was "cut off" by Huawei, Lei Jun posted: If you are really in a hurry, you can buy Zhijie S7 and so on

was "cut off" by Huawei, Lei Jun posted: If you are really in a hurry, you can buy Zhijie S7 and so on

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On April 22, Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, said on Weibo that the current production capacity and delivery speed of Xiaomi SU7 are increasing rapidly, and the standard version and Max have been delivered ahead of schedule. Many prospective car owners found in the Xiaomi Auto APP that the estimated delivery time was advanced. At the Beijing Auto Show, I will introduce our production capacity and delivery plan in detail.

If you are really in a hurry to buy a car, domestic new energy vehicles are good, such as Zhijie S7, Weilai ET5, Xiaopeng P7 series, etc., you can also consider buying.

was "cut off" by Huawei, Lei Jun posted: If you are really in a hurry, you can buy Zhijie S7 and so on

Buy Zhijie S7 with Xiaomi SU7 order, Huawei store: 5000 yuan off

According to the Red Star Capital Bureau, there have been rumors in recent days that the reloaded Zhijie S7, "cut off" the order of Xiaomi SU7: buy any Zhijie S7 now, and after paying the final payment, it will be directly deducted from the car price Xiaomi SU7 lock order non-refundable deposit of 5000 yuan.

On April 21, the reporter came to a Huawei authorized experience store in Chengdu, Sichuan, to verify the above information as a consumer. A Huawei staff member said: "There is indeed such a policy. Harmony Zhixing contracted stores across the country can apply for customers. ”

According to reports, since the launch of Xiaomi SU7, Huawei's major stores have launched this temporary policy, which will last until the end of May.

was "cut off" by Huawei, Lei Jun posted: If you are really in a hurry, you can buy Zhijie S7 and so on

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However, according to the Red Star Capital Bureau, Huawei's experience store, Huawei's official website and other public channels do not have information about the above-mentioned subsidy policies.

"Some prospective Xiaomi SU7 owners are considering other brands due to the long waiting time to pick up their cars," the staff member said, "Once the customer reveals this situation, we will take the initiative to introduce this preferential policy." ”

"There is a Xiaomi SU7 owner in our store who is not willing to wait any longer. He came to pay the balance of Zhijie S7 last week, and directly reduced it by 5000 yuan, which is equivalent to us to make up for the loss of the deposit of Xiaomi car owners. He said that this subsidy policy can overlap with other preferential activities of Zhijie S7, and it will not affect the original Xiaomi SU7 order. "As long as it is the same car owner, show the lock slip page. After that, regardless of whether consumers buy Xiaomi SU7 or not, they will be reduced by 5000 yuan when paying the balance of Zhijie S7. ”

It is worth noting that on April 9, Lei Jun posted on his official Weibo, "The next ten years will be a decade of intelligence, and China's new energy vehicle industry will move forward together." I wish the Zhijie S7 a big sale!"

was "cut off" by Huawei, Lei Jun posted: If you are really in a hurry, you can buy Zhijie S7 and so on

The official version of Xiaomi SU7 has been delivered ahead of schedule, and many places have begun to pick up the car!

At 4 p.m. on April 18, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, started a live broadcast on Douyin to "talk about the 20 days since Xiaomi SU7 went on sale" with netizens.

Lei Jun said in the live broadcast that the official version of Xiaomi SU7 has started to pick up the car in many places today, and the delivery originally planned for the end of April has been advanced to April 18.

Lei Jun said that the sales of Xiaomi SU7 are 3 to 5 times higher than expected, which is also a more painful point. But the partners are more powerful, and the speed is very fast.

In response to a question about whether Xiaomi cars have been successful, Lei Jun said that it is too early to talk about whether Xiaomi cars are successful, but the first stage is considered a success. The car-making cycle is relatively long, Xiaomi is a long-term enterprise, and now it needs to grasp the quality of the car and serve customers well.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's car delivery center currently covers 29 cities across the country, and these cities cover the main market for new energy vehicles. By the end of this year, Xiaomi car delivery centers will cover 40 cities. Lei Jun also revealed that Xiaomi SU7 has started the delivery of the official version of the model in Beijing and Shenzhen today.

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