In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

author:Farmer's Note

This article is more than 6,000 words, describing the rural men and women in the sixties and seventies of the last century, and the plain and simple love is endlessly evocative. In order to enrich the reading, some of the plots have been artistically processed, please pay attention to screening.

I was born in 1967, because my family was in the mountainous area of Hunan, and the concept of "knowledge changes destiny" was not particularly strong in the minds of rural children at that time.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

I have a lot of children in my family, and it is not easy for my parents to pull us to grow up, so my older brothers and sisters all went home to work as farmers after finishing primary school.

I am the eldest in the family, and there has always been a saying in our place that "dad and mother are full of cubs". In addition, with the help of my brothers and sisters, I was able to study for a few more years, that is, I finished junior high school, and the rest was left with me, and I still went home to farm and do farm work.

It's been 79 years, and our generation has begun to have more ideas, anyway, they are no longer so at ease to repair the earth for the rest of their lives, but due to the limitations of their low level of knowledge, they don't know what they can do for the time being.

The only thing I can do is to use some "spare time" to go to the mountains and rivers to find some extra money. For example, go to the river to catch some fish and shrimp at night, go to the mountains to get some mountain goods on a rainy day, and get a few dollars in the market.

A few years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the time has come to 85 years, after the package production has arrived at the household, the shackles on our bodies have been completely gone, and I, who have read for a few more years, have also begun to think about making money by doing some side jobs, and of course I have heard the news that people from neighboring villages go to the south to work and make money.

But I didn't dare to run that far for the time being, at most I went to the county seat to get some haberdashery and came back, and then carried it on an old bicycle and went from village to village to become a hawker.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

At this time, I was already 18 years old, and I was considered an "adult" in our local area, plus I had made a little money as a hawker in the past few years, and I had basically traveled all over the village.

At this time, my eldest brother and two older sisters had already started a family, and as a farmer, my parents had broken their hearts for them to start a family. Although they often tell others that even if the task of this life is completed after receiving this "purse mouth (the youngest child also has a family)", they are still short of money for the time being.

As a result, although the parents welcomed the people who came to them in front of them, it was really difficult to make any practical actions all of a sudden. In addition, I myself don't seem to be in love, and although there are many half-truths and half-truths and half-truths, there are no real people who have taken action.

But I'm 18 years old, and my parents and I still live in three "partial eaves" (sloping houses built next to the main houses in the countryside, with the roof sloping to one side, usually used as miscellaneous houses).

Parents also think that this is not good, and when a girl really comes to see someone, she will definitely retreat if she doesn't even have a main house.

So, my father had no choice but to build a house. In those days, you didn't need much cash to build a house, so you dug up some loess to make red bricks, pulled it to the charcoal kiln to install the kiln, and chiseled some charcoal and burned it out to be red bricks. The wood is also cut in the self-kept mountains, mainly because it takes some effort on its own.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

It's not very difficult to make bricks, and I can get it for a while when I come home every day after working as a vendor, but I am not very good at those charcoal or anything, and I rely on my father's veteran to come out.

Seeing my father leaning over and carrying a heavy burden, I am also nearly 20 years old after all, and I can't bear it.

But on the one hand, the business that wants to make money can't be lost, and the so-called loyalty and filial piety are in a dilemma, so I want to share some heavy work for my father. No, I thought of going to the mountains to cut down trees.

The area of our village is a bit special, the whole village lives along the big river at the entrance of the village, and behind the village is the continuous high mountains, which are the "industry" of our village.

But on the other side of the river, there is a "mountain range" less than three or four hundred meters long (let's talk about the mountain range, I can't find a suitable description, anyway, there are more than a dozen mountains connected together, and the height is only about 100 meters, but the surrounding land is flat).

The ownership there is very complicated, most of them belong to the villages on the other side of the river, and there is also a part of our village, and when it was divided into Liushan, basically all of it was given to my family.

Because I can see the mountains and forests opposite when I sit on the floor of my house, my eldest brother got married and built a house in the early years, and cut it down there, but I was not old at that time, so I never went there.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

Over the years, the trees have grown there, and I have never really set foot on my own mountain. When I was just sitting in the shade, my father would point to the other side of the river and tell me which place was the mountain boundary and where the way out was.

I was always confident that I could tell the difference between my own mountains, so when I came home that day, it was already a little dark, but I could still see the way.

My father hadn't returned from working on the Carbonire Mountain, so I decided to go to the other side of the river to cut down a tree and come back, so that I could make doors and windows when I was dry.

Because it was the middle of August, the weather was quite hot, so I took off my trousers and only wore shorts to wade across the river.

I carried a saw on my shoulder, and I was still thinking that it would only take a few minutes to cut down a tree, and I would be able to go home in about half an hour, and my father would come back and probably praise me for my diligence.

