Corn emerges, turns red and purple, why? Do you want to reduce production? Do these things this year, and solve them easily

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Corn is an important food crop and feed raw material on the mainland, and is the driving force of regional economic development.

In recent years, the planting area of maize in mainland China has grown steadily, the planting management process has become more efficient and scientific, and the overall performance of yield and quality is optimistic.

Although the cultivation of maize is developing rapidly, there are still a series of problems such as improper cultivation practices, pest control and wrong management methods.

Especially the physiological diseases at the seedling stage, the problem of red seedlings and purple seedlings is particularly serious, which has become an important factor restricting the rapid development of the domestic corn planting industry.

Therefore, if you want to have a high yield of corn, you must avoid such problems, grasp the characteristics of red and purple seedlings, the causes of diseases and control measures, and improve the probability of high yield and high quality.

Corn emerges, turns red and purple, why? Do you want to reduce production? Do these things this year, and solve them easily

Disease symptoms

The seedling stage is the seed germination to the seedling stage, and then to the jointing stage, which is the vegetative growth stage of corn plants.

Time of illness. Corn emergence to three or four leaf stage, is the concentrated appearance of the disease, red and purple seedlings can be maintained for 20 days, with the increase of temperature, part of the green can be restored, restore the growth, but the growth of the plant is weak.

Characteristics of the disease. At first, the end edge of the third leaf of the stem of the seedling is red, and then gradually expands to the whole leaf, and the situation will affect the lower part and new leaves.

In the process, without effective countermeasures, the redness and purple problem cannot be controlled, and the base of the stem will also be reddish-purple, which will cause the quality of the root system.

Illness hazards. If the leaf color is normal, it can carry out photosynthesis, carry out the synthesis and transportation of nutrients, and promote the healthy and strong growth of seedlings.

When the leaves become reddish-purple, photosynthesis will be weakened, the conversion and transport efficiency of nutrients will be weakened, the stems and leaves will be narrow, the stalks will be empty, and the plant will be weak until the plant completely loses its vitality.

Corn emerges, turns red and purple, why? Do you want to reduce production? Do these things this year, and solve them easily

Cause of the condition

The appearance of red and purple seedlings at the maize seedling stage is mainly caused by soil deficiency, unsuitable sowing date, wrong water and fertilizer management, and prominent pests and pests.

Phosphorus is missing. At the seedling stage, the plant does not have high requirements for the total amount of fertilizer, and the amount of fertilizer only accounts for one percent of the whole growth cycle, although the amount of fertilizer is not high, but it cannot be missing.

The lack of phosphorus in the soil in the field made the supply unable to meet the needs of plant growth, the development of the root system was slow, and the leaves lost green and turned red and purple.

Sowing too early. Grassroots producers lack basic knowledge of corn sowing, and only pursue early sowing, mistakenly believing that early sowing can promote higher yields.

In fact, sowing too early and low temperature limit the development process of the plant, and the temperature is too low, which also restricts the absorption and utilization of nutrients by corn plants, reduces chlorophyll and increases anthocyanins.

Improper management of water and fertilizer. In the process of soil selection, the low-lying fields were not avoided, and the drainage channel was not smooth in the case of continuous rainfall, and the rainwater was retained in the field, and the root respiration was weakened.

When fertilizing, the fertilizer should keep a distance from the roots of the plant, and when the distance is too close, the dehydration of the roots is serious, commonly known as burning the roots, and then causing red seedlings.

Pests and pests are prominent. The seedling stage is the peak period of the infestation of weeds and pests. During the use of herbicides, the herbicides were not sprayed correctly at the right time and in accordance with the regulations, resulting in pesticide damage to the root system of seedlings.

At the same time, pests indiscriminately plague the field, gnaw on the root system of seedlings, weaken their ability to absorb water and fertilizer, reduce their ability to resist stress, and make plants weaker.

Normally, most of the red and purple seedlings in plants are caused by phosphorus deficiency, but it is not absolute, because anthocyanins increase with the increase of sugars in plants, which should be judged according to the planting situation.

However, if the leaves are damaged, the accumulation process of sugars will be hindered, and the sugars will be retained in the leaves, and they will show a red-purple shape.

Corn emerges, turns red and purple, why? Do you want to reduce production? Do these things this year, and solve them easily

Prevention and control measures

In the process of daily field inspection, see the corn seedlings turn red and purple, it is necessary to take timely measures to prevent and control, the later the measures are taken, the more limited the effect can be played, the greater the harm, and scientific and reasonable measures should be implemented according to the actual situation.

Choose the right time. The sowing time of corn is early, and the low temperature stress environment will cause the plant to appear red and purple seedlings, and the sowing time is late, and the plant will encounter the threat of high temperature and drought.

The reasonable sowing time is around the Qingming Festival, the temperature gradually rises, which can ensure that the seedlings get a safe and comfortable growth environment, and also cover the plastic film to achieve the effect of moisture preservation and warming.

Scientific selection and selection. In the process of selecting maize varieties, it is necessary to select high-quality and high-yielding varieties with strong adaptability, excellent stress resistance, and suitable for the local natural environment.

The planting soil should avoid low-lying plots, build an irrigation and drainage system, and if there is continuous rainfall, it should be checked in time to drain the rainwater accumulated in the field.

Appropriate amount of phosphorus supplementation. The content of soil elements in different fields is different, and it is necessary to make full use of base fertilizer and top dressing to supplement the phosphorus content of the soil to ensure that the supply of phosphorus is sufficient.

The base fertilizer should be appropriately added with an effective phosphorus content of ≥12% superphosphate, and the red and purple seedlings have appeared, so potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be applied to supplement the phosphorus elements needed for plant growth.

Standardize the selection and use of drugs. Whether it is disease prevention and control, or the control of insect pests and weeds, we must choose the right agent for the symptoms, and do not blindly follow the trend of medicine.

In the process of spraying pesticides, the concentration and dosage of pesticides should be adjusted according to the actual situation and within the safe range, so as to avoid pesticide damage due to wrong medication and threaten the growth of plants.

Therefore, in the face of the problem of red and purple seedlings at the seedling stage of corn, don't panic too much, and take active measures to deal with it, fully tap the potential of fried cold powder, and promote quality improvement.

Corn emerges, turns red and purple, why? Do you want to reduce production? Do these things this year, and solve them easily

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