Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

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Chen Zude is a well-deserved Go fighter. In 1964, 1966 and 1974, he won the National Go Championship three times, and was also the first Chinese chess player to defeat Japan's Kudan, the pioneer of the "Chinese Stream" layout, and the first president of the Chinese Chess Academy. However, between the Go giants and a small soldier under Chen Yi, he may be more willing to accept the latter role.

Chen Yi is famous for his good game, always carrying chessboard pieces with him during the Southern Expedition and the Northern War, and can still calmly play against the flying artillery fire. When carrying out sports diplomacy, the best Go has become the heaviest "chess piece" in its hands. Chen Yi was criticized during the "Cultural Revolution," and the rebels even scolded him: "Chen Yi can't fight, he can only play a few stinky chess pieces." ”

Chen Yi cares about Go, and with his efforts, China and Japan have frequently carried out Go exchanges, and the overall strength of Chinese Go has been continuously improved. For Japan, from looking up to even victory, to competing and transcending, in this process, Chen Zude is undoubtedly the most fierce pioneer. And Chen Zude's interaction with Chen Yi has also been rumored to be a beautiful talk.

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

Junior Zude vs. Mayor Chen Yi

Chen Zude showed an amazing talent for Go at a very young age. When he was seven years old, he sat on a small canvas stool to play against his father, looked up at his father nestled in the sofa and shouted: "Daddy, you sit on the big sofa, I sit on the small canvas stool, this is not fair." The father was happy, joking: Whoever is high will sit on the big sofa. Two months later, his father, who had changed seats, sat the little canvas stool on the shelf as soon as he was on his ass.

Although he was "thrown off the throne", the father was pleased with his son's talent, so he invited the famous "King Wen of Zhou" in the Shanghai chess industry to his home. As a result, after only one game, "King Wen of Zhou" refused to play again, because he realized that he had to find a real famous teacher to guide Chen Zude. Therefore, through his introduction, Chen Zude studied under Gu Shuiru's name.

Who is Gu Shuiru? Originally, there was a saying in the chess world of "South Liu Bei gu", the so-called "South Liu" is The famous Go star Liu Dihuai in Shanghai, and "North Gu" is Gu Shuiru Old Mr. Gu. It is worth mentioning that Gu Shuiru has guided many chess children in his life, but there are only two who really admit that they are his students, in addition to Chen Zude, the other is the undisputed "world's first" Wu Qingyuan.

Under the guidance of Gu Shuiru, Chen Zude's chess strength increased greatly, and he soon became famous, and even Li Jishen, who was vice president of the state at the time, knew that there was such a small Go master in Shanghai, and even wrote to ask him if he was willing to go to Beijing to study while learning chess.

One day, Gu Shuiru told Chen Zude that someone was going to play against him. Seeing the teacher's excited expression and a little mysterious, Chen Zude asked busily, "Who?" ”

After learning that it was Mayor Chen Yi, Chen Zude was very curious and began to ask about his chess strength. Gu Shuiru said: "Mayor Chen plays chess like he fights, and he is very courageous. However, considering Chen Yi's special status, he still constantly told Chen Zude to pay attention to proportions and not to kill too fiercely.

When Chen Zude arrived at Chen Yi's home with his teacher, the parlor was already full of guests from Shanghai's political circles or chess circles. Chen Zude looked up and felt that although Chen Yi was not very tall, he felt very great, and he had a unique handsomeness, and immediately felt good about him.

However, the child was a child after all, and when Chen Yi asked his name kindly, Chen Zude was so nervous that he could not speak. Fortunately, when the chessboard was set up and the people sat upright, Chen Zude was no longer afraid. He fell like a fly, constantly launching an onslaught, and the teacher's explanation had long been thrown out of the cloud of nine clouds. Fortunately, Mr. Chen was not a vegetarian either, only to see his soldiers come to block and calmly cope with the battle. At first sight, Chen Yi was a good hand, and Chen Zude, who was itchy and impatient, even used a mixed solution and attacked with all his might. Although Chen Yi has superb chess skills and a strong view of the overall situation, he has limited experience in grasping the details and gradually falls into a disadvantage. At this time, Gu Shui was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and he slammed his eyes at Chen Zude. Chen Zude, who could be buried in the chessboard, knew where he was, and still slashed and killed. Seeing that Chen Yi's situation was getting worse and worse, Gu Shuiru had no choice but to abandon the ancient adage of "watching chess without saying a word", and personally came to Chen Yi and supported him. Subsequently, several other masters also expressed their opinions. With Chen Yi's understanding, someone supported the child, naturally suddenly enlightened, the key chess response was profound, and soon reversed the decline and won the victory.

