Hong Tao Poetry Society: Poetry is safe

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"Don't forget the lessons of the past, the safety alarm bell is always ringing", "safety first" is an eternal theme. Only the safe development of enterprises is healthy development and harmonious development. Safety is very important, but there are not many poems that use the form of grammar to express the theme of "safety", and the same title of the Hong Tao Poetry Society is based on safety, which not only expresses our understanding of safety, but also a specific practice and bold attempt of the poetic viewpoint of "I write my poems by hand", and a total of 14 poems are collected.

Hong Tao Poetry Society: Poetry is safe


Security message


Remember the awe in my heart, and hear about the accident and say that it is safe.

Swallow three thousand pills of repentance medicine, and do not obey the rules and discipline first.


Life turned out to be a song, and the poor accident was tearful.

Fasten your seatbelt in advance to avoid high-altitude dangers.

Power Safety Message

And turn Ujin to send electric waves, bright and bright galaxy.

There are alarm bells ringing in front of the car, and there are many stories of the New Year's Long March.

To win safety, remember how to let go of your guts.

Meritorious post people-oriented, all the way to the spring breeze all the way to the song.

Wu Yingmei

A thought of deviation is dead or alive, and alarm bells are frequently ringing in the ears.

There is no new song on the safety string, and the old tune is composed from the blood.

"Accident Warning Month" has a feeling

The lessons of the previous car should be well understood, and one example must be repeated.

If you want to find a good time in the years, the responsibility of safety is shouldered.

Sun Cheng

Life has been full of storms, and there are many hidden dangers in the long river of years.

If you are biased towards disaster brewing, hang high on Mount Tarzan safely.

Wang Bijun

Security warnings

Ju'an did not dare to forget the silk, and his life was yellow and he wanted it.

Happiness seals sorrow inexhaustibly, and then talk about the old tune from the beginning.

Hong Tao Poetry Society: Poetry is safe

Ma Chunli

Words are safe

Safety is not a trivial matter, waking up the dreamer.

Enlightenment is always there, and clarity and everywhere follow.

Pity the clouds are interesting, and the quiet years are really true.

Fluke can still try? Ripples groaned in tears.

Guo Jie

Also say safe

The danger rings the disk, and the tear marks are a little bit unbearable.

Advise the jun not to wade into the hairy badly, how many flowers fall and hurt the dream.

There is no end to the destination


The wind rises and the end of the green apple, before the rain falls.

Long causeway collapse burrowing ants, the slight waves are also soaring.

Consciousness is burned in the brain, and safety is on the shoulders.

There are no accidents in the group prevention, and the people enjoy the years.

Zhang Qiujuan

Security Alert (New Rhyme)

The vicious habit of going it alone is shocking and unbearable to hear.

Strictly guarding the deployment is still not enough, but the teaching years are less sad.

Hong Tao Poetry Society: Poetry is safe

Wen Xiufang

As the old saying goes, safety wins the hearts and minds of the family.

Shaohua is easy to pass away, and the road ahead is peaceful and cornerstone.

Li Yuxia

Safety Warning Month is felt

The rocky creek is deep and unsupportable, and there is a sinking when the adversity is seen.

Subtle and careful medicine, bitter mouth can be settled.

Zhao Guiping

Safety and risks

One is walking on thin ice, and the other is full of dangers.

If there is no strange fate, this life will be accompanied by shadows.

If there is a strange fate, how to worry about the west and the east.

One is passionate as fire, and the other is as fierce as a demon.

One is a boat trip against the water, and the other is a long river with a reef.

There is a way is unlimited scenery,

Who knows how many years have held hands and turned into songs.

Hong Tao Poetry Society: Poetry is safe

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