Vitality Anyi Wonderful butterfly change

author:Jintai Information

Source: Jiangxi Daily

In March, 200,000 mu of rape flowers in Anyi County covered fertile fields, decorating colorful landscapes.

From the start of the 2023 Nanchang Anyi Half Marathon on March 5, kicking off the first "Golden Flower" Outdoor Sports Festival in Nanchang, to the 12th Golden Flower Cultural Tourism Festival in Anyi County in 2023, which starts on March 18, this sea of golden flowers jumps out of the simple ornamentation, deriving different scenery such as the Golden Flower Food Festival, the Golden Flower Fun Festival, and the Golden Flower Tent Festival.

In spring, Anyi is pleasing not only to the beautiful countryside, but also to the vigorous vitality of economic development.

A number of domestic industry leaders and listed companies have come one after another, and this year the county started 79 industrial projects under construction, with a total investment of 31.248 billion yuan, including 10 projects of more than 1 billion yuan. More than 20 industrial enterprises in the county will add 40 new production lines and rebuild 20 production lines this year.

In the first quarter of this year, the industrial electricity consumption of Anyi County reached 230 million kWh, a year-on-year increase of 12.83%. Vitality An Yi is running hard in the golden blossom spring.

From 93rd to 34th, the development of industrial parks successfully counterattacked

In the past, An Yi was "talking about agriculture for most of the day, talking about industry and a cigarette, and talking about finance." Until 2019, among the 100 industrial parks in the province, Anyi still ranked 93rd. However, after that, An Yi began a counterattack journey. It jumped from 93rd to 64th in 2020 and 34th in 2021.

The successful counterattack benefits from the high-quality development of the chain group of advantageous industries. The aluminum profile industry is the pillar industry cultivated by Anyi for nearly 30 years, with a production capacity of more than 2 million tons and an output value of 40 billion yuan in 2022. Anyi has become one of the three major aluminum profile production bases in China, ranking first in East China and second in China.

The country's first door and window industrial town - Anyi Door and Window Characteristic Industrial Town has been built here. When I walked into the town, I knew that Anyi doors and windows have become part of high-quality life: open windows automatically when sunny days, and close windows automatically when it rains; The noise outside the window disturbs the people, and you can enjoy tea quietly after closing the window; The heat outside the window is unbearable, and the whole house is cool after closing the window... These good-performing, fashionable doors and windows are produced in Anyi and sold throughout the country.

The first batch to settle in the town are 6 domestic door and window industry leaders. Walking into the door and window enterprise display area of the town, the reporter found that each of the 6 companies had an extraordinary background. Chunyang Holding Group, a listed enterprise in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, has nearly 40 patents, participated in the formulation of a number of provincial standards for doors, windows and curtain walls, and is a long-term strategic partner of well-known national real estate enterprises such as Vanke and Greenland; Baltik doors and windows, once won one of the world's three major design awards, the German Red Dot Award; Guanhao doors and windows, one of the top ten aluminum doors and windows brands in China; Fuxuan doors and windows, won the highest award in the domestic building doors, windows and curtain wall industry - Jinxuan Award, with 800 stores; Yidun doors and windows, listed enterprises on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange......

Nowadays, the aluminum profile and door and window industry is developing in a chain group, and the "national brand" scientific and technological innovation platforms such as the door and window testing center of the Chinese Academy of Construction Sciences, the Youyan Institute of Industry and Research, and the middle window certification center have been settled one after another, and the building doors and windows, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum veneers and other products produced by Anyi can be tested according to international standards on the spot.

The successful counterattack also benefits from the fact that the industrial structure from the aluminum profile industry is unique to the four major industries of "aluminum new light intelligence" go hand in hand to enhance the ability to resist risks.

The new materials industry has initially formed an industrial system covering advanced zirconium materials, monocrystalline silicon, silicone gel, nano-microcrystalline jade, aerogel materials and other products, achieving revenue of more than 12 billion yuan in 2022 and being rated as a provincial industrial cluster in 2022.

The photovoltaic new energy industry has initially formed an industrial chain of monocrystalline silicon chips, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic glue, solar frames, and photovoltaic street lights. Haoan Energy has become a leading enterprise in the field of monocrystalline silicon chips, with a leading conversion efficiency in China and an annual output value of 10 billion yuan; Jierui Electromechanical, which was put into operation at the end of last year, is in short supply of single crystal furnace products, and the output value of this year can be increased by 3 billion yuan.