Gu Shuiru breathed a sigh of relief and followed everyone to praise Chen Yi's chess skills. However, Chen Yi was quite self-aware, and he said happily, "That's not my cleverness, it's my staff officer's cleverness." If I, the commander, did not have a staff officer, I would have wrestled in front of this child. After saying that, he lovingly touched Chen Zude's head, couldn't help but sigh that "the future life is terrible", and also put forward expectations for Chen Zude - to surpass the old predecessors as soon as possible.

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

During the meal, Chen Yi shouted at Chen Zude: "Little brother, come here and sit next to me." ”

Chen Zude timidly sat next to Chen Yi, and after that, he ate with Chen Yi many times, all sitting next to him, no longer nervous, but equally happy.

In the process of eating, Chen Yi said that Go was invented in China, but now it is far behind Japan, which is really sorry for the ancestors. Then, he asked the veterans to work hard to cultivate young people. As he spoke, Chen Yi once again said to Chen Zude that he should learn the skills of the old predecessors well and surpass them.

Chen Zude kept Chen Yi's teachings in mind and studied chess assiduously. Later, in the game between the two, Chen Zude gradually gained the upper hand. But as he grew older, he also began to think more about people, and in order to make Chen Yi more experience the joy of playing chess, he learned to "keep a hand". At this time, Chen Yi, who knows well, will come to a sentence of "you let me", and sometimes he will continue to say: "You are not polite to me, I am happy to see you progress." ”

Later, Chen Yi was transferred from Shanghai to the central government, and before leaving, he said to a cadre of chess players: "I have always been a Go lover and a supporter. I caught Go in Shanghai, and when I got to the central government, I still had to catch it. I'm going to try to communicate with Japanese Go, and then it's up to you to show your skills. In addition, he also specially encouraged Chen Zude: "In the future, it will belong to young people like you." ”

Chen Zudlik Suganai Masao, breaking the myth of Japan's nine-dan invincibility

In 1959, the fifteen-year-old Chen Zude won the Shanghai Autumn Go Championship, although the winning process was full of twists and turns - due to lack of experience and excessive tension, Chen Zude unexpectedly came to a "self-filling" in the first game, and gave away the victory in hand - but Chen Zude's chess skills still achieved a qualitative leap, thinking about Chen Yi's expectations, he had the determination to catch up with Japan.

In 1960, Chen Yi and Kenzo Matsumura, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, jointly facilitated the visit of the Japanese Go delegation. This is an ice-breaking work in the history of Sino-Japanese Go exchanges, the Japanese side sent masters to the battle, and Chen Zude, as the youngest chess player, gained valuable exchange opportunities. In the matchup with Sakata Eiko 9-dan, Chen Zude started with a fierce attack, making the other party say "difficult". It's just that Sakata Eiko has deep skills after all, and Chen Zude went all out, but he still lost the battle. However, although this battle can be said to be defeated, Gu Shui praised everyone: "Zude can make Bantian cry bitterly, it is really not easy." ”

After continuous exchanges and learning with Chinese and Japanese masters, Chen Zude already had the strength to win the championship in the first national Go tournament that year. Unfortunately, due to his youth, he made some mistakes that he should not have made, and he lost the championship and ranked third. At the closing ceremony, Chen Yi specially came to present the award to the chess player, and when presenting the award to Chen Zude, Chen Yi happily put on the bronze medal for him while saying: "It is very good to get the third place!" Usually, Chen Zude was always excited to hear Chen Yi's praise, but this time, because he was annoyed by his personal mistakes, he was ashamed and embarrassed, and he was really unhappy.

A few months later, the Chinese and Japanese chess players started the war again, and the Chinese team suffered consecutive defeats. In the fierce battle, Chen Yi came, and because of repeated losses, Chen Zude saw Chen Yi and really couldn't lift his head. However, Chen Yi did not mind, and while beckoning Chen Zude and his opponent to review the review, he encouraged again: "Study well." At the same time, he also said that Premier Zhou was also going to come over, but there was a temporary important meeting, so he had to cancel the trip. Chen Zude clenched his fists and secretly vowed that in the future, when Premier Zhou came to watch the battle, he would definitely go down to the next level and get good results.

