American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

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An exclusive interview article with Kazuki Ono in the Japanese media "Region" magazine on April 21

American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

Interviewed by Dylan Stone Miller. Using the sperm he donated to the sperm bank, at least 97 children were born.

With the development of assisted reproductive technology, sperm banking and egg freezing are becoming more and more common. In this context, the case of a man (33 years old) in the United States who donated sperm when he was a student has attracted attention. He was told that his sperm had conceived nearly 100 children.

American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

Image: Dylan interacts with the boy born of his sperm.


Probably more than 200

In March 2021, I met for the first time a child born from my sperm. The family lives 45 minutes away from my house. When I saw this kid with half of my genes across the parking lot, I was shocked and wondered at that moment.

Dylan Stone Miller recalls what it was like.

However, as more and more children were born with his sperm, his joy turned into anger and frustration at the sperm bank: as of December 2023, at least 97 of his children are known to have been born.

It is said that only about 40% of sperm banks will report the birth of their children, so the actual number is likely to be more than 200.

Dylan began to repent, puzzled.

Sperm donation to pay for tuition

Dylan was born in Atlanta, Georgia in September 1990. Both parents have PhDs. His father was a criminal psychologist and his mother was a professor at the prestigious Emory University, specializing in American art history. He spent the first 13 years of his life in a small private school, and in his junior year of high school he transferred to a public school not far from his home. At Georgia State University, he majored in psychology and went on to pursue a master's degree in the field of educational studies.

He learned about the existence of a sperm bank from his college dorm roommate. His roommate goes to sperm bank Xytex three times a week to donate sperm. Xytex is a large sperm bank with locations in five cities in Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

One day his roommate said, "If you're interested, I'd like to recommend you, because I can get a $300 bonus for referring someone."

Referral bonuses are Zytex's strategy to increase the number of sperm donors. Back in January 2011, Dylan also started donating sperm to help pay for school fees.

The minimum height requirement is 178 cm

I'm really casual. When I went to Zytex, I answered a few simple questions, starting with measuring my height. The minimum requirement was 5 feet 10 inches (about 178 cm), which was exactly my height, so I passed.

I was also given a blood sample to check for infectious diseases. There are other requirements, such as whether you have been to the African continent in the past five years, or whether you have had sex with other men in the past five years. Because infectious diseases have an incubation period, blood is frozen for six months before testing. Even if a test is passed, the blood must be tested every six months.

They provided us with all kinds of medical check-ups for free, including testing for sexually transmitted diseases, which I thought were very reasonable.

They also explain the social significance of this act.

Sperm banks promote helping families who are unable to have children without donating sperm, such as azoospermia, single mothers, and lesbians. I've also been told that sperm can be used for stem cell and fragile gene editing and disease prevention, though, so far, there is no evidence that my sperm is actually used for such research. "

The cost of each public contribution is $100.

There are two options for sperm donation: 'Anonymous Donation' and 'Open ID', but Dylan opted for 'Open ID' and received $100 per donation.

He chose to open the ID for two reasons. One is financial, because he received more money, and the other is moral. With an "open ID", the sperm donor's personal information is made public when the child born to the sperm donor reaches the age of 18.

The right of a child to know his or her background is very important. It is unreasonable for a child to grow up and not know his biological father. That's why I chose 'Open ID'."

American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

At that time, he never imagined that he would have many children of his own through sperm donation in the future.

More and more children

During his college years, he donated three times a week for more than a year, and resumed his donation after he was admitted to graduate school.

When he was 23 years old, Zytex asked him if he wanted to know how many children were born from your sperm. Of course," I replied, and was told "two".

The following year, he was asked the exact same question and told "eight."

When I was 26 years old, Zytex told me that I needed to take a blood test and sign the relevant documents. Then I was told that 50 children had been born, 26 girls and 24 boys. I didn't expect it to be 50, and I misheard it as "15", but when I asked again, it became "50 (50)".

"At the time, I didn't really know how to digest the number 50. "

When he contacted Zytex again in March 2021, he was told that 77 children had already been born. As of December 2023, the number of children born from his sperm has increased further, reaching 97.

"Cunning" contracts for sperm banks

What does Zytex's contract say about the number of births a person can have?

The contract didn't say that the limit on the number of children a man's sperm could have was 40, but when I first asked what the limit was, the contract said that I was told it was 40 families. It's a cunning way for bankers to evade their responsibilities."

Dylan consulted with several attorneys in the hope of filing a lawsuit against Zytex, but none of them found a lawyer willing to take on the case on a contingent fee basis. If a contingent fee is used, only one-third of the compensation will be paid to the lawyer if the case is won. However, if it is not in the form of a contingent fee, the legal fees will not be known until the case actually goes to trial. In the United States, litigation costs can be prohibitively high. Dylan dropped the lawsuit.

Dylan is trying to understand more and more children in his own way. He consulted with the women and other donors he was dating at the time, however, no one could give him advice.

American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

There were even encounters with children

It wasn't until 2020, when several families contacted him, that he began to realize the seriousness of his involvement. Zytex also told me that my sperm has been exported to Australia, Canada, the UK, Israel and China. In the United States, at least nine states are crossed.

I also found out that I already had a child in all of these countries except Israel. One has already been born in China".

The meeting of the child born of Dylan's sperm also began to happen.

In Canada, my sperm-born child met by chance while practicing gymnastics in the same gym. Some children also have mutual friends. There is a fee associated with buying sperm from a sperm bank and having a baby. The reason for this is that people of similar socioeconomic status tend to live in similar geographic areas. In addition, when lesbian couples raise children, they live in an area that makes them feel safe and secure and is not considered an anomaly. As a result, they are more likely to end up settling in the same city.

Where the children live

In fact, there are five families in Toronto, Canada, some of whom live in the same neighborhood.

Children born of the same sperm in a neighboring area are likely to have incest or incestuous marriages in the future. In the UK, there have indeed been some cases in the past.

To avoid this, I think we need to build a database that tracks children born to the same man. People born with sperm purchased from sperm banks need to know the geographical location of the children born to the same man.

American man exposes the truth about sperm banking: I have 97 children, and I also have them in China

Is there a limit to the number of children born of the same sperm?

Many sperm banks in the United States follow the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. According to the guidelines, a man cannot have more than 25 children with the same sperm in a population of 800,000 people with proper distribution.

If these guidelines are correct, then my sperm could give birth to 10,000 children in the U.S. and 275,000 children worldwide. This is a clear violation of the rules, and the guidelines set 40 years ago no longer have a place in today's global society. "

Some countries have already set limits. For example, in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, the limit is 10 households. But in the United States, there is currently no law that stipulates this number. This means that the number of children born to a man's sperm can be unlimited.

Dylan said that the number of children born to a man's sperm in the world should be "between five and ten." Now, he's trying to convince sperm banks to lower the guidance limit to an appropriate amount.

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