NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

The Lakers finally choked the throat of fate, and crushed the Pelicans in a hard-fought and uncompromising battle, paying attention to dry rather than defeat, after all, the Lakers firmly controlled the game from the beginning of the game, from the lead to a bigger lead, and finally to victory.

It is undoubtedly a new argument to the view that "the Lakers are not afraid of any opponent in a single duel", except for the terrifying piece of pork belly.

At the same time, I have to admit that the Warriors are not as good as the Lakers in terms of real combat power, and the same beating the Pelicans is also related to the strength of the rankings.

The Pelicans lost very badly, and in order to meet the Lakers, even the Emperor who had missed 12 games was moved out, but Williamson was limited by various clamps, and the New Orleans Dream that should have swept thousands of troops was reduced to a coquettish and cute kitten. So who is the 39-year-old who is in charge of the main defense?

Generation after generation of versions and generation of gods, the old man is very fierce from generation to generation.

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

Coincidentally, the two teams will meet again in two days, and they will also be in this field, and even the cost of going back will be saved. Compared to the final day, the play-offs in two days will undoubtedly be more exciting.

Booker cheered for the Lakers as early as before the game, and when the wish came true, the Suns were full of energy to crush the Huskies. In the first quarter of the game alone, the difference between the two teams reached a multiplier, and Beal, who had been absent a lot before, stepped up to score 36 points in the most crucial battle to win the first prize. You say that the money was not spent in vain, and it was unjust in terms of the season, but you said that the money was spent in vain, and it was worth it in a single game. In this Schrödinger's unpredictable state, the Suns staggered to get the final ticket to the playoffs.

The Huskies, meanwhile, are tied to third place in the West, and the two teams will continue to meet in the first round of the playoffs, also in Minneapolis, where they don't need to renew their hotel reservations.

By the way, the world is boasting that the Huskies have made significant progress this season. After being swept by the Suns in the regular season, they simply met the last opponent they wanted to meet in the playoffs.

Just as Charlotte wanted to have a romantic encounter with Qiu Ya, she opened her eyes and suddenly found that it was Dongmei standing in front of her......

O iniquity!

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

Compared with the uncompromising and rigid West, the Eastern Front is undoubtedly a paradise for conspirators. Kamura pulled the pace of the game fast, and finally forced the Hornets to lose as they wished. As a representative of the small fortune and peace team, Kamura never ponders the grand narrative and only focuses on the well-being of the moment. What is the current well-being? Isn't it the fourth place in the East?

After all, Kecun has already been calculated, and the position of Dongsi will either play magic or pacers, which is much more suitable than climbing up the rankings.

The chain reaction that quickly formed was that the bucks immediately broke the pendulum and sent the magic head. In this way, it was Philadelphia who had to start the play-in tournament despite a strong eight-game winning streak. No, who let the Magic win the top division title with the same record of the three teams?

Lao Li is undoubtedly a stinky chess basket, if the chess skills of Ma Dudu & Lu Gui reach the level of Ke Jie & Shen Zhenzhen, Lao Li is probably a war eagle. But the war eagle returned to the war eagle, in the situation that the chess game was almost out of control, Lao Li could still magically revive the dead game, so that the bucks could get the results they wanted, and this ability was not convinced. So when the team successfully avoided the hard stubble and encountered the weak underbelly to highlight the opponent, I don't know whether to sigh that his life is hard enough, or praise him for being a fool and a good man.

In the eyes of the Bucks, the Pacers who follow the strategy of nine offenses and one defense are quite easy to deal with, and I don't know if the Pacers have similar thoughts. As the saying goes, when you see the opposite side is like a dish, it should be the same when you see you on the other side.

Let's see when Kun Kun will come back, the key to the success or failure of the series is always tied to him.

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

In the midst of all the deceit, New York chose to fight to the end. The Tomb Sect farmer, Thibodu, even on the closing day, tirelessly treated the first as a serf. Not only blacks but also whites, this is not DiVincenzo counted the overtime for a full 52 minutes and 30 seconds, and truly treats everyone equally.

"White is not your protective color. Thibodeau said.

Then you can fantasize about such a scene, after the game, when the positive energy reporter handed the microphone to the angry DiVincenzo and asked him what he thought, DiVincenzo, who finally recovered, said a rhetorical question:

"Can I swear?"

"No, you can't. ”

"Then I don't have much to say. ”

The reporter who obtained the material burst out of inspiration after the game and wrote a quick article, titled "The New York crowd consciously worked overtime on the closing day, and the reason behind it is heartwarming".

As a result, New York was pushed to second place in the East, and it is very likely that it will be rewarded with a Philadelphia in the first round. On the negative side, the power of Embiid & Maxey seems to be more powerful than Brunson, who is single-handed; on the positive side, if you can knock out Philadelphia head-on, wouldn't you be able to use this as a weight to fool the emperor into abandoning the dark and turning to the light in the future?

Opportunities always coexist with risks.

NBA Regular Season Finale: Lakers Ecstasy, Suns Come Ashore

Finally, the topic turns back to the Lakers, the 6 billion & Praetorian Guards are currently discussing whether to deliberately put one play-off game away from the Nuggets. After all, compared to the defending champions, the Thunder look more flavorful and have the advantage of regular season matchups. It's just that the play-offs are the kind of game that is decided to win or lose, and you can really make sure that you put a handful and then 100% and then the second hand?

Therefore, after a short disagreement, the 6 billion & Praetorian Guards unanimously decided that the play-offs must be played seriously and well, and strive to advance to the first game to get the playoff tickets in hand and live in the present.

If you really hit the Nuggets, you can fight hard, but you can't admit it, what if you fight it......

At the end of the season, a few families are happy and a few are sad, each with a full stomach, and the 16-way people are about to start the play-offs and even the playoffs. Compared with the regular season, which has a lot of room for maneuver, the play-offs & playoffs are undoubtedly a real battlefield with bloody fists. At that time, there will be teams that will be glorious despite defeat, there will be teams looking forward to the future, there will be teams that are unwilling, and there will definitely be teams that will be disbanded on the spot.

The history of the NBA, unconsciously, has turned another page.

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