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

Just as the so-called mourning soldiers must win, in the next two games, Chen Zude won the opponent with a single blow, which was a part of the shame. But another shame is fiercely engraved in the hearts of all Chinese chess players: a five-dan female chess player in Japan actually swept away the leaves with the autumn wind, and cut the Chinese famous generals one by one, achieving a record of eight victories. This greatly stimulated Chen Zude, who once again vowed to defeat Japan and live up to Chen Yi's high hopes.

Chen Zude did it soon after.

In 1963, Chen Zude won a complete victory in the battle with the Japanese Legion, especially his defeat of the Japanese "chess immortal" Sugiuchi Masao, which broke the myth of japan's nine-dan invincibility. In this battle, Chen Zude sat on the top stage, and during the standoff, he found that Masao Sugine, who had always had excellent psychological qualities, actually made a muttering sound because of nervousness. The two sides fought hard for a long time, and finally it was time to read the seconds. Usually, Chinese chess players lack the experience of reading seconds and are prone to errors in ticks, but in this game, Chen Zude is surprisingly calm, only to see him step by step, firmly grasping the slight advantage. However, The psychological pressure of Masao Sugine is too great, and he even has a soft hand in the reading of seconds.

After the last son, Chen Zude was convinced that he had achieved the advantage of one purpose, so he leaned back comfortably on the chair, exhaled a breath easily, and sighed softly: "One eye." No, this faint voice was heard by a Japanese reporter, and later he published an exclamation in the newspaper: Chen Zude can actually see the result accurately when reading the seconds! On the other side of the board, Masao Suganai stared at the board for a long time, counting again, and finally softly spit out three words: "I lost." ”

The game lasted for ten hours, and Chen Zude made history in exhaustion. Through media reports such as People's Daily, Chen Zude quickly became an idol-level figure like Lei Feng and Wang Jinxi.

That night, the Japanese Go community awarded Chen Yi a certificate of honorary seven dan. It is the first time that such an honor has been awarded to a foreign person in the Japanese chess world.

In this Sino-Japanese hegemony, Chen Zude and his opponent Wu Songsheng achieved outstanding results, and were called the "Chen Wu Era" by the Japanese chess world. However, in fact, due to the huge disparity in the strength of Sino-Japanese Go, this is a set of first-hand games. To really get close to Japan, there is still a long way to go.

Chen Yi was clearly aware of this gap, and in 1965, before the Japanese delegation visited, he decided not to accept Japan's concessions, but to compete first. He said: "We have to fight for a breath, even if we can't win first, it doesn't matter, we will win next time." The next time you can't win, the next time you win. Chess can be lost, qi can not be lost! It was also in this year that Chen Zude defeated another Japanese Kudan Iwata Tatsuaki, but Chen Yi's wish was fulfilled.

Of course, the generous Chen Yi also had dissatisfaction with Chen Zude. In a game, Chen Zude and the Japanese coach began the second set of the competition, the previous set, Chen Zude won, this round, is even more smooth, all the way to the lead. Just when the opponent's chess posture was poor and the time was tight, Chen Yi came to the arena, heard that Chen Zude's situation was very good, and could not help but be elated, saying that he would feast on the crowd after the game. Unexpectedly, Chen Zude blindly rushed to kill, and was ambushed, so that the cooked duck flew away.

Chen Zude was stunned, and what was even more fatal was that Chen Yi saw that the winning chess pieces had been lost, and he was very disappointed and left the scene without a word. Since Chen Zude played chess, whether he wins or loses, Chen Yi is an active encourager and supporter. But this time, Chen Yi's disappointment made Chen Zude feel guilty. Later, Chen Yi said to him: "The game is not a joke, it is related to the honor of the country." ” 

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

The "soldier's" thoughts of the marshal

Chen Yi continues to support the cause of Go, and will come to visit everyone every Spring Festival or during the competition. The table tennis player won the world championship, and Chen Yi immediately came to the Go team to encourage everyone to win the world championship as soon as possible. The atomic bomb exploded successfully, Chen Yi proudly said that this was the "nine-dan level", and asked with concern: "When will you reach the nine-dan level?" ”

However, the "Cultural Revolution" arrived, the big character newspapers were everywhere, the Go movement was suspended, entertainment venues hung "no chess" signs, and the only Go publication, "Weiqi", was suspended, which hit the Chinese chess world in the ascending stage. Chen Zude fell into pain, and he could not understand it, so he desperately wrote a large-character newspaper that read, "We must grasp the revolution and promote production." However, as soon as his "works" were posted, they attracted countless attacks and insults.

Fortunately, Chen Yi is still in his post, and with his efforts, the Japanese delegation visited as scheduled.

