One night "fire"! Corn completely "reversed"? Attached: Corn prices on May 19

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Time is the best medicine to erase pain!

After entering the Spring Festival, due to the increase in grain reserves in the Northeast and the acceleration of the pace of grain sales at the grassroots level, corn took the lead in entering the stage of bottoming, but the market is nothing more......

One night "fire"! Corn completely "reversed"? Attached: Corn prices on May 19

In North China, until the beginning of May, as the progress of grassroots grain sales reached 90%, the corn market entered a cyclical "inflection point", the performance of production and marketing price inversion has gradually eased, and Shandong has also ushered in a "small spring", and the average price has risen by 106 yuan/ton in the month!

However, corn rose overnight "down the fire", Shandong for two consecutive days, deep processing enterprises in front of the arrival of more than 1,100 cars of grain, corn staged a "Waterloo", the price showed a wide range of downward trend, then, this corn price "from the rise into the fall", the market to completely "reverse"?

Personally, I believe that the corn market is showing a trend of "volume increase and price fall", mainly due to changes in market sentiment, and the purchase and sales pattern has also seen a phased reversal!

On the one hand, Shandong corn continued to rise in the month, and the ability of the main body of grain to undertake high-priced grain sources weakened, in particular, at this stage, the downstream products of enterprises are not good, the operating rate of deep processing enterprises has been lowered, and the level of corn consumption has been declining, and the factory grain inventory is relatively safe, and the market has not appeared obvious "lack of grain".

One night "fire"! Corn completely "reversed"? Attached: Corn prices on May 19

On the other hand, the grassroots corn is reduced, the channel inventory is high, with the rise in corn prices, the inverted pressure on the price of corn in the channel inventory is reduced, due to the new wheat in North China and the Huanghuai region is only less than half a month on the market, the phenomenon of grain traders to vacate the warehouse has increased, which also increases the supply of grain sources in stages!

Therefore, under many factors, subject to the phased channel subscription, the demand follow-up is cautious, and the spot corn quotation shows a slight downward trend! However, I personally believe that the price drop of corn is difficult to sustain, and the market trend will still be dominated by shocks.

On the one hand, the supply of spot corn is decreasing month by month, and there is pressure on the long-term supply gap of corn, and the voice of traders is gradually increasing with the reduction of surplus grain, and the corn market is still expected to rise!

On the other hand, the price of corn in the outer disk, the domestic restriction on the import of corn into the bonded area, the cost of imported corn has risen, and the scale of imports may drop sharply, which will also drive the enthusiasm of domestic corn purchase and sales, and have strong support for the market!

One night "fire"! Corn completely "reversed"? Attached: Corn prices on May 19

Therefore, based on many factors in the market, from a rational point of view, the short-term market may maintain a volatile situation, but in the long run, the corn market is still in a strong trend!

Judging from the latest data feedback, on May 19, the listed price of corn in deep processing enterprises was updated, and spot corn showed a stable and weak trend, and the specific market is as follows:

Northeast market: The price of COFCO Zhongfu corn in Jinzhou Port rose 0.5 cents, and the price rose to 1.205 yuan / catty. In Heijiliao and Inner Mongolia and other places, the average price of mainstream deep processing is 1.111 yuan / catty, and the listed price of enterprises is maintained at 1.046 ~ 1.205 yuan, and the spot price is stable!

One night "fire"! Corn completely "reversed"? Attached: Corn prices on May 19

Shandong market: Zou Cheng Xilai fell 1 point / catty, Baofeng Biology fell 1 point, Zaozhuang Hengren fell 0.5 points, Rizhao Jinhe Boyuan fell 1 point, Seven Star Lemon fell 0.3 points, Shandong Luzhou fell 0.5 points, Yishui Qingyuan fell 0.5 points, Jianbao Biotechnology fell 0.5 points, Dongping Xiangrui fell 1 point, Yishui Dadi fell 0.4 points, the average price of Shandong corn was 1.161 yuan / jin, and the local deep processing quotation was generally maintained at 1.13 ~ 1.255 yuan / jin!

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