Messi is in, Paris Sixteen, Messi is gone, Paris semi-finals - but one factor is overlooked

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In fact, since Grand Paris reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the banter and ridicule of Messi have begun, and now, Grand Paris has reached the semi-finals, this irony must have intensified. It's very simple, Messi is in Grand Paris, Grand Paris is in the Champions League round of 16 every year, and as soon as Messi leaves Grand Paris, Grand Paris enters the semi-finals. The difference is so obvious.

Leaving with Messi, there is also Neymar. But comparatively speaking, Neymar has received much less ridicule. First of all, Neymar's influence is not as great as Messi's, and after all, Neymar has played for Paris for many years, and has also helped Paris reach the Champions League final, which is a figure who has experienced highlights. Secondly, after the 2022 World Cup, French fans have subtle hostility towards Messi, which goes without saying.

Messi is in, Paris Sixteen, Messi is gone, Paris semi-finals - but one factor is overlooked

In fact, it is not difficult to understand this situation. First of all, it is not necessarily a good thing to have too many superstars in a team, if the relationship is as good as Neymar and Messi, it is nothing, but if the relationship is not good, it will definitely have a negative impact on the operation of the team. Specific to the game, it is reflected in the multi-core, but separated from each other, or even dismantled. In addition, Messi, who came to Grand Paris, has already passed his prime, and he cannot be used as the Messi of Barcelona, and besides, it is impossible for Grand Paris to embrace him as a god.

Therefore, in the past few years that Messi has been in Grand Paris, the lineup on paper in Grand Paris is really good-looking, and it can even be compared with Real Madrid in the era of Galaxy Battleships. But the real combat effectiveness is hard to say.

This season, Paris has lost Messi and Neymar, the superstar color is less, and the strength on paper has also declined, but the important thing is that the team is more cohesive, after all, there is no one to compete with Mbappe for the team boss now. Therefore, although the strength of Grand Paris has declined, it has found something more crucial, unity.

Messi is in, Paris Sixteen, Messi is gone, Paris semi-finals - but one factor is overlooked

However, it is a little unfair to count the extreme conversion from the top 16 to the top 4 as the benefit brought by Messi's departure. It is true that Messi of Grand Paris is not the best Messi, but when it comes to today's topic, there is one factor that is easy to overlook.

Let's take a look at the objective reasons why Paris has been the Champions League 16 Lang for two consecutive seasons before, and what objective reasons have to be mentioned. Of course there is, look at the two opponents at that time, Real Madrid, Bayern. 是,大巴黎的确踢得不好,这没什么可说的,但你让曼城,利物浦,切尔西,国米在这个赛段踢这两个对手,就能完胜过关?未必‬吧?

To put it bluntly, the luck of the top 16 in Grand Paris is not generally bad, and almost every time they reach this juncture, they can always draw top opponents. Not to mention Messi's two seasons in the past two seasons, if you look ahead, the top 16 opponents in Paris in which seasons are easy to deal with? Either Real Madrid or Barcelona, Manchester United or Dort, and the worst, Valencia and Bayer Leverkusen, who have reached the Champions League final. Let's put it this way, since the 12-13 season, Grand Paris has never experienced a Champions League group exit, and in the past ten years, their round of 16 signing luck is definitely the worst, not one of them.

Messi is in, Paris Sixteen, Messi is gone, Paris semi-finals - but one factor is overlooked

Let's not talk about the far away, just the first two seasons. Messi is here, and Grand Paris did not reach the quarterfinals, but considering that the opponents are Real Madrid and Bayern, is it possible that if Messi is not there, Grand Paris will be able to eat these two opponents?

And the most subtle thing is that in the draw for the round of 16 this season, Grand Paris actually transferred and drew Real Sociedad. Don't talk about Real Sociedad beating Inter Milan to win the top spot in the group stage, and don't use the dark horse to add drama to Real Sociedad. I'll just say a word, is Paris willing to draw Real Sociedad, or is it willing to draw Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern, Barcelona, Arsenal?

It's such a coincidence, Messi will be transferred as soon as he leaves Paris. Therefore, Grand Paris can go further this season than the previous two years, and it really has little to do with Messi, and the most critical factor is that they finally drew a less strong opponent. Taking a step back, if Messi were still in Paris, would they lose to Real Sociedad?

Messi is in, Paris Sixteen, Messi is gone, Paris semi-finals - but one factor is overlooked

Of course, I'm not interested in washing Messi, and I understand the antipathy of the big Paris fans towards Messi. But on the facts, Messi's stalk hides some objective factors, so just joke, don't take it seriously.

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