Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

Since participating in the Xiaomi car press conference, Wei Jianjun seems to have led Great Wall Motors and opened up the second pulse of Ren Du.

Recently, Great Wall Motors has been out of the limelight, and its popularity will overshadow that of Xiaomi Automobile and Lei Jun, which are popular all over the country. What's going on?

1. Three words worth 18 billion yuan

Recently, every corner of the Internet seems to be swiped by the words "Great Wall ~ Cannon".

The cause of the incident was that a young lady nicknamed "Dalilun" was riding an electric car one day, and when she was waiting for a traffic light on the road, she happened to encounter a "Great Wall Cannon" pickup truck.

She was immediately attracted by the domineering and tough appearance of the Great Wall Cannon, and her love was overflowing, and she was so greedy that she didn't want it.

But when she learned that this car cost 300,000 yuan, she was taken aback, and could only say insincerely, this price is too cheap, I don't like it.

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

Just when everyone thought that this was the end of the matter, Miss Dalilun was on her way home one day and encountered the Great Wall cannon again.

This time, she stared at the car with glowing eyes, and repeatedly said that this was "my dream car", and at the same time shouted the three words that were popular all over the Internet - Great Wall ~ Cannon!

The sonorous and powerful voice and cute appearance formed a strong contrast, and the young lady became an instant hit.

Subsequently, these videos were also edited into demonic brainwashing BGM, and many people began to imitate them, making the words "Great Wall ~ Cannon" a buzzword. Moreover, these three words are worth at least 18 billion yuan.

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

2. Wei Jianjun catches the wealth of the sky

Miss Dalilun's "Great Wall ~ Cannon" not only attracted hundreds of millions of traffic, but also brought wealth to the Great Wall.

Subsequently, Great Wall Pickup and Great Wall Motors became famous, and the stock price and market value rose wildly.

From April 8 to 11, Great Wall Motor's share price rose sharply for four consecutive days, from 23.86 yuan to 25.97 yuan, a cumulative increase of 2.11 yuan. Based on the total share capital of Great Wall Motors of 8.544 billion yuan, the market value of the four transactions rose by more than 18 billion yuan.

The Great Wall official is also very powerful, not only providing the current car for the young lady to test drive, but also tailor-made a Great Wall cannon to realize the dream of the young lady.

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

The outside world is full of expectations for Great Wall Motors, and in the face of the sky-breaking traffic wealth, it depends on whether it can catch it. What is surprising is that Wei Jianjun, who has always lived in a simple house and is not interested in live broadcasts, actually started his personal live broadcast debut on April 15.

In the live broadcast, Wei Jianjun personally drove on the streets and alleys of Baoding to challenge the Great Wall intelligent driving system with zero mistakes.

This live broadcast attracted more than 4 million real-time viewers on Douyin and more than 10 million viewers on Weibo, continuing the traffic heat brought by the previous "Great Wall ~ Cannon".

Obviously, Wei Jianjun and Great Wall Motors have caught the wealth of the sky.

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

3. Great Wall Motors step out of your comfort zone

With the entry of new car-making forces who are well versed in Internet marketing, the automotive industry has entered a new era of "wine alleys are afraid of deep alleys".

If you honestly and simply build a car, without knowing how to market and publicize, the company may not be able to develop and grow.

In today's auto market, whoever masters the game of Internet marketing will get the sky-breaking traffic, which is beneficial to the publicity and sales of car companies.

Not to mention the Internet marketing master Xiaomi Lei Jun, the king of Weibo Li Xiang of Li Auto, and the topic of Weilai Li Bin, even the traditional car giants Geely Li Shufu and Chery Yin Tongyue have come out to live broadcast and began to adapt to and embrace new media marketing.

Three words are worth 18 billion! The Great Wall Wei Jianjun caught the wealth of the sky

Wei Jianjun loves cars, is obsessed with cars, understands cars, and among many car-making bigwigs, he is one of the few bosses who can be crowned with the title of "Baoding Car God" by the outside world.

In his more than 30 years of car-making career, Wei Jianjun has been paranoid about technology, which has created a strong strength of one of the top three independent forces of the Great Wall.

From the outside world's point of view, Wei Jianjun doesn't like to show his head, he only likes to build cars behind the scenes, he is not good at words but is low-key and pragmatic.

In the past, Wei Jianjun and Great Wall Motors could sell well if they worked hard to build a good car, and they didn't need to borrow traffic across the network at all. However, today's car market environment forces Wei Jianjun and the Great Wall to embrace network traffic.

With more than 30 years of precipitation and accumulation, Great Wall Motors has technology, Great Wall guns, Haval, tanks, Ora, etc., Great Wall has good products.

However, in the tide of electrification transformation, Great Wall has lagged behind new car companies such as Wei Xiaoli in terms of Internet marketing, which has led to pressure on sales for a time.

Today, Wei Jianjun and Great Wall Motors have broken the inertia and strengthened the field of Internet marketing, which requires innovation and vitality.

We expect that Great Wall Motors, which has no shortage of technology and products, will step out of the past marketing comfort zone and reproduce the development miracle of the era of fuel vehicles in the era of new energy vehicles.

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