends, if it involves these sensitive areas, you must also raise your vigilance, you take others as brothers, but others are likely to put you behind your back. Here's a reminder that once you enter the gambling game is as deep as the sea, all audiences must guard their bottom line, have you ever experienced the temptation of gambling from Southeast Asia? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss.

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