Just now, the school voiced: deeply saddened!

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Just now (April 20), the official website of Xiangtan University issued a "situation bulletin" saying:

On April 7, Zhang Moumou (male, 25 years old), a graduate student at our university, went to the hospital for medical treatment due to physical discomfort. On April 13, Zhang Moumou died after being rescued by many parties. The school is deeply saddened by this.

The death of Zhang Moumou has been investigated by the local public security organs. The school fully supports the public security organs in handling the case in accordance with the law and actively does a good job in dealing with the aftermath.

Just now, the school voiced: deeply saddened!

According to previous reports, in the early morning of today (April 20), the Yuhu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province reported that recently, the police received a report that Zhang Moumou, a graduate student at Xiangtan University, was suspected of being poisoned and eventually died of multiple organ failure, and his roommate was suspected of committing a major crime and has been criminally detained in accordance with the law.

At the same time, the Xiangtan Public Security Bureau issued a news release saying that recently, in response to various rumors about the "Xiangtan University takeaway poisoning" in our city, the Yuhu Public Security Bureau of the Xiangtan Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a situation report late at night. The public security organs reminded that the Internet is not a place outside the law, and the majority of netizens are requested not to believe, spread, or spread rumors.

Just now, the school voiced: deeply saddened!

Xiangtan University held a meeting at the beginning of the year to emphasize the cultivation of morality

The reporter noted that on January 17, 2024, Xiangtan University held a graduate education work conference. The meeting pointed out that in the past five years, the effectiveness of the school's graduate students' ideological and political education has been improved, the selection of talents has been more accurate, the layout of degree authorization points has been further optimized, the quality foundation of graduate training has been consolidated, the innovation ability of graduate students has been strengthened, and the training quality system has been more sound. In the future, the university will take multiple measures to promote the construction of high-quality graduate education, adhere to the principle of cultivating people with virtue, have the courage to reform and innovate, and concentrate on improving the quality of graduate education.

The school has said that the use of hazardous chemicals must comply with the system

On April 20, the reporter learned from the official website of Xiangtan University that in 2021, the research team of the Xiangtan Municipal Drug Control Office investigated the management of precursor chemicals in the school's laboratory, and identified this aspect of the work as a "Class A (management standard) unit for the management of precursor chemicals". The researchers believe that the whole life cycle management of school chemicals has achieved remarkable results, and there are accounts from the source of purchase to sample testing and hazardous waste disposal, which effectively avoids the occurrence of vicious accidents such as laboratory drug production and drug testing.

In 2018, the Laboratory and Asset Management Office of Xiangtan University issued a notice on the implementation of the hazardous chemicals management system. It is mentioned that the establishment of a dynamic ledger for the use of hazardous chemicals, improve the management of entry and exit, and complete the chemical safety data sheet (MSDS) of hazardous chemicals involved in the laboratory; hazardous chemicals must be classified and stored in special storage rooms (cabinets); the use of hazardous chemicals must strictly abide by the "five pairs" system, that is, double collection, double transportation (one of them must be a teacher), double double lock storage, double use, For experiments involving the use of hazardous chemicals, the faculty and staff in the laboratory must demonstrate the feasibility of the experiment, and if necessary, an expert demonstration meeting shall be held, and the experimental operation procedures shall be posted on the wall or placed in a conspicuous position after the demonstration is passed, and the experimental records shall be made in a timely manner.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Just now, the school voiced: deeply saddened!