After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

"It took me more than twenty years to wait for a Charlotte Troubles.

But some time ago, I participated in "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", and suddenly a CCTV film critic said:

Wang Zhi has not had any works in recent years except "Charlotte Troubles", and she should be eliminated. ”

"I'm not small either, it's almost forty, and I wish I had the opportunity to have more opportunities.

I don't want others to say that Wang Zhi only has Qiu Ya and only "Charlotte Troubles". ”

This is what Wang Zhi said in an acting variety show in 2020.

In order to get rid of Qiuya, Wang Zhi has been on two seasons, playing with Zhang Da, acting neuropathy, and doing everything to the top, and wrote the desire for transformation on his face.

I want to ask why Wang Zhi is so anxious?

Turn the clock back to 2015, the year that changed Wang Zhi's fate.

"Charlotte Troubles" rose from obscurity to suddenly, and with the accumulated reputation of ultra-long screenings, it became a hit, winning a cumulative box office of 1.4 billion, becoming a comedy milestone that the entire film industry could not bypass that year.

Since then, Shen Teng has transformed from a sketch actor to a comedy celebrity, Mary has also become the new queen of comedy, and Tian Yu has risen steadily on the road to golden supporting roles, and even Yin Zheng's career has taken this as an inflection point.

The whole happy twist is on fire, and the comedy is also prosperous, but only "Qiuya" Wang Zhi is left.

Wang Zhimei?

Of course.

From the moment she entered the camera, the title "goddess" was perfectly embodied.

And that classic hibiscus out of the water accompanied the audience for countless salty and wet nights.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

The problem is:

The role of "Qiu Ya" is too successful.

After "Charlotte Troubles", everyone is trying more types and challenging different characters, except Wang Zhi, who found him either "Qiuya" or "Dongya", "Xiaya" and "Chunya".

Enchanting, sexy, unsquare but empty, stereotyped, and unspeakable.

Until many years later, others have long turned their names into brands, and classic characters are recorded in the credit book, progressing at a pace visible to the naked eye.

And Wang Zhi is still firmly bound by "Qiu Ya", and has been spinning in a circle for several years.

Getting rid of Qiuya became Wang Zhi's top priority.

Wang Zhi's dilemma

As an actor, not having a representative role is a tragedy.

But the role is too deeply rooted in people's hearts, causing him to eat himself and limit the path of the play, which is also a tragedy.

Closer, let's say Xu Zheng.

In his early years, he became famous by playing Zhu Bajie, and after the fire, everyone pointed to his nose and said that he was called "Zhu Bajie", and even withdrawing money was made fun of by the counter lady.

Later, Xu Zheng simply took the initiative to slow down and transform behind the scenes, successfully transforming the country in terms of director.

Zhu Bajie became a talent, and only then did he get rid of his shackles.

Going further, let's say Lin Qingxia.

In 1992's "Smiling Rivers and Lakes", Tsui Hark changed the Eastern Undefeated Demon to a woman, and although he was strictly rejected by Jin Yong, the market response was unprecedented.

Lin Qingxia's neutral temperament gives the character an incomparably powerful charm, and countless audiences fall under her pomegranate skirt.

Immediately afterwards, the merchants who were exhausted rushed up, and they all found Lin Qingxia.

Lin Qingxia took on more than ten similar roles during that time, except for Dongfang Undefeated, there were other neutral roles.

In the end, he was bored and simply withdrew from the circle.

Looking at the other side of the ocean, Xiao Lizi's life is not living with himself.

"Titanic", "Cat and Mouse Game", "A Different Sky"...

Xiao Lizi made a place in Hollywood with a shockingly handsome face, and the audience also bought him very much.

But Xiao Lizi later realized that handsome alone would not go far, so he rejected all handsome roles and singled out bizarre scripts.

Disfigurement, fattening, eating internal organs, neuropathy...

How crazy how to come, how to spoil how to come, finally from a vase to a business card representing Hollywood acting skills, and also got his own little golden man.

Wang Zhi, who was bound by "Qiuya", was also very wronged.

Just looking at this face, you may think which model turned actor Wang Zhi is, but the fact is that Wang Zhi is not only a professional actor, but also a professional class, and is versatile.

Wang Zhi learned martial arts at the age of 8, practiced dance at the age of 12, and became a professional actor at the age of 22.

When she was practicing martial arts, she won the first place in swordsmanship, second in marksmanship, and third in Shaolin boxing in the women's group of Liaoning Province at a young age.

When practicing dance, a dance was stunned to the Guangdong Provincial Dance Academy, and even the teacher who tutored her soared in confidence and obtained a professional certificate with her encouragement.

In 2004, 22-year-old Wang Zhi was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama, lived in a dormitory with Tong Liya, and became a professional actor.

Can play and dance, acting skills are also a proper professional background.

It is clear that all aspects are very prominent, and even professionalism is obvious to all, but it is "bound" by this skin bag, and it is not a violent thing.

Until recently, opening Wang Zhi's comment area, netizens still brushed the memes in "Charlotte Troubles".

Qiu Ya, do you want to be with Wang Zhi for the rest of your life?

Fortunately, Han Duoduo came.

Wang Zhi "The Wandering Earth 2"

Wang Zhi has a Wang movie personality, she participated in the big hit not only "Charlotte Troubles", but also in the 2019 phenomenal masterpiece "The Wandering Earth".

In the film, she plays Liu Peiqiang's wife, there are not many scenes, and she hangs up on the hospital bed at the beginning, and it is less than 30 seconds to play a full game.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

In the second part, because it is a prequel, her role has become particularly important, and she finally got out of the hospital bed, and she is still alive.

Not only conquered Liu Peiqiang emotionally, but also absolutely suppressed the "wolf warrior" in action.