The battle curtain opened, facing the strong Japanese jiudan, Chen Zude, who had not played chess for several months, saw that Chen Yi was not so down-to-earth.

Fortunately, Chen Yi came. Despite the tense battle situation, Chen Zude still heard Chen Yi say to his Japanese friends: "Go exchanges can deepen the friendship between the Chinese and Japanese peoples, and although we are now engaged in the 'Cultural Revolution', we are still conducting Go exchanges, and after the 'Cultural Revolution' we will still have Go exchanges!" ”

Due to his busy schedule, Chen Yi stayed for only an hour before leaving the arena. Before leaving, he also nodded to Chen Zude. However, no one could have imagined that this would be the last time the two would meet.

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

Soon, Chen Yi was criticized, and one of the "crimes" turned out to be "advocating Go". Chen Zude saw a photo of Chen Yi bowing his head and accepting criticism, and felt extreme pain and indignation. Subsequently, the game of Go was abolished.

In 1971, Chen Zude's lover Zheng Minzhi was admitted to the 301 Hospital due to illness, and Chen Zude learned that Chen Yi was also in this hospital when he visited her. However, Chen Yi lived in the General Building, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter it. Chen Zude looked at the General Building in a daze, thinking deeply of Chen Yi, but he could not take a step forward. One evening, a nurse specially informed Chen Zude that Chen Yi walked out of the General Building and went for a walk. Chen Zude was overjoyed, pulled his lover, and searched around in the huge hospital, and when he saw the figure wearing a woolen coat, he chased after him. However, until the night was quiet, Chen Zude, who encountered disappointment again and again, did not find his respected Boss Chen in the end.

Chen Zude remembered a scene many years ago: a Japanese friend pointed at Chen Zude and the others and said, "They are your troops." Chen Yi listened and laughed. He had always admired Chen Yi, and he thought that it was a happy thing to be able to become a soldier under Chen Yi.

On the morning of January 9, 1972, Chen Zude, who was working, received a notice that Chen Yi had passed away, and asked him to rush to the 301 Hospital before 12 o'clock to bid farewell to Chen Yi's body. In the past few days, Chen Yi's wife Zhang Qian and Liao Chengzhi have been looking for Chen Zude.

Look at the time, it is almost 11 o'clock, Chen Zude quickly rushed out of the factory door, into the bus, because of the hurry, even forgot to bring money, had to continue to compensate the conductor. When Chen Zude and the others arrived at the scene, they were already late, and everyone was waiting for them. Chen Zude looked at Chen Yi in his "sleep", his hair was white, his body was thin, he couldn't help but feel sad from it, thinking of not seeing each other again, he looked at it again and again...

The next day, the memorial service was held at the Babaoshan Cemetery, and the small auditorium was crowded with people, and such a space and scale added a little sadness. Fortunately, Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou both came, and Premier Zhou recited the eulogy with sorrow...

On the way back, Chen Zude couldn't take much care of it, and he burst into tears in front of everyone. He was a strong man, and when his father died and he was seriously ill in bed, he did not shed a single tear...

Many friendly people in Japan remember Chen Yi. On September 29, 1972, the Japanese Chess Academy posthumously awarded him the honorary eight dan, and when Chen Zude received the certificate on behalf of Chen Yi, he had mixed feelings.

Although Chen Yi has passed away, his influence still exists. When the Gang of Four attempted to revoke Go again, Chen Zude wrote a letter to Deng Xiaoping. The letter was written, but it could not be sent. Later, Zheng Minzhi suggested that he could send a letter through Chen Yi's son. Sure enough, Deng Xiaoping gave instructions immediately after receiving the letter, and the Go movement was retained.

Later, Chen Zude successively suffered from stomach cancer, hepatitis, and pancreatic cancer, and faded out of the line in his youth, but he still created the Go grading system as a Go worker, which contributed to the international event "Chunlan Cup". During his illness, Chen Zude, who has always loved to read celebrity biographies, wrote his autobiography "Beyond Himself" at a rate of 500 words a day, which became a masterpiece that inspired a generation, and won the People's Literature Award in 1994 together with Wang Meng, Zhang Wei, Zong Pu and other literary giants.

On November 1, 2012, Chen Zude died of illness at the age of 68. If you can meet Chen Yi in heaven, I believe that they will not only talk about Go, but also talk about literature, talk about struggle, talk about life... 

Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi
Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi
Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi
Chen Zude: Yilin fierce general under Chen Yi

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