At a distance of two or three hundred meters, I walked in a straight line, wading directly from the shallow river beach, and on the bank of the river was three hills and fields.

The late rice has already been headed, of course, we can't step on the millet of bad people, we can only go over on the ridges of the fields overgrown with weeds, and then there is a two- or three-meter ridge, above which is our family's own mountain.

It's quiet everywhere, of course, there are still insects in the countryside in the summer in the wild, but for us, those are not strange and not "sound", except for beware of being bitten by snakes, there is really nothing else to worry about.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

Because I am not too familiar with the forest world, I am at the foot of the mountain on the ridge, and I probably figured out the direction, I also deliberately looked back at the direction of my house on the other side of the river, estimating the "guidance" of my father in the ping before, and asked myself to calculate the location and entered the mountain.

According to my father, there was a big dead tree on the ridge, which was said to have existed for many years, and it was even passed down so miraculously that no one dug it.

But I don't know how, maybe it was dark, and in the approximate location that my father said, I only saw a large bush, and I didn't see any tree pockets at all. I wondered in my heart, maybe it was dug up and burned as firewood in the past few years, or it was completely rotten.

Since there was no specific forest boundary to follow, I calculated the direction in my heart, and I couldn't help but think about it, so I chose a big cedar tree closest to the ridge and started it.

Cut the bushes around the tree pocket with a firewood knife, and directly pulled the saw. The bow saw was sharpened by my father with a chisel, and a cedar tree more than two feet in size was sawed down by me in a few strokes.

There was no winter movement when sawing trees, and the sound of the tree trunk falling down was not small, and the hula fell directly down the mountain, and everywhere it went, it was invincible.

With a snap, the treetops were almost next to the rice paddies. This is also the direction I deliberately calculated, falling in the direction of going back, and I can wait a little less effort.

I picked up the firewood knife and tried to chop off the branches on the trunk of the tree, when I suddenly heard a voice shouting from the rice field below: Where did the "thief Guzi (thief)" dare to steal our tree!

The voice was crisp, and it was obvious that it was a young woman. But the other party's "thief Guzi" was too ugly, although he heard that the other party was a young woman, he still shouted back angrily:

Have you ever seen a thief who made such a big move? You see, I'm cutting down my own tree, so don't bite anyone.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

This is also a bit ugly, "indiscriminate biting" in our local area refers to Sang scolding Huai and saying that people are "puppies".

Sure enough, the other party was enraged by my words, and even shouted loudly to the bottom of the mountain range: Dad, there is a thief who steals our tree, come here.

The other party was shouting and walking, but he was rushing towards me anyway, so he must have wanted to catch me.

I laughed angrily, although this mountain is on the territory of someone else's village, but this mountain is completely my family's own mountain, where can I tolerate others insulting me as a thief?

simply ignored her, kept waving the firewood knife in his hand, and cut down the branches by himself. By the time the other party rushed in front of me and told me to stop, there was only a tree trunk left, and if I was a little late, I slid down and supported myself on the riverbank.

When the other party walked in front of me, I saw clearly that the person who came was indeed a young woman, and she was still very young, so she should be on par with me.

So his tone softened a lot and said to her: Sister, you can see clearly, I cut down my tree, don't wronged a good person.

I thought I was gentle enough, but the other party still yelled angrily: You said this mountain is yours? It's our family, but I chopped wood here yesterday.

After speaking, he didn't forget to point to a pile of leaves a little farther away, and said to me confidently: You are on the other side of the river, your mountain is still a little above, and you are past the pile of bushes.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

I was dumbfounded when I heard it, people said it so seriously and reasonably, could it really be that I got it wrong? He said the last basis in his heart: My family's mountain boundary is the dead tree pocket, and now I can't find it, am I really mistaken?

Seeing that I was being honest, the girl's tone was lower, and she pointed to the bushes and said, "It used to be a tree pocket, but this year suddenly saplings have grown, and those bushes have just grown."

It's over, it's all over now, and after spending a long time working in vain, I really have a bad reputation as a thief.

Since I have lost myself, I can also bend and stretch, and I said to her kindly: I was mistaken, I really didn't come to steal your tree, or I don't want this tree, so I will cut it down for you for free.

After saying that, he was dejected and packed up his tools and was about to cross the river and go home.

Seeing that I was leaving, the girl didn't give up, saying that her tree grew well, and it could have been cut back as a "square material (common name for coffin)" in a few years, but now it has been cut down by you, and you are embarrassed to say that you will help my family for free?

