A good family style is the real real estate of a family

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The tree is a thousand feet tall and has roots at its feet.

People travel thousands of miles, and their roots are in the family.

No matter how good you are, if you don't have a decent home, it's like duckweed without roots, and you can't withstand the stormy waves after all.

Everyone wants to be on the cusp of the storm and become a high-tech man, as long as the family is stable, anything is possible.

Promoting a good family style is hundreds of times better than having a lot of money and a few sets of houses.

A good family style is the real real estate of a family


A good family style is "kind words".

Ma Zhou, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, had no parents when he was young and was still poor.

He went to the capital to seek development and lived in the house of the widow Wang Yuan.

"There are many rights and wrongs in front of the widow's door", and soon there was gossip, and Wang Yuan heard it, but she didn't take it seriously and didn't refute it.

After a busy day and a break, Wang Yuan said to Ma Zhou: "Mr. has a great future, and he chooses to live in colleges and universities in order to make progress; If you don't bury your talents here, it's a pity. She also encouraged Ma Zhou to continue to study hard and make a name for himself.

Later, Ma Zhou was appreciated by Tang Taizong and decisively married Wang Yuan, leaving a good story.

Many families lack nothing, but they lack "good talk".

Nagging, blaming, arguing, drunkenness, etc., are all manifestations of not being able to speak, which will bring a lot of unpleasant factors.

"Zengguang Xianwen" said: "Don't scold your wife, and be lonely overnight." ”

The man got angry at work, came home, scolded his wife, and couldn't reconcile all night. And maybe it brought an overnight feud.

Adults make money so hard, so they blame their children for spending too much, and their children don't know what to do, so they can only be wronged. As a result, there are invisible scars in the hearts of children.

It's all a family, what can't you say? Just pay attention to the way and time of speaking, and never be angry and provoke conflicts.

But with a deliberative tone, communication will be effective. Even if we can't agree with each other, we will find a way to accommodate.


A good family style is "good deeds".

In the house of goodness, there will be afterglow; If you don't accumulate goodness, there will be aftermath. This sentence, everyone knows, catchy.

However, has the family really accumulated "kindness"? Not necessarily, I'm afraid

For a family to become better, it is necessary to do good deeds together and reflect happiness in action.

Feng Menglong, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, wrote about a man named Lu Da. The domestic servant accidentally lost Lu Da's son in the market.

Lu Da did not blame the domestic servant fiercely, but began to go out to do business from then on, asking everywhere about his son's whereabouts.

After leaving his hometown for many years, Lu Da did not hear about his son's whereabouts, but he accumulated a large sum of money.

On the way, he saw a bag of silver, and waited for its owner.

When the owner came, he naturally became friends with him and invited him to his home.

When Lu Da went to the owner's house as a guest, he was surprised to find that his son was at the owner's house. It turned out that the owner took in a child of Liu Lang many years ago.

On the way home, Lu Da saw that a boat was overturned by the waves, so he gave the boatman on the dock twenty taels of silver and asked the boatman to salvage the guests who had fallen into the water. Later, he found out that his younger brother Lu San was also one of the guests who fell into the water.

Good deeds will bring a series of good luck. If you do good deeds in your whole life and as a family, you can set a good example, be praised by the people around you, and get more help.

In the family, treating each other well forms a pattern of brothers and sisters helping each other.

Today you help me, tomorrow I help you, you can get through the difficulties, but also form a huge synergy. If you work hard in one place, there is no reason not to succeed.

A good family style is the real real estate of a family


A good family style is "good money".

Anyone who has seen the allusion to "Le Yang's wife" knows that Le Yang picked up the gold, but his wife was very angry.

Be a man, don't eat what you come to eat, and don't leave the road behind.

Le Yang listened to his wife's words, threw away the gold, and then went to study, and finally succeeded.

Yuan Lifan, a thinker in the Ming Dynasty, lost his father when he was a child. The brothers and their mother depended on each other for their lives, and life was very hard.

The neighbor's jujube tree, the branches and leaves stretched to Yuan's house. The dates are red, and you can sell them for money when you pick them up.

The mother asked the Yuan brothers to pick up the dates and send them to the neighbor's house. Nothing.

People are poor, but they are righteous. The brothers of the Yuan family are all promising. Yuan Lifan became an official, his brother became a doctor, and the family gradually became rich.

For any family to prosper, it is inseparable from money. But how to make money, we must think, don't come from unknown money, you can't rob it.

Look at He Shen, who became a big official, and also got the love of Emperor Qianlong. But he is very greedy, and he has to take the money that anyone sends.

His house was full of gold and silver treasures, but in the end, his house was raided and his people were gone.

An educator once said it well: "First of all, the noblest thoughts, and secondly, money; A family with money and no noblest thoughts will collapse. ”

Take the right path, make money, have the right way to spend money, no matter how poor the family is, there is more than enough every year, and the confidence is full, how can you not be rich?


A good family style is "good fate".

As the saying goes: "Men are afraid of entering the wrong business, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man." ”

Marriage, work, etc., will bring fate. If we don't make good friends and love and cooperate with bad people, we will be affected and even lead to the failure of the family.

Look at Ximenqing, he has a family, and he also provoked Pan Jinlian and other married women.

Although Ximen Qing was local, rich and powerful, he finally got retribution. Was subdued by Wu Song.

Witnessed an old saying: "I don't commit adultery with women, who dares to play with my wife?" ”

If you provoke abnormal love, then your lover will also be bullied. As men, wives and daughters will not be at peace.

As a middle-aged person, stay away from third parties and don't mix with villains; As an old man, he does not deal with unscrupulous merchants and does not trust scammers; As a child, don't mix with gangsters. Consciously recognize the good people and the villains, and the pro-gentleman, is to escort the family.

A good family style is the real real estate of a family


"Qian's Family Motto" wrote: "Although the descendants are stupid, poetry and books must be read, diligence and thrift, loyalty and heirlooms, can last for a long time." ”

Most of the families are ordinary families, with no background and no much money. But we can be positive, and by reading books, we can improve our cognition; Increase your savings by changing your lifestyle habits.

With a good family style, the family business will slowly grow, at least not backwards.

A prosperous family is the foundation of life and the foundation of life.

Even if you live in a bad alley, you have to love your family.

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