"Persona: Phantom of the Night" novice zero krypton characters choose to team up to open up the wilderness strategy, redeem the code

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Friends, because the number of pre-orders for "Persona: Phantom of the Night" in the early stage exceeded 10 million, which is a pre-registration reward, so novice players can get a five-star character and weapon as long as they honestly follow the system after entering the game and complete the corresponding tasks in the commercial goal stage of Lufel.

"Persona: Phantom of the Night" novice zero krypton characters choose to team up to open up the wilderness strategy, redeem the code

First of all, players can choose one of these 5-star characters after entering the game


Choose one of the 5-star weapons (of course, it's best to choose the special weapon that matches the character)

Golden loot, avengers' fangs, rose thorns

According to the official meaning, after the game's open beta, the novice guide task will not be stuck in the level, and there may be players who have completed all the tasks in one day, but have not yet gotten the five-star character, that's because...... The official forecast is:

It takes almost three days to complete all the tasks before you can get the five-star novice pool monster thief of your choice, ahaha!, so you have to wait at least three days.

"Persona: Phantom of the Night" novice zero krypton characters choose to team up to open up the wilderness strategy, redeem the code

Character Selection:

Molgana: Wind nurse, can add milk and resurrect in groups

Ryuji Sakamoto: The core output of the physics department is high in explosive power and the output is in place

High Curly Apricot: Fire group attack strong output

The priority of the three choices must be the first choice of high curly apricots, the second consideration is Ryushiro Sakamoto, and the third is the nurse Ghana.

Novice Zero Krypton Reclamation Team Recommendation:

Fire is a high-injury team

Apricot Takamaki, Kiyoshi Kurotani, Kayo Toyama, Lu Fei, protagonist

In addition to the high roll apricot, which can be selected for free after entering the game, Kurutani Kiyoshi is a fire support