The dilemma and way out of farmers' planting enthusiasm

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#农民种地怎么会有积极性呢? #

In recent years, peasant households' enthusiasm for farming has gradually declined, and it has become a common phenomenon that it is difficult to increase the income from grain planting. Except for a very small number of large-scale agricultural enterprises, it is difficult for ordinary farmers to achieve good economic returns in the process of growing grain, which affects their enthusiasm for planting. At this year's two sessions, the deputies conducted extensive research and found out the root cause of the problem.

The dilemma and way out of farmers' planting enthusiasm

1. The land issue: the gap between scale and efficiency

Large-scale cooperatives concentrate resources through land transfer, reduce costs, increase profits, and stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for planting. However, due to the limited cultivated land area and poor farming conditions of ordinary small farmers, it is difficult to realize the modernization of modern agriculture, which affects the economic efficiency and enthusiasm of agriculture. Such a gap in the possession of cultivated land is precisely the deep-seated reason for the current situation of the mainland's planting industry.

2. Policy guidance: the compass of agricultural revitalization

Agricultural development is inseparable from policy guidance and support. In recent years, the central authorities have repeatedly put forward policies to increase peasants' incomes and agricultural development, and in particular, to ensure peasants' grain production efficiency and ensure food security. The key is to implement the policy well to ensure that the dividends of the policy can truly benefit the farmers and improve their confidence and enthusiasm for planting.

3. Food price adjustment: the only way to increase income

Large-scale production groups tend to pursue the benefits of "winning by volume", while smallholder farmers have limited production capacity and need to pay more attention to the value added per unit area. Appropriately raising grain prices and enabling peasant households to "win by quality" is an important way to increase peasants' enthusiasm for production and increase their incomes.

The dilemma and way out of farmers' planting enthusiasm

Fourth, land circulation: a good strategy to optimize the allocation of resources

The orderly circulation of land and the handing over of idle land to professional growers can not only avoid the waste of land resources, but also allow farmers to obtain more income by renting and working. This new type of farmland transfer mode is of great significance for optimizing the agricultural industrial structure, improving land use efficiency, and promoting the rational distribution of agricultural resources.

5. Agricultural modernization: the key to improving planting efficiency

The key to improving peasants' efficiency in growing grain lies in promoting agricultural modernization. On this basis, measures such as strengthening investment in agricultural science and technology, strengthening modern cultivation technology and operation and management are put forward to promote farmers' income increase and reduce production costs. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the intensity of investment in agriculture and increase the intensity of investment in agriculture so that the development of agriculture can be better guaranteed.

6. Industrial synergy: to achieve a win-win development model

Establish a collaborative development model of the industrial chain of large-scale planting groups, professional farmer cooperatives, and individual farmers, resource sharing, and complementary advantages. Through the collaboration of the industrial chain, enterprises can use resources more efficiently and obtain the greatest value, so as to enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises. The government should increase the guidance of the industrial chain, promote the integration of the industrial chain, so that all parties can achieve a win-win situation in cooperation, so as to realize the vigorous development of agricultural industrialization.

The dilemma and way out of farmers' planting enthusiasm

7. Diversification: a new way to expand sources of income

On the basis of traditional agricultural production, farmers can develop in more directions, such as agricultural tourism, agricultural product processing, etc. We should adopt a variety of modes of operation, promote the integration of agriculture with secondary and tertiary industries, expand peasants' incomes, and increase peasants' economic returns. This model is conducive to improving the ability of agriculture to resist risks, increasing the employment of rural households and increasing income.

In view of the current situation in which peasants on the mainland are not highly motivated to grow grain, we should actively explore ways to solve this problem. Policy support, industrial upgrading, scientific and technological innovation. In order for China's agriculture to embark on the road of sustainable development, it is necessary to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain through the joint efforts of all parties, and ultimately achieve the goal of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Let us work together to bring new vitality to China's agriculture and create a better tomorrow together!