He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

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If you go to Liangshan, you are a hero, but how to understand the word "hero"? Naturally, it can't be equated with "good people", at least the heroes on Liangshan are by no means pure good people.

In fact, this can be seen from the plot of the second chapter of the original book, when Taiwei Hong mistakenly walked away from the demons, he mentioned this sentence in the book: "There are thirty-six Tiangang stars and seventy-two earth-shattering stars in this palace, and a total of one hundred and eight demon lords are inside." The stone tablet is erected, and the dragon chapter and phoenix seal are chiseled, and the town lives here. If you let him be born, you will be troubled by the creatures below. Now that the captain has let him go, how can he live! He will be troubled in the future. ”

He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

(Liangshan heroes stills)

The thirty-six Tiangang mentioned here correspond to the seventy-two earth demons who later became one hundred and eight generals of Liangshan.

It is precisely because of this that not only are there few good people on Liangshan, but there are many treacherous people, such as the person who bullies men and women mentioned in this article.

1. The little overlord who harmed the people's daughters

When it comes to the wicked people on Liangshan, most people may think of the "Black Whirlwind" Li Kui, as Song Jiang's right-hand man, he specializes in doing dirty work for Song Jiang, and he doesn't know how many innocent people he killed when he robbed the law field in Jiangzhou alone.

However, Li Kui is never close to women, and from the bright side, the most lustful people on Liangshan are the "little overlord" Zhou Tong and the "bantam tiger" Wang Ying.

He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

(Zhou Tong, Li Zhong stills)

Among them, Wang Ying wanted to marry Liu Gao's wife but didn't marry, and later married Hu Sanniang, so he settled down, although this guy is sexy, he is a little clumsy, and most of them have never succeeded.

And Zhou Tong was already the king of Peach Blossom Mountain before he defected to Liangshan, and he fell in love with the daughter of Mrs. Liu, so he had the heart to occupy that woman.

I don't know how many women Zhou Tong harmed before he met Mrs. Liu's daughter, but judging from the plot presented in the book, Zhou Tong can be regarded as "a thief has a way", after all, he still has the heart to take Mrs. Liu's daughter by marrying him, instead of directly taking the other party away.

He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

(Lu Zhishen, Zhou Tong stills)

However, this kind of forced marriage is enough to be excessive, so Lu Zhishen, who has always been unaccustomed to bullying men and women, naturally can't get used to him, so Lu Zhishen beat Zhou Tong in the cave room, and later under Li Zhong's mediation, the two sides shook hands and made peace.

So from the bright side, although Zhou Tong is bad, he only harmed the daughter of Taigong Liu, and the other "good man" doesn't know how many women he has harmed.

That person is the "golden-eyed biao" grace.

Second, the golden-eyed biao who bullies men and women

Which type of person is the most hateful in "Water Margin"? In fact, it can be seen from the experience of those heroes who have been officials and petty officials in the book that they are those who show off their power when they have some small power in their hands.

For example, Dai Zong, the "Shenxing Taibao", when he first met Song Jiang, he only thought that Song Jiang was a damn minion, so he did a routine and wanted to squeeze him, but he only said in the book: "That section level scolded: 'You dwarf black killer! Whose power do you rely on not to send me the usual money? Song Jiang said: "Human affection, human affection, in human willingness." How do you force people to get money, what a little look! When the people on both sides heard this, they sweated twice. The man was furious and shouted: 'The thief is with the army, and An dares to be so rude, and say that I am small! The one who carried the bag carried it on his back with me, and beat this fellow with a hundred sticks! ’”

You see, the world is so bad, isn't there just a lot of people like Dai Zong? And the grace is better than Dai Zong, at least Dai Zong is just asking for money, and the grace is both wealth.

When he met Wu Song, he told him frankly about his experience: "Outside the east gate of the younger brother's room, there is a market, and the place name is called Happy Forest; But merchants from Shandong and Hebei all came there to do business; There are 100 large inns and 30 or 20 gambling houses. In the past, the younger brother relied on his personal skills, and the other caught eighty or ninety prisoners in the camp who were struggling to die, and went there to open a wine and meat shop, and divided them among the shops and the gambling money exchange. But when a prostitute or a woman comes there, he must first come to see his younger brother, and then allow him to go and eat. There are many places to go, every day, there is spare money; At the end of the month, there are also three or two hundred taels of silver to find, so to make money. ”

To put it bluntly, Shi En relied on his identity as the son of the camp to be the head snake in Mengzhou, opened a black shop to bully customers, and even the Fengyue women who came here had to be allowed to enter with his consent, as for how he would treat those women, there is no need to explain.

Therefore, the contradiction between Shi En and Jiang Menshen can be described as "black eats black", he can't fight Jiang Menshen, just because the other party is more ruthless than him.

So do you think Wu Song should help such a ruffian bully?

He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

(Song Jiang, Wu Song stills)

Naturally, it shouldn't be, but Wu Song just helped.

Not for anything else, but because of this kindness he is not thin.

It is mentioned in the book that Wu Song was a prisoner at this time, and even if Shi En couldn't recapture the Happy Forest, he would not worry about getting by, but he was willing to help Wu Song and help Wu Song when he was in danger, and Wu Song was willing to die for him.

It is very clear in the book that Shi En does regard Wu Song as a brother.

For example, this description: "Shi En went out and went back to the camp to find a person who knew Ye Kongmu, and sent him a hundred taels of silver, just to make an urgent decision as soon as possible." It is said that Shi En arranged a lot of wine and food the next day, which were very complete, and came to Yangkang to lead the way, and went straight to the prison to see Wu Song, meet and deliver food. Two days later, Shi En prepared some more wine, food, and money, and Yang Kang led him into prison and talked to Wu Song. In and out of love, for several days, Shi En came to the prison three times. ”

For Shi Grace, he is going to use Wu Song's force, but for Wu Song, Shi En is saving his life, how can Wu Song not be grateful?

The next plot is that Wu Song drunkenly beats Jiang Menshen, and blood is splashed on the Mandarin Duck Tower.

3. Wu Song's friend of life and death

It stands to reason that after going to Liangshan, Wu Song and Shi En did not have much intersection, after all, Shi En's ability was limited, and Wu Song was Song Jiang's right-hand man, and they rarely fought together.

But when Wu Song heard the news of Shi En's death in battle, he still couldn't bear to cry.

He is the most yin person in Liangshan, and he has harmed more women than Zhou Tong, but Wu Song treats him as a friend of life and death

(Wu Song, Shi En stills)

You may have to ask Wu Song, why does he treat this kind of person as a friend of life and death?

In fact, most of the people who asked this question did not understand "Water Margin", this famous book has never praised these heroes of the green forest, Shi Nai'an just used the experience of these heroes of Liangshan to objectively show the various tragedies of that era.

Not to mention that Shi En is despicable, didn't Wu Song himself kill an innocent Taoist boy, in order to survive, which "hero" in the book dares to say that he is clean, and it is not surprising that Wu Song would be willing to make friends with Shi En, a brother who treats him sincerely.