The script of "The Wandering Earth 2" is very rhythmic, and the propositions of the universe and human beings are infinitely amplified in the middle and late stages, making people repeatedly swing in despair and hope, and what holds up the entire atmosphere is the first half of Han Duoduo's representative.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

At that time, Liu Peiqiang was still a recruit who had just joined the army, and Han Duoduo entered the space brigade with Liu Peiqiang as a medical soldier.

She is the first character to appear in addition to the mentor-apprentice duo, and one of only two female characters in the film.

The first time they met, Han Duoduo was impressed by Liu Peiqiang, and in the face of the riots that the "wolf warriors" could not react, Han Duoduo made a decisive move, precise movements, and kicked out the beginning of the movie.

Liu Peiqiang was fascinated by Han Duoduo, and in an instant he lived half of his life in his eyes, and then launched a fierce pursuit of Han Duoduo.

Han Duoduo can be said to be the perfect model of a mature woman, she does not let her eyebrows, fights with Liu Peiqiang in various fields, and even kills him in three or two seconds with physical training, and she must stick to the end with her teeth in the stress test.

In the face of love, she is also very open-minded and open-minded:

"Who did you give the roses to?" I'll help you transfer it to her! ”

He joked with Liu Peiqiang on his lips, but in his heart, he was already happy.

She naturally knew who this bouquet was for.

During a training, the lurking digital life was sabotaged, isolated from the space elevator, and Liu Peiqiang, who confessed, entered it by mistake and started a big war.

Han Duoduo originally wanted to show his strength, but was put aside by Liu Peiqiang's own affection.

As a result, Liu Peiqiang was unable to fight with two fists and four hands, and was almost persecuted by the villain.

Or Han Duoduo rushed out of the cabin to turn the tide, and the move "Lushan Ascending Dragon Tyrant" was even more amazing, showing his surplus combat effectiveness in front of the whole cabin.


Because the villain broke his flowers.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

They trained together, attended, did stress tests in the space elevator, met each other and finally fell in love.

However, the crisis suddenly changed, the global resources were tight, and life was very difficult, and Han Duoduo suffered from type II radiation infectious diseases due to work.

Later, Han Duoduo's body collapsed day by day, but she would still hold up her tired body to cheer Liu Peiqiang:

"It's okay, big deal, I'll sign up."

"It's okay, send the child and grandpa down when the time comes."

"It's okay, it's okay if you haven't been admitted."

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

On the last night, Han Duoduo knew that her time was numbered, and she finally willfully let Liu Peiqiang fly back to the place where she lived.

On the plane, Liu Peiqiang was full of sadness, but Han Duoduo became the atmosphere, and she slapped Liu Peiqiang hard while joking with her brothers who flew together:

"Liu Peiqiang, what about you riding a bicycle? Drive so slowly?! ”

But who knows how much effort it takes for a dying cancer patient to come up with such a spirit.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

And then she was gone.

As she said, after Liu Peiqiang was admitted, he sent the child and grandfather to the dungeon.

And her physical body remained in this homeland, and her spirit condensed into a photo, which became Liu Peiqiang's courage to fight loneliness on the space station.

Admittedly, for the 3-hour "The Wandering Earth 2", Han Duoduo's scene is not large, and it is concentrated in the first half.

But the integrity of the text and Wang Zhi's excellent performance still make the character jump on the paper and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

After watching it, some viewers simply evaluated the success of this character in one sentence:

"The second heroine!"

In order to play the role of Han Duoduo, Wang Zhi's efforts are indispensable.

Han Duoduo originally did not have action scenes, but after Wu Jing learned that Wang Zhi had experience in martial arts, he specially asked the director to modify Han Duoduo's role, adding large action scenes and characters with super force values to make the role richer.

In order to match the personality, Han Duoduo is short hairstyle, but Wang Zhi has trademark black hair.

At first, Wang Zhi was wearing a hood to shoot, but every time he made a move, the bulky hood would move, and even the peeling tape could be seen, and neither the movement nor the shape could guarantee perfection.

After thinking about it again, Wang Zhi decided:

Cut off your long hair and appear in your true colors!

"Cut, cut, you can get a new look, give yourself a breakthrough."

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

Hair that has been with you for many years is said to be cut.

As the hair clipper buzzed, Wang Zhi's black and beautiful hair was cut off, and in its place, the heroic Han Duoduo was replaced.

Who knows that she is more beautiful after cutting, a perfect interpretation of what is called "beauty in the bones and not in the skin", smiling is still as charming as silk, but when not smiling, it is full of determination and tenacity.

"If it was this look back then, don't say Charlotte, even Dongmei is yours."

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

After cutting his head, Wang Zhi completely unsealed the seal.

The performance is more engaged, and even the action is more released.

Accidentally injured the wolf by mistake, kicked him to the base of his thigh, and the bruises spread, hurting for 7 days.

After 8 years, Wang Zhi finally got rid of "Qiuya" and had a new name

Later, when Wu Jing saw Wang Zhi again, he could only exclaim:

"Brother Zhi".

Nowadays, the movie is released, and after watching the entire film, many viewers have said:

For 3 hours, I was stunned and didn't see that Han Duoduo was "Qiuya".

This proves Wang Zhi's acting skills, and also proves that Wang Zhi finally broke away from "Qiu Ya" and once again created a new character deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Finally, finally, at the age of 40, people finally saw Wang Zhi hidden behind "Qiuya".

And now, Wang Zhi's personal profile has also been re-edited, adding a new movie, new characters, and also marking a new beginning.

Wang Zhi:

Actor, representative works "Charlotte Troubles" and "The Wandering Earth".

- End of full text.

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