Good news! Treasure should have meritorious service

author:Today's Baoying net Tianhe

On April 17, the Baoying County Veterans Affairs Bureau and the County People's Armed Forces Department, together with Shanyang Town, sent good news and rewards to Zhang Yang's family, who had been awarded a third-class meritorious service, to express the care and greetings of the party and the government for the families of meritorious servicemen.

The sound of gongs and drums is inspiring, and the ribbon is inspiring. The team of sending good news held high the banner of "Warm congratulations to Comrade Zhang Yang on his third-class meritorious service" and beat gongs and drums all the way to Zhang Yang's house. The condolence group sent good news, flowers, and rewards to Zhang Yang's mother, inquired in detail about the living conditions of the military families, and thanked them for their continuous support for the meritorious servicemen's work in the army. The villagers also spontaneously gathered in the courtyard to sincerely congratulate the families of the heroes and share this glory and joy.

Good news! Treasure should have meritorious service

"Please don't worry about your family, everything is fine at home, serve with peace of mind, and make new contributions. At the event, military and local leaders connected with Zhang Yang, who was serving in the barracks, to share the lively scene at home. Zhang Yang said that he should devote himself to training in a better state, strive to make new contributions, and win glory for his hometown.

Zhang Yang, born in 1991, was diligent and studious when he was a student, and has always had a dream of joining the army. After graduating from university in 2014, he actively responded to the call of the country and became a soldier with honor, and in 2016, he was admitted to the Urumqi Command College of the Armed Police with excellent results, and is now serving in a department of the Armed Police Force.

Good news! Treasure should have meritorious service

As a cadre of the army, in addition to conscientiously performing his duties and completing his own work, Zhang Yang was also able to actively give full play to his specialties and work hard to study, explore, and study training subjects. He has always been based on his own duties, diligent study, hard training, respect for leadership, unity of comrades, with strict requirements for himself and a rigorous and responsible attitude towards work, led the troops to successfully complete the tasks assigned by superiors many times, and was highly praised by leaders at all levels, in 2015 he was awarded the "four haves" outstanding soldier once, in 2017 he was awarded the outstanding cadet once, in 2022 he was awarded the "four haves" outstanding police officer once, and in 2023 he was awarded the third-class merit in combat readiness training once.

"We are very happy that our son can be affirmed by the army, which is not only his personal glory, but also the glory of our whole family. Zhang Yang's mother said: "He is a soldier and a soldier leader, and we understand and support his work very well." It is hoped that he will take this meritorious service as a new starting point, continue to work hard, shine brightly, and make greater contributions to the troops. ”

Good news! Treasure should have meritorious service

If the good news is sent with a more ceremonial sense, the military and military families will have a greater sense of honor. Over the years, many sons and daughters of Baoying have joined the military and served the country, striving to be the first and making meritorious contributions on the "battlefield" and "track" of various branches and fields. In addition to carrying out the work of supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to family members on a regular basis, the Baoying County Veterans Affairs Bureau, the County People's Armed Forces Department and various townships and towns actively send good news and condolences to the meritorious servicemen, so as to help the county form a good social atmosphere and fashion of caring for and loving national defense and respecting military personnel and their families.

Source: Baoying Observation