2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

Author| Gu Han

Editor| Li Chunhui

The Spring Festival file just passed, in a word: uncle circles rolled each other, and the traffic lost its voice.

One by one, the old uncles of the youthful sense conquered thousands of girls with clear eyes. They either kill people with thin waists, or green tea seduces people, and in the opening year of 2023, they staged a big drama of uncles returning home and full of uncles. Please enjoy the latest creations of fans:

"It's still right to find a single-eyed actor with clear and crisp boyish eyes to shoot particularly miserable roles. When the audience saw it, tears rippled and heartache, and they were sad in the middle of the night after watching it in the morning, dreaming of the abuser with a blade. ”

"Green cloth soft clothes, narrow barrels and long sleeves, elegance between the gestures, the evil spirit between the flow of expressions, plus a bundle of narrow waist, directly pay respects to the first Siha!! Worthy of being a #green-sleeved thin-waisted goblin#"

Just looking at the text, I really thought that there was a new traffic in the Spring Festival file. Looking at it, the object described by these two paragraphs of text is Zhang Yi, the tens of billions of film emperors born in 78.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

"Crazy" opened high and went wild, "Manjiang Red" was popular all the way, relying on this drama and a movie, Zhang Yi, who is already familiar to the people of the whole country, not only paid attention to a new high, but also was interpreted as a new flavor - of course, like traffic artists, there are many people who question his acting skills this time.

Zhang Yi is still only a corner of this Spring Festival file "uncle circle" dominating the screen. Zhang Songwen and Li Jian (as Li Xiang) who staged CP stew with him in "Crazy", Shen Teng of "Manjiang Hong", Zhang Luyi and Yu Hewei of the drama version of "The Three-Body Problem", Wu Jing, Andy Lau and even director Guo Fan of "The Wandering Earth 2"... Obviously, the Spring Festival file also has traffic such as Li Xian, Wang Yibo, and Yi Yangqianxi to participate, but there is no sense of existence, or only black traffic.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

Hard Candy Jun's mother asked why there were no "TFBOYS" singing at the Spring Festival Gala, and Hard Candy Jun secretly worried: The little three are a thing of the past, and the old three are rising! After experiencing the "era of fresh meat" and "the era of middle women", could it be that 2023 will be - "Uncle Year"?

The birth of "Uncle Circle" traffic

"Uncle circle" is a relatively new formulation, which intersects with middle students and drama bones. But obviously, not all male actors of this age can be classified as "uncle circle".

"Circle" is both a circle of circles, indicating that this is a group and not one actor. At the same time, it is also the circle of circle culture, which means that this group has stable followers on new media, rainbow farts, outputs, CPs, and even clay sculptures... There is no shortage of young gameplay.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

The birth of small fresh meat traffic relies on explosive works, character filters and CP extensions, and uncle circle traffic is nothing more than that. And in general, since most of your uncles have already started a family, I and the fan circle are more accepting of CP, and they are fearless to interact with partners and friends. In his early years, Wu Jing often called Duan Yihong a "dead ghost" on Weibo, and later this meme was ridiculed by Xie Nan on a talk show.

For young people, the most effective character filter is beauty and misery. Handsome men and beauties are tricked by fate, suffer from love, or are physically abused in ancient puppet fairies, which can easily trigger the pity of the audience, and can also leave some classic pictures full of "broken feelings".

Here in the uncle circle, it is the villain who has the same effect as the beauty and strong tragedy. It can be a villain of a power plot, a suspense drama, or a scumbag and father in a life drama.

In the current domestic film and television dramas, the villain usually exists as a supporting role, and the integrity of the character, scene and story line is not as good as the protagonist. And because of this, once the performance is brilliant, it is easy to highlight the actor's personal ability. On this basis, if there are some differences and pluses, such as Pan Yueming's tortuous experience and Wang Yang's body management, it is Wuhu that takes off.

Zhang Yi fits this top-notch formula. Although online dramas are not lucky, there are more than one masterpiece in traditional TV series and movies. Literary and artistic obscurity is performed, and the main theme of business is also performed. The types of characters who can be controlled are also rich, An Xin in "Crazy" is an honest and kind little policeman, and He Li in "Manjiang Hong" is a sinister and vicious big character, and the two works are broadcast on the front and back feet, which makes the contrast even heavier.