Seeing that the sky is really getting dark, I really don't want to entangle with her, not only because of my own losses, but also with a kind of "good men don't fight women" thoughts. I had to continue to plead with me:

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

Then pick one of our mountains and pay you for it, you make a mark on the tree, and you can cut it whenever you want.

But the girl was not happy again, and said that I don't take advantage of you, since the tree was cut down by you, and you can't take it back, then carry it home for me, and I won't care about you.

Although 10,000 are unhappy, in order to calm things down, the main thing is to worry that if the girl really doesn't let me say that I'm a thief, it's really embarrassing.

So, I had to honestly carry the cut trunk, follow the girl's back, and deliver it to her house.

Fortunately, her house is not far from here, about two or three hundred meters, just walking downstream along the river bank.

I threw the tree on my shoulder on the floor in anger, and gasped and said to her: The tree has also been sent back to you, you should be satisfied now, I will go.

The girl didn't continue to pester, but I still didn't make it.

Because the sound of throwing a tree just now was a bit loud, a man came out of the house and asked loudly: Second girl, why did you cut down a tree and come back.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

As soon as the words fell, the other party remembered that something was wrong, maybe he also saw my figure, and he stepped in front of me from the footing, but he blamed the girl in front of me in his mouth:

I also invited someone else to send it back, and I wonder why you are so strong.

The person who came was a middle-aged man, with a very good attitude, and thanked me repeatedly, and said that the family had worked hard, and it was dark anyway, so please go into the house and take a break after drinking tea before leaving.

The girl known as the second girl spoke: Dad, where is he doing any good things, he is a thief at all, he cut down my tree and was caught by me, and he had to send it back to me.

I was about to leave with her father after two polite words, but I heard that she was still saying ugly things about "thief Guzi", so I had to walk back and tell me everything I had done wrong.

Unexpectedly, the man seemed to be very generous, and educated his daughter in front of me: Who doesn't make mistakes? If he really wants to steal our tree, he'll make such a big fuss, and he'll be there waiting for you to catch it? Since it's a mistake, forget it, and force others to send it back, which is unacceptable.

The man dragged me with one hand, but what he said in his mouth was good words, what kind of child is not sensible, you have to carry it back hard, you must eat a meal before leaving. Even if you are hired by me, you will not be called a "thief".

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

I didn't really want to eat his meal, because I was still wearing shorts, which was a bit indecent, but the old man's last sentence "Wash away the thief's name" moved me, so I half-pushed and half-went into the house.

Before entering the house, I even deliberately raised my head towards Erya, meaning what can you do?

I don't care about that second girl anymore, in fact, it's a bit deliberate, I just want to dry her, don't you still have to listen to your dad if you're so good? You say I'm a thief, but your dad invites me to dinner.

Sure enough, I followed the old man into the house, and Erya followed him in, and the lamp was lit in the house, and I saw clearly this girl who had been entangled with me for so long.

She turned out to be a big beauty, but she pouted like a wronged child, and reluctantly poured me a bowl of cold tea and brought it to me at his father's "command".

It is very strange that there seems to be only their father and daughter in his family, and the old man has cooked a meal, and it seems that he is waiting for Erya. Now that I'm an "uninvited guest", I added a pair of dishes and chopsticks, and poured a bowl of sweet potato wine for me to drink.

I didn't want to eat a little, and I wasn't used to eating with strangers in such a scene, but I just held my breath in my heart and wanted to be angry with that Erya, so I was not polite, and I sat down and ate and drank.

The uncle in front of me was very talkative, we chatted casually while eating and drinking, and learned that I was the youngest son of Mr. Fan on the other side of the river, and the uncle was even more disgusted:

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

Xiaoping, you blame people for stealing trees so indiscriminately, you see, Mr. Fan's cub would do something like that?

Only then did I know that Erya's name was Xiaoping, and I was still thinking in my heart that since it was Erya, there must be a big girl.

Sure enough, the uncle can even say that he has no sons, his wife only gave birth to two daughters before his death, and the eldest girl got married the year before last.

When he said this, there was not much sadness on the uncle's face. It seems that the wife he is talking about should have passed away for many years. Seeing the vicissitudes of his face, I didn't read much, and I suddenly remembered an ancient sentence in my heart:

The dead are gone, but what is the living?

After drinking all the wine, I also changed my tone and called Uncle Chun, he was also a young man, although he had just met for a short time, but he was quite a bit of a hateful meeting.

Although Xiaoping was always glaring at me on the side, after Uncle Chun talked about the past, a trace of sadness gradually appeared on her face. It can be seen that what Uncle Chun said just now must have touched her very much.

