A large number of celebrity gambling photos exposed! Almost everyone loses money, and 11 people were caught gambling in one year

Recently, the controversy caused by the 35-year-old sports star Zhang Jike being exposed to gambling debts can be described as intensifying, his ex-girlfriend Jing Tian was affected, more and more insiders came forward to break the news, and the topic of discussion was further deepened, as netizens opened up, more celebrities involved in gambling in the past were turned out, a large number of gambling photos were exposed, directly involving more than 10 people.

According to the information you picked up, luring celebrities to gamble has long become an industrial chain, especially around 2014, when many celebrity casino photos were taken during this period.

Mainland stars such as Wang Feng, He Yunwei, Article, Xu Jinglei, Ge You, Na Ying, and Song Dandan were photographed going to casinos.

There is also male star Pan Yueming, during his divorce from actress Dong Jie, he was publicly accused of gambling, and although he successfully cleared this rumor through prosecution, the photo of him sitting at the card table could not be fake.

In 2014, Legal Daily also published a report mentioning that throughout the year, a total of 13 entertainment stars were arrested for pornography, gambling and drugs, of which 11 were involved in gambling.

In 2017, Kong Linghui, who is also a table tennis player with Zhang Jike, was also involved in a gambling dispute and was sued by a Singapore casino to repay a loan of more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars, and they emphasized in the complaint that Kong Linghui signed an agreement in February 2015 to borrow 1 million Singapore dollars (about 5 million yuan) for gambling - it is clear that Kong Linghui was not a winner, and he eventually repaid less than half of it, and it took two years to pay it off.

Kong Linghui lost more than just money, although he later responded that he did not participate in gambling, and the debt was affected by relatives and friends, but he still violated relevant regulations and disciplinary requirements, and was immediately suspended from the head coaching business, and needs to be further investigated and dealt with.

All the way down, netizens feel as if everything has traces to follow, to know that "ten gambles and nine losses", these stars exposed to drugs are almost everyone loses money, especially some Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, they gamble more brazenly, often exposed by the media in the casino big loss.

Hong Kong star Lin Wenlong went to Macau to gamble without his pregnant wife Guo Keying, and was exposed to lose more than 500,000 Hong Kong dollars in one night.

Actress Lan Jieying, who died in 2018, went to gamble when she was already bankrupt, and lost 30,000 Hong Kong dollars in 2 hours, leaving only a few hundred yuan in her pocket.

TVB actor Wu Qihua was also exposed to gambling addiction, insiders said that he loved gambling, and after the divorce, he became even more intense, often gambling for two or three days, until he lost everything.

Actress Li Jing was only discovered at home in 2018 at the age of 69, causing sighs in the circle, she had unlimited scenery in the first half of her life, but in her later years she left desolate due to poor management and addiction to gambling, and the actress Ma Helen, who once gave Li Jing financial support, couldn't help but sigh with emotion: "Long poverty is hard to care."

The well-known comedian Pig Brother Liang, who died at the age of 70, was also displaced for half of his life because of his addiction to gambling, owing hundreds of millions of gambling debts, and it was difficult to repay the second half of his life, so that he was seriously ill in bed and some people went in and out of the ward to collect debts, and even after his death, his family and friends had to worry that someone would go to Pig Brother Liang Spiritual Hall to ask for money.

So far, the controversy over Zhang Jike's gambling debt, some people continue to break the news, mentioning that he has upgraded to Cambodia to gamble, which seems to indirectly explain why rare celebrity gambling photos have been exposed in recent years - the industrial chain is still there, but it is more hidden.

In addition, there is another point that must be mentioned, that is, the strength of our crackdown on gambling.

Actress An Yixuan's husband Chen Ronglian and Hong Kong star Zhou Baihao's father Zhou Zhuohua (Xi Mihua) have been arrested and imprisoned for illegal gambling and other crimes, and they have been inextricably linked to the entertainment industry over the years.

Finally, I hope that so many negative examples can be a wake-up call for everyone, when it comes to pornography, gambling and drugs, and never make excuses for anyone, even favorite stars and celebrities.

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