61. Zhuangzi's good friend Hui Shi has a very high practical level

author:A collection of traditional Chinese culture

Zhuangzi's good friend Hui Shi actually has a very high level

Hui Shi is multi-faceted, his book is five cars, his road is refuted, and his words are not true.

The meaning of the calendar is to say: "The greatest is the greatest, and it is called the great one; To the small without the inside, it is called the small one.

No thickness, no accumulation, its thousands of miles.

The sky and the earth are inferior, the mountains and the Zeping.

The Japanese side is watching, and the material side is alive and dead.

The great similarity and the small similarity and difference are called 'small similarities and differences'; all things are the same and all are different, this is called 'great similarities and differences'.

The South is infinite and poor.

Today is the past.

The chain can be solved.

I know the center of the sky, the north of the swallow, and the south of the Yue. Pan love all things, heaven and earth are one. ”

Hui Shi is great about this, and he looks at the world and knows the debate,

The debaters of the world are happy with each other.

The eggs are hairy. Chickens have three legs. Ying's world. Dogs can be sheep. Horses have eggs. Dingzi has a tail. The fire is not hot. Mountain exit. The wheel does not jump on the ground. Out of sight. It doesn't mean it, it doesn't stop. Turtles are longer than snakes. If the moment is not square, the rule can not be a circle. Chisel does not enclose the sheath. The scenery of the birds has not been touched. There is a time when it will not work and it will not stop. Dogs are not dogs. Yellow Horse Li Niu Three. White dog black. The lone foal did not have a mother. One foot of air, half of it is taken in a day, and it is inexhaustible for eternity.

The debater corresponds to the benevolence in this way, and the life is endless.

Huan Tuan, Gongsun Long, the disciples of the debater, decorate the heart of people, change people's will, can win people's mouths, can not convince people's hearts, and debaters are also restrained.

Hui Shiri argues with his knowledge, and it is strange to argue with the world, and this is also true.

However, Hui Shi's mouth talked, thinking that he was the most virtuous, and said: "Heaven and earth are strong, and Shi is strong but not skilled." ”

In the south, there are people who rely on people, and they say that they are yellow, and they ask heaven and earth so they do not fall or fall, because of the wind and rain and thunder.

Hui Shi responds without resignation, does not worry about it, and says all things. Talking endlessly, many and endlessly, still thinking that it is a few, benefiting from strange, anti-people is real, and wanting to win people in the name is to be uncomfortable with the public.

Weaker than morality, stronger than things, its smudge. From the way of heaven and earth to view the ability to give, it is like a mosquito and a fly. It's not a matter of things! The husband can still be said to be healed, and you have a few ways!

Hui Shi cannot be at peace with this, scattered in all things without getting tired, and died in the name of good argument.

What a pity! The talent of benevolence, sloppy and uncontrollable, chasing all things without reversing, is poor with sound, shape and shadow race also, sad husband!


Hui Shi wrote as many as five cars, but his doctrine was mischievous, and his speech was biased and inappropriate. He observed and analyzed the catechesis of things, saying: "What is so big that it has no periphery to speak of, and it is called the 'big one,' and what is so small that it has no place to contain it, and it is called the 'small one.'"

Without a plane of thickness, it is impossible to accumulate into volume, but it can be infinitely extended to the point of far, far away.

From the perspective of the entire universe, the heavens and the earth are low, and the mountains and lakes are flat.

As soon as the sun is in the center, it begins to deflect at the same time, and the creation of various objects means death at the same time.

All things have the same commonality and the difference in the common point of the species, which is called 'small similarity', and the difference between the characteristics of all things that are exactly the same and the characteristics of individual things is called 'great similarity'.

The south can be endless, but the south can also have an end, and going to Yue today can be said to be coming to Yue yesterday.

The chain is incomprehensible, but it can be said that it is being solved all the time. I know that the center of the world can be said to be in the north of the Yan country, or it can be said to be in the south of the Yue country.

Loving all kinds of things extensively, because heaven and earth are inherently undifferentiated wholes. ”

Hui Shi thinks that the above view is the most broad, and all those who like to argue everywhere talk about each other talk about it:

It can be said that there is hair in the egg;

The chicken's feet can count three;

There is a world in Yingdu;

Dogs can also be named sheep,

Horses can be said to be oviparous;

The shrimp toad can be said to have a long tail;

There is no sense of heat in the fire itself;

The echoes in the mountains prove that the mountains also give birth to mouths;

The wheels never hit the ground;

The eyes can also be said to lack the ability to see;

Identifying external objects can never reach the reality of things, and even if they do, they will be endless;

A turtle may be longer than a snake;

The ruler can't draw a square,

Compasses cannot be used to draw circles;

The specific mortise and tenon will not fit perfectly;

The figure of the bird can also be said to have never moved;

The arrows that fly away have stayed,

There are moments that never stop;

A puppy can not be a dog;

The titles of yellow horse and black bull can be counted to three; A white dog can also be called a black dog;

Called a solitary foal, it should be said that it never had a mother; A one-foot-long stick is cut off in half every day, and it can't be cut off for 10,000 years.

People who like to argue use the above propositions to debate with Hui Shi endlessly throughout their lives.

Huan Tuan, Gongsun Long, and others who are good at argumentation can blind people's minds, change people's minds, and can block other people's mouths, but they cannot convince people's hearts, and this is the limitation of debaters.

Hui Shi used his mind to argue with others every day, and he alone produced so many strange arguments with the debaters of the world, and the above is the general situation of their arguments.

However, Hui Shi's mouth always went on and on, and he thought he was the most talented, saying: "Heaven and earth are great! "He really has the ambition to overpower others, but he doesn't really know the arts.

There was a strange man named Huang Yu in the south, who asked him why the sky did not fall, why the earth did not collapse, and asked the reason for the formation of wind, rain and thunder.

Hui Shi did not respond at all modestly, but replied without thinking, expounding extensively on the laws and principles of things, talking endlessly, talking too little, and adding many strange things.

He violated the truth of man at every turn, but he was bent on gaining superhuman fame, so he was always out of place with everyone.

His inner cultivation is very weak, but his desire to chase external things is very strong, and the path he takes is really crooked and narrow.

Using the Dao technique of yin and yang to construct and nurture all things to examine Hui Shi's ability is just like a gnat buzzing in vain.

What use does his words have for all things! However, a certain part of the matter can still be said to be very prominent, and if you can respect the Tao, it will be close to the Tao!

Hui Shi could not settle down in this area and put some effort into it, distracting himself from external things and never knowing fatigue, and in the end he only got the reputation of being a good argument.

What a pity! Hui Shi's talent, debauchery and unruly, galloping away from external objects without knowing how to return to the truth, this is like using sound to contain the echo, and like running desperately to get the body out of the shadow, it is really sad!

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