Uncle Chun and I chatted casually, and soon had a general understanding of his family's situation: Daping married in this village, but it was two or three miles away from her mother's house. Xiaoping is 19 years old this year, and she also went to junior high school in her early years, but she can only go home to farm like me.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

Xiaoping is a famous beauty in the village, (in fact, before this, I had heard of her name in our village, but although the two of us may be able to see each other's houses when we stand at the door, we are separated by a river and belong to different villages, so we have never seen each other.) Uncle Chun wants to recruit a son-in-law, so that he can continue his own incense. In addition, the age is not very large, so I am not particularly anxious.

It was about eight o'clock before I got up to say goodbye, anyway, I just crossed a river, and in the summer when it didn't rain, the river was just up to my knees.

When I got home, my parents had already eaten, and my mother was still muttering about how I suddenly disappeared, and such a big person couldn't even catch up with the meal.

I had to tell me again about today's bad luck, and when my father heard that I had cut down the tree of Uncle Chun's house on the other side, and that I had been beaten by his youngest daughter, he laughed and accused me:

Who let you go into the mountains, now it's okay, I was almost sent to the class room as a thief.

I don't know why, but for a while, I always went to the opposite mountain to cut trees, intentionally or unintentionally, but unfortunately I never met Xiaoping again.

Later, I walked on the path that had been abandoned for many years, and happened to pass by the door of Uncle Chun's house. Every time I ride my bike down that path, I comfort myself:

I'm taking a shortcut, and the water in the river isn't deep, so it will take me half an hour to get home from here.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

At first, I just pretended to say hello to her very plainly, and when Uncle Chun was at home, I would sit down and smoke a cigarette and chat with him.

Xiaoping was neither warm nor cold to me, but at least there was no hostility that day, and when I talked to her father, she would also make tea and refill the water according to local customs.

Of course, if my hawker business is better and sells out early, I will go home early, and if it "happens" that her family has some physical work, I will also take the initiative to help.

The wide ridge at the edge of the field in front of her house was simply turned over by me with a hoe. Uncle Chun praised me, saying that you are a young man after all, and you have done a good job of what you have never dared to do.

After coming and going, I am quite familiar with Uncle Chun and Xiaoping. Their family is single-family, and the nearest neighbors are all about 100 meters away, if you don't count the big river in the middle, my family may be the closest neighbor.

Maybe it's also a building near the water, in my silent "bubble", Xiaoping was finally moved by me.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

That day, I came back from a village called Wujiashan, because I walked a long way for more than ten miles, and it was almost dark when I passed by her door, Xiaoping actually stood at the door and waited for me.

It turned out that her sister Daping came back today, and she was introduced to her sister, and the boy was also from this village, but at the other end of the village. But my sister said that they all married in this village, and they could take care of their father nearby, and there was no difference between staying in their parents' house and "recruiting lang".

Although Xiaoping didn't talk to me about him, I suddenly felt as if I was being pulled by something, and it seemed to be the panic that my most distressed thing was about to be lost, so I couldn't help but take Xiaoping's hand and say: Don't get married, I'll marry you, okay?

Even if she is as spicy as Xiaoping, she was red-faced by my stupid question. When I came back to my senses, I realized that I was a bit of an abrupt beauty, but since I pierced the layer of window paper, I simply entered the house without doing anything, and said directly to Uncle Chun:

Uncle Chun, don't marry Xiaoping, I'll be your son-in-law and provide for you in old age.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

The rest of the matter came naturally, Xiaoping and I had no opinion, and Uncle Chun was not dissatisfied with me.

And although my parents were a little reluctant to "marry" their son, they couldn't help my explanation: Isn't it just across a river, and it only takes a few minutes for the weather to come and go, and it's not the same who lives in?

Xiaoping and I got married, of course, living at Uncle Chun's house.

For several years, some people have said behind my back that I covet Xiaoping to be beautiful, and my family conditions are not very bad, and I am a man with some ability, but I became a son-in-law.

After getting married, Xiaoping gave birth to a son and a daughter to me, and our life was very dull, but there was no contradiction between husband and wife. Xiaoping looked very spicy before marriage, but after marriage, she became a gentle wife.

It was only later that I realized that the previous pungency was actually just pretended by her for "self-preservation". After all, in a single father's family, there is only one girl in the family, and if he is too honest, he is easy to be bullied by others.

In 95, when our family came to run, if we wanted to get rich first to build a road, a highway passed through our house, and our house had to be demolished, and we also received a large amount of compensation.

So he built a small three-story house and became a good family in other people's mouths.

In 85 I went up to the mountain to cut down trees, and was mistaken for a thief by a strange girl, and a few years later, she became my wife

At this time, someone said that I had been wandering around the year, and that I had opened my eyes and knew that the development prospects of Uncle Chun's village were better......

When Xiaoping and I heard this, we could only laugh at each other, decades have passed, do we still need to say anything?