There are 17 enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing industry in the county, including 12 enterprises on the scale. Fufeng Intelligent Technology has an annual output of 50,000 sets of aluminum alloy 5G smart street lamp projects, which has improved the scale and digital level of the intelligent manufacturing industry in the park.

In addition to the four major industries of "Aluminum New Guangzhi", the county has also vigorously developed traditional industries such as medicine and chemical industry, textiles and garments, and has absorbed more than 25,000 jobs every year.

From growing rape and bounty flowers to hosting large-scale exhibitions and events, gathering popularity brings prosperity to the economy

In previous years, when Anyi was the most lively, when the rape flowers were in bloom, and this year's Spring Festival just passed, the second day of work, the 7th Jiangxi (Anyi) Aluminum Profile and Doors and Windows Expo sounded the gong to open. This is the first exhibition after the Spring Festival in the province, and it is also the first expo in the national aluminum and door and window industry, which fully demonstrates the enterprising spirit of Anyi people pulling a full bow, putting on a full string, racing against time and fighting for the economy.

The three-day exhibition attracted more than 400 aluminum profile and door and window enterprises from all over the country to participate, and signed 54 aluminum profile and door and window investment projects and 12 "Anyi doors and windows" brand building strategic cooperation projects, with a total intention signing amount of 11.032 billion yuan. The shock wave of this professional exhibition is still being transmitted, and three listed companies in the industry took the initiative to negotiate the settlement of the project.

The traditional Golden Flower Festival, which is mainly based on flower appreciation, has also been given more connotations by Anyi people, and tourism + culture, tourism + sports, and colorful activities have attracted visitors from all over the world. In the first quarter of this year, the Anyi cultural tourism market recovered strongly, and the cumulative number of tourists received and tourism revenue in the county increased by 60.61% and 145.29% respectively compared with the same period in 2019.

During the Aluminum Expo and Marathon, the 41 tourist hotels in the county were basically full, and the major restaurants were prosperous. This year's Golden Flower Festival attracted more than 50,000 visitors to Anyi to enjoy the flowers, and the opening ceremony was held in Huangzhou Town, Zongshan Rice Flour Town and Anyi Ancient Village. The strong popularity has brought an active flow of information, capital and talent, and has stirred up a pool of spring water in the county's economy.

From temporary beauty to long-term beauty, beautiful rural scenery becomes "money" scenery

Changjunxiang Observation Village in Anyi County is a national rural governance demonstration village, while Moshan Natural Village under its jurisdiction is a well-known boutique demonstration village in the province. Moshan Courtyard is the first choice for tourists who come here to taste farm dishes. Next to an old camphor tree over 800 years old, the former dilapidated farmhouse bungalow has been transformed into a farmhouse restaurant with both modern style and local style, the courtyard in front of the door is half-covered by the branches of the camphor tree, and not far away the winding village road is a sea of blooming rape flowers, sitting in the courtyard drinking tea and chatting and appreciating the flowers, the spring breeze blows, full of comfort. Moshan has 160 acres of rapeseed plant, and there are different varieties with early to delayed flowering dates, and from mid-February to the end of March, the Moshan small courtyard with only 4 boxes has been operating at full capacity every weekend.

Talking about the benefits brought by tourism, Yang Wengen, the owner of Moshan Small Courtyard, said: "The original idle farmhouse, because of the opening of the farmhouse, the owner has an annual rental income of 20,000 yuan, and three villagers work here, with a fixed income of 3,000 yuan per month. ”

Anyi, which has limited financial resources, is at the forefront of the construction of beautiful villages in the province. There are 104 administrative villages and 1093 natural villages in the county, and the construction of beautiful villages (boutique villages) accounts for 10%.

In the process of building beautiful villages, Anyi creatively carried out breakthrough actions in rural operations, based on activating the "self-hematopoietic" function of villages, achieving the goals of marketization of operation, village scenic spots, and sustainable profits, and changed scenery into "money scene".

At present, some progress has been made in rural operations. Changbu Town signed a cooperation framework agreement with Jiangxi Pofeng Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., which invested 5 million yuan in start-up capital to cooperate with Shiwoleijia in Chetian Village and Henggang in Changbu Village. Dongyang Liu Yin's hometown and Anyi County Shunjing Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

The operator is the "protagonist", the government department is the "nanny", the village committee is the "shareholder", and the villagers are the "master". The practice of rural operation is still in the exploratory stage, but An Yiyong's confidence in becoming the vanguard of rural revitalization is firmer. (Reporter Yan Mei)