Hiroki Sakai: The round of 12 against China and Saudi Arabia must be won, and Saitama Stadium is a blessed place

Hiroki Sakai: The round of 12 against China and Saudi Arabia must be won, and Saitama Stadium is a blessed place

Live bar January 24 news On January 27, Beijing time, the Japanese team will play against the Chinese team at the stadium. Before the match, the Japan Football Association announced on its official website a special interview given by international Hiroki Sakai on December 23 last year. (The following Q asks questions on behalf of reporters, and A asks questions on behalf of Hiroki Sakai)

Q: With 6 matches in the Round of 12, Japan is currently in second place with 4 wins and 2 losses, what do you think of the current results?

A: Despite the upset in oman in the first home game of the round of twelve, the team basically got all the points it needed after that. Although the road to advancement will not be easy, there is no need to be too pessimistic.

Q: How do you react to the various sounds around you?

A: To be honest, I feel sorry for facing our fans, we didn't act dominant in the qualifiers. I also want to hear fans say things like "Sure enough, the Japanese team is still strong" at the end of the game.

Q: You started your home game against Australia last October, did you feel like there were a lot of new faces in the starting players?

A: No matter what, I always wanted to fully play my own strength and give everything for the national team. The influx of fresh blood is a good thing for the team, after all, the cycle of the top twelve is so long, sometimes it is reasonable to go through some rotations, which also shows that the Japanese team is currently full of talent.

Q: Speaking of fresh blood, how did you integrate with the team when you participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games?

A: I inspire the players who are at the Olympics and have a good relationship. No matter who plays the team's strength will not weaken, as long as the team can win, who plays I think it is OK. When I played for the national team, I always had a sense of national honor and responsibility on the field.

Q: You seemed to be injured in the two World Cups in November, but you were still selected for the national team squad, but you didn't seem to play, right?

A: The two games in November are important for us and we can't make mistakes again in the round of twelve. However, in the November match, Yamane saw that he performed well and helped the team achieve the desired result.

Q: When you decided to end your european career in the summer window last year and return to play in the J-League, as a member of the Blues, can you feel any change?

A: To be honest, not much has changed. When playing against Asian teams, they can feel the oppression of their opponents when moving, hoping to win all the next twelve rounds.

Q: The next game will be next year against China and Saudi Arabia respectively, do you have any ideas?

A: At the moment, it is not safe to say that we can win both games, but the importance of these two games for us is self-evident. We hope to score all 6 points in the next game to further pave the way for the game.

Q: The next game was played at Saitama Stadium, what do you want to say?

A: This is where the Japanese team has won many victories over their opponents, and it can be said that this is our "blessed land". We hope to fully demonstrate our strength here and let everyone see the real strength of the Japanese team. Let's fight alongside!


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