Of course, what is even more rare is that Zhang Yi has always been thin and tall in his acting career, and has not been stuck in the level of greasy and fat, so he has always maintained a strong CP physique. Whether it is Wu Jing and Yin Tao who are the same age, or Liu Haocun and Wang Junkai who are in the same age, they can hook up with the same girl. In "Crazy", although the protagonist An Xin played by him has no intention of eating black and white, he has a bond with the characters on both sides, is protected by his peers and missed by his opponents, and has become the center of the whole drama character network and CP network.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

Anxin's two pairs of general trend CPs also staged "Asura Field" in the main film

Zhang Songwen, another leading actor of the play, received more praise. Yixue's "Home of the Heart" is greasy and shameful, regaining the label of treasure acting, and can also be frequently searched in the publicity war of the Spring Festival blockbuster.

Gao Qiqiang, who he played in "Crazy", stepped on the two major traffic passwords of villains and CP at the same time. However, Hard Candy Jun believes that "freshness" is the main reason for his rise.

Zhang Songwen was born in 1976 and entered the industry in 2004, and has collaborated with Lou Ye many times, until "A Cloud Made of Rain in the Wind" was released in the mainland in 2019, and began to have a name among fans. However, the large range among fans is still a small range among the masses. In the period of "Crazy", whether it is his detailed performance, the habit of observing life anytime and anywhere outside the play, or his patience in replying to netizens on social media, and the bumpy experience before and after entering the industry, he can shock the public again.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

"It is recommended to check Zhang Songwen, it is not like acting"

Unconsumed freshness is the biggest advantage of the popular type over the long red type, how much has accumulated before, once discovered, there are many stories to tell, it is easy to put on some bead filters. Even though fans are often resentful because of this double standard, it is common for people to like the new and dislike the old. What's more, today, who can resist the temptation to play terriers and create gods?

Male group portraits, collective "delay"?

Although there are still many variables in the post-Spring Festival stall, the winner during the Spring Festival has already been decided. In this movie, Zhang Yimou's new work "Manjiang Red" and the local sci-fi "The Wandering Earth 2" ranked first with a box office of 2 billion +, but they were torn more and more incompatible, and "Bear Haunted" continued to make a fortune muffled.

On the side of the series, the first to meet the audience at the beginning of the year are three "wind system" puppets - "Walking to the Wind", "Even if the Wind Rises" and "Go to the Place with the Wind", the lineup is not strong. However, after mid-January, the drama market was basically divided between the big IP sci-fi drama "The Three-Body Problem" and the anti-gang drama "Crazy".

The former was launched under the attention of everyone, and at the beginning it received praise from KOLs in many fields with its high degree of fidelity. However, too faithful to the original work also led to a certain viewing threshold for the show, and the audience screening was completed too early, so that after the original characters caused dissatisfaction among book fans, they failed to stir up more splashes. The IP-free "Crazy" caught up with its bold setting and wonderful plot, once again breaking the platform's 10,000 records.

Interestingly, the four winning works of this year's Spring Festival file are basically male group dramas with strong plots. However, as mentioned above, people's consumption of these works is quite different from the past - even if the object is a group of forty or fifty old men, it is still a tiger and wolf word that is hungry and hungry, and the treatment of uncles even exceeds that of ordinary idol dramas.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

After the release of "Ball 2", "The Wandering Earth" entered the top three of the film and television creation list of the fan community LOFTER

The reason is that, from the content point of view, the reason why group portraits are group portraits lies in the fact that there are many characters, and the relationship between characters is complex and diverse, and there are multiple chemical reactions in multiple combinations.

For example, under the two basic camps of good and evil, "Crazy" also binds the characters closer with the relationships of brothers, fathers and daughters, comrades-in-arms, mentors and apprentices, enemies and friends. For fangirls who can drink everything, it is undoubtedly a gourmet feast. "The co-wife of the two big guys in black and white" is indeed the "three views are not correct" that do not dare to have in the creation of American online literature today.

On the other hand, most of the current idol dramas are working hard in the direction of "not letting the audience disturb", the people are rooted in red seedlings, the plot is flat, sweet is sweet enough, but lacks some excitement. Strong plot works make up for just that—and it's also a key point.

The background of "Manjiang Hong" is the crisis of home and country, and the background of "The Wandering Earth" and "The Three-Body Problem" is the end of the world, time ticks by, and the plot tension is full. In the face of life and death, love and hate are more extreme, and trust is more precious.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

Of course, CP in male group dramas is nothing new. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and its adaptations (including fan dramas), "Corps Line" (TV series "Soldier Assault", "My Regiment Commander My Regiment", "Life and Death Line"), and the movie "Embroidered Spring Knife" series, all have a vigorous fan culture.

It's just that before paying attention to a enclosure self-cute. Now, after several years of training, CP marketing has become the norm in domestic entertainment, and even these projects that will be defined as formal dramas are not exempt.

The film side abandoned the grand narrative in the publicity, starting from the specific people and character relationships, and the entry was wild one by one, which is also a spectacle of this Spring Festival file.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

Go to the Spring Festival stall of traffic?

"It's been a long time since I saw this, and everyone on the homepage is only fighting for the movie." One day, Hard Candy Jun's Weibo friend sighed.

To say it, the star lineup of this year's Spring Festival stall is not short of traffic. There is Yi Yangqianxi, one of the "four big and three small", and there is also the top "delay" 2.0 Wang Yibo. During the pre-sale period, the skillful and organized efforts of fans on both sides made "Nameless" and "Manjiang Red" firmly ranked in the top two of the pre-sale list. The Spring Festival stall officially started on the first day of the new year, and the pink and black war on both sides sent "ugly" to the hot search.

But that's about it. "Nameless" is black and red, and the current box office is stuck at 500 million, which has been marginalized early in the market and public opinion. The real weight dispute between "Manjiang Hong" and "The Wandering Earth 2" occurred in this Spring Festival file, which is related to content and has nothing to do with traffic - although "Manjiang Hong" has traffic starring, the film's positive and bad reviews do not seem to be on him.

The same is true of the drama circle. "The Three-Body Problem" and "Crazy" have radiated to audiences outside of some types of people, and even people who don't usually watch dramas. They are willing to give these two dramas a chance, in addition to factors such as the CCTV platform and the Spring Festival holiday, another big reason is that the lineups of the two dramas are middle-aged and elderly, and the traffic fresh meat content is low. The actors interpret the depth of human nature, intellectual games, and officialdom with brilliance, highlighting the value of professionalism and experience.

2023, the "Year of Uncle" is prosperous?

In fact, traffic and uncle circles have repeatedly seen some trade-off. In 2017, traffic IP models became popular, and chaos such as inverting molds and cutouts repeatedly refreshed the lower limit of the audience. It was also this year that a series of male group portrait dramas such as "In the Name of the People", "Military and Divisional Alliance" and "White Night Chase" achieved a win-win situation in word-of-mouth popularity. The "Handong Heavenly Group" led by Wu Gang made its debut in the national play terrier, and Pan Yueming also successfully became popular, making people realize the traffic potential of powerful actors.

In 2018, a ridiculous post - "Xu Zhengchao signed in only 22 people, why is the box office appeal so strong" triggered a "Uncle Circle 101" wave. Netizens who have been dissatisfied with the traffic economy for a long time held a folk draft for middle-aged actors in accordance with the 101 model that was in full swing at that time, and the data, stations, and copywriting were all arranged in a good way.

It was also this year that "I Am Not the God of Medicine" became the winner of the summer file, and the magic film "Asura" with a large investment was bloody. The bubble burst and winter arrived.

The rise of the "uncle circle" of this Spring Festival file, Hard Candy Jun sincerely looks forward to the beginning of another content king and respect for professionalism. At the same time, however, there are still some issues that are worth warning about: such as the entertainment of serious topics, the fandom of "uncle circles", and the marginalization of female characters/actors (especially in movies).

Some netizens compared "Crazy" to "The Legend of Zhen Huan of Men", which is quite interesting. "The Legend of Zhen Huan", which has original sins such as novel plagiarism and palace fighting themes, has stood for more than ten years, and the characters and lines have been repeatedly quoted in different situations, to some extent, it also shows that depth, drama, and the whole people... Not exclusive to male group content. In the past two or three years, female group portraits have taken detours in indulging in golden sentences, levitating characters, and bloody plots, is it time to detour back to the right path?

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