Ma Yili officially announced!

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Ma Yili, the star of the popular TV series "My Altay", was awarded the title of "Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Publicity Ambassador".

On May 29, the official public account of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism released the news.

Ma Yili officially announced!

Ma Yili said that she is very happy to be the ambassador of Xinjiang cultural tourism, because a film and television work makes everyone pay attention to Xinjiang, which is not only an affirmation of herself and her works, but also has a positive significance for the development of Xinjiang's tourism. Although she is not a professional tourism promotion talent, she believes that Xinjiang's tourism will have a very positive future when she sees that there are many professionals helping Xinjiang develop cultural tourism at this conference.

Ma Yili's studio also posted a photo on social platforms, with the text: "Ma Yili, as the ambassador of Xinjiang cultural tourism, once again stepped into this hot and beautiful land, saying that I haven't seen you for a long time, beautiful Xinjiang." ”

Ma Yili officially announced!

Recalling the filming experience in Xinjiang, Ma Yili said, "The two months in Altay are like a beautiful dream, and no equipment can record the beauty there, because its beauty is combined with the air, breathing, humidity, local grass, cattle, sheep, horses, and people, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to dream away from the hustle and bustle." ”

Ma Yili, who is the ambassador of Xinjiang's cultural tourism, said: "No matter when you come to Xinjiang, it's never too late, because Xinjiang will change differently every moment. ”

For friends who plan to travel to Xinjiang, Ma Yili also suggested, "Because Xinjiang is so rich in landforms, each region has completely different characteristics, and I think every place is worth visiting." But I also hope that visitors can protect and respect this piece of land. Xinjiang is very pure in my mind, and I hope that we can protect the living environment of the local people and respect their customs and habits, which should be the best experience. ”

Regarding the public's question about whether she was bitter when filming "My Altay", Ma Yili also responded on Weibo recently.

Ma Yili officially announced!

The underlined part of the page posted by Ma Yili reads:

"Invest in what you like from the bottom of your heart, others may think you are very hard, but the person concerned does not feel this way at all, right? I think that's what you do. ”

Ma Yili officially announced!

(According to the Morning News)

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