14 departments issued the "Action Plan for Promoting the Trade-in of Consumer Goods"! There are also these hot spots......

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14 departments issued the "Action Plan for Promoting the Trade-in of Consumer Goods"! There are also these hot spots......

Wednesday, April 17

The ninth day of the third lunar month

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◆ To be a person full of positive energy, you can better experience the joy of life, and the luck of people who love to laugh will not be too bad. New day, good morning!

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◆ Promote the release of the action plan for the trade-in of consumer goods

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and other 14 departments issued the "Action Plan for Promoting the Trade-in of Consumer Goods" to improve technology, energy consumption, emissions and other standards as the traction, policy incentives, and smooth circulation as the drive, on the basis of fully respecting the wishes of consumers, and gradually establish an effective mechanism of "easier to go to the old and more willing to replace the new", and encourage the replacement of intelligent, green and low-carbon consumer goods.

>> Promote the "energy" of automobiles

Consumers who scrap high-emission passenger cars or eligible new energy passenger vehicles and purchase new energy vehicles that meet energy-saving requirements or new energy vehicles will be given a fixed subsidy; financial institutions can independently determine the down payment ratio of loans for self-use cars; improve infrastructure such as charging (swapping) electricity, parking, and smart transportation; implement a reverse invoicing policy for second-hand car transactions; and promote the door-to-door car collection service model.

>> Promote the "smart" of household appliances

The central government has allocated funds for the construction of a modern commercial circulation system and a county-level commercial system to support the construction of a renewable resource recycling system such as waste household appliances; encouraged qualified localities to provide subsidies to consumers to purchase green and smart household appliances; and supported household appliance enterprises to give preferential treatment to consumers who exchange old household appliances for energy-saving household appliances.

>> promote the "renewal" of home decoration and kitchen and bathroom

Encourage all localities to support the development of local upgrading and transformation of old house decoration, kitchen and bathroom, and home renovation for the elderly, and promote smart home consumption.

【Provincial News】

◆Hebei will organize and implement a number of proof-of-concept projects

A proof of concept is the process from a knowledge concept to a sample of the outcome. A few days ago, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued the "Implementation Plan for the Proof-of-Concept Project of the Basic Research Plan of Hebei Province", proposing to organize the implementation of a number of proof-of-concept projects and carry out proof-of-concept financial support.

◆Hebei Food Safety Society was established

Recently, Hebei Food Safety Society was established in Shijiazhuang. The society is a provincial, academic and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by food safety science and technology workers, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, social organizations, related enterprises and individuals. The establishment of the society has filled the gap in the social organization of food safety in Hebei.

14 departments issued the "Action Plan for Promoting the Trade-in of Consumer Goods"! There are also these hot spots......

◆ Five places in Beijing and Hebei signed an agreement on the Western Beijing Tourism Alliance

Recently, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Mentougou District of Beijing Municipality and the cultural and tourism departments of Huailai County, Zhuolu County, Wei County and Yangyuan County of Zhangjiakou City signed an agreement on the Western Beijing Tourism Alliance, and jointly launched five high-quality flower-viewing routes.

◆Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei unified drug marketing authorization holder pharmacovigilance system construction standards

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration, the Tianjin Municipal Drug Administration, and the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration jointly issued the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Drug Marketing Authorization Holder Pharmacovigilance Quality Management Practice Operation Guide (Trial)".

◆ Jijin Port will work together to build a world-class port cluster

On April 15, Hebei Port Group and Tianjin Port Group signed the "Concerted Action Letter on Jointly Building a World-class Port Group" in Tianjin, conscientiously implementing the work deployment of Tianjin and Hebei Province on the coordinated development of ports, jointly promoting the construction of a safe, convenient, smart, green, cost-effective, and supportive world-class port group, and contributing to the high-quality development of the regional economy.

14 departments issued the "Action Plan for Promoting the Trade-in of Consumer Goods"! There are also these hot spots......

【Minsheng Express】

>>As of April 15, most of the province has entered spring, and the northern part of Zhangjiakou and the northern part of Chengde have also embarked on the road to spring.

At present>> 14 road intersections in Shijiazhuang City have completed the transformation of direct left turn of non-motor vehicles, mainly distributed along the intersection of Zhongshan Road Jianshe Street, the intersection of Huai'an Road Tiyu Street, Zhonghua Street and Shengli Street.

>> April 21, 2024, during the 2024 Baoding Marathon, 49 bus routes along the race route will be affected to varying degrees. For more information, please see:


>> from April 22, 2024, the loan information of Qinhuangdao City's personal housing provident fund will be officially included in the People's Bank of China credit system.

>> from March 30, 2024, on the basis of opening every Thursday to teachers and students on campus, the Museum of Hebei University will be open to the public every Saturday (except for school holidays).

【Speed Reading World】

>> first quarter of this year, China's GDP grew by 5.3% year-on-year.

>> first quarter of this year, the national railways sent 1.014 billion passengers, with an average of 11.147 million passengers per day, a year-on-year increase of 28.5%.

>> the results of the 13th sample survey of Chinese citizens' scientific literacy, the proportion of mainland citizens with scientific literacy will reach 14.14% in 2023, an increase of 1.21 percentage points over 2022.

According to a report released by the >> State Intellectual Property Office, in 2023, the industrialization rate of invention patents in mainland China will be 39.6%, steadily increasing for five consecutive years.

According to >> Supreme People's Court, four minors between the ages of 12 and 14 were recently sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison in accordance with the law.

【Today's Weather】

Shijiazhuang: sunny 26°C~13°C

Zhangjiakou: sunny 25°C~10°C

Chengde: sunny 26°C~10°C

Tangshan: Sunny 25°C~11°C

Qinhuangdao: Sunny 19°C~9°C

Langfang: 27°C~12°C

Baoding: Sunny 26°C~10°C

Yangzhou: Sunny 26°C~12°C

Normal water: 27°C~14°C

Xiaotai: Sunny 26°C~14°C

邯郸:晴 26°C~11°C

Beijing: Sunny 27°C~10°C

Tianjin: Sunny 28°C~15°C

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