At the age of 84, Wu Yanshu, who has only played 4 main roles, hides her attitude towards life in her temperament

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The old lady who appeared in the hit drama "Bottom Line" for less than 5 minutes caused heated discussions, such as "good acting skills", "the years have never defeated beauty", "the state is really good" and so on.

At the age of 84, Wu Yanshu, who has only played 4 main roles, hides her attitude towards life in her temperament

Actress Wu Yanshu did bring too many surprises to the audience, although she is 84 years old, but her mental state is like a middle-aged person around 30 years old. The spirit is very full, the heart is very rich, and the hands and feet are everyone's beautiful temperament.

What kind of woman can still be gentle and elegant at the age of 84, and calm and unhurried? With this curiosity, I entered the exploration of actress Wu Yanshu.

After Wu Yanshu walked through the first half of her life step by step, she opened a new chapter in the second half of her life at the age of 72.

At the age of 84, Wu Yanshu, who has only played 4 main roles, hides her attitude towards life in her temperament

Born in 1938 to an intellectual family, Wu Yanshu was one of the few only daughters of that era, and her father studied international finance at Waseda University, became a professor at Sun Yat-sen University after returning to China, and later worked at Shanxi Medical College.

Influenced by her family environment, she began to learn various etiquette from an early age. Because her father often took her to watch dramas, over time she developed a strong interest in dialogue dramas and embarked on the road of drama performance. Later, she became one of the actors in the Shanxi Provincial Drama Theatre. With a stable and decent job, she continued to commute to work like all of us until her retirement in 2003.

After retiring, Wu Yanshu has been taking care of her sick husband at home, and continues to take care of her mother after her husband's death. Later, her husband and parents both drove to Hexi, and in 2010 she was taken to Beijing by her daughter to live.

Life before the age of 72 can be said to be step-by-step, going to work, leaving work, getting married, having children, retiring, and providing for the elderly of parents, which is the life trajectory of a normal person, doing what should be done at the age of what to do.

In 2010, she was 72 years old, and after coming to Beijing, she began acting by chance, began to walk on the screen, and entered the public's vision.

She said: When you are young, your time is all your parents', and you can do whatever your parents tell you to do. After reading, the time is all about the teacher, and you have to do what the teacher assigns. After work, the time is all work, all of the unit. Only the time after retirement is your own.

After others retire, they either work for their juniors or play in the mountains, but Wu Yanshu is different, she continues to pursue her dreams and pursue the maximization of her own value.

Such a woman with a rich heart is naturally radiant, as the saying goes, "born from the heart", there is a dream in the heart, and the face is naturally as gentle and beautiful as a dream.

The 84-year-old Wu Yanshu has only played 4 leading roles, but has won 2 Golden Horse Awards, 1 Academy Award, and 1 Golden Rooster Award.

At the age of 84, Wu Yanshu, who has only played 4 main roles, hides her attitude towards life in her temperament

In 12 years, this elderly actor has actually collected the "three gold" awards, which is the biggest affirmation of her acting skills.

In addition to the "three gold" awards in the past 12 years, she has also won other awards for softness, the most recent being that she won the Best Actress Award at the 12th Beijing International Film Festival "Temple of Heaven Award" on August 20 this year with the film "Mother".

Many young actresses can expect unattainable awards, and the 84-year-old actor has easily done it. It can be seen that she has put in the effort and hard work behind the role, how hard she has to figure out the role, in order to shape the role so deeply into the hearts of the people!

Another part of life at the age of 72 is a road that many young people are in awe, but Wu Yanshu is moving forward with dreams.

Due to her age, although she has starred in many film and television dramas, only four really lead roles: Kannara, Red Sun Pavilion, No Year That Doesn't Go Over, and Mom. Most of the time, she completes others in the form of green leaves, setting off others. But her green leaves, like emeralds, will always shine in the sun, and that light often shines in the eyes of the audience.

She burst into tears at the Golden Rooster Awards ceremony: I was so excited, I am 79 years old and have won a national award for the first time, so I am particularly excited.

She was thrilled, and when I saw the video, I was thrilled. It turns out that there are so many possibilities in life, even if you have reached the twilight of the year, as long as you have a dream and fight for it, time will prove everything to you.

Wu Yanshu made me understand that only when I have a rich heart can I be full of spirits, and only when I am not in a hurry can I be calm.

At the age of 84, Wu Yanshu, who has only played 4 main roles, hides her attitude towards life in her temperament

To use a sentence to describe Wu Yanshu's appearance today, I think "years never defeat beauty" is most appropriate.

There is never a shortage of beautiful women in the entertainment industry, whether natural or artificial. Among the elderly actors, Wu Yanshu is definitely a first-class beauty. The years have also left baptism marks on her face, but the natural wrinkles are so beautiful. Her beauty is different from the reverse growth that Zhao Yazhi has piled up with money, and it is also different from the silicone feeling on the faces of actors who are keen on medical beauty. Her beauty is given by the years, given by age, and is an intellectual beauty, connotative beauty, and temperament beauty that emanates from the inside out.

After getting to know Wu Yanshu, I understood that her good state benefited from her inner abundance and positive attitude towards life. Only when the heart is rich will the spirit be full, and only by not being in a hurry can we calm down.

As she said on the fortieth anniversary of the Golden Rooster Award: I don't have so many plans for life, just go with the flow, I don't know what tomorrow looks like today.

Her grace and calmness, her gentleness and generosity, hid the books she had read, the roads she had traveled, the dreams she had had.

I would like to say:

Think about yourself, when you reach the age of establishment, you often feel anxious, for age, for looks, for the present with nothing, for the unpredictable future.

Now it seems that the last thing I should do is anxiety, and the most important thing to do is to be positive and optimistic, and to recharge in time.

Anxiety only increases the trouble, and learning can make you grow. Read more books and increase your knowledge. Learn more skills and increase your talents. This is the confidence in the future, and it is the most indispensable effort in life.

Read well, study well, live well, and hope that in the future, I can also be elegant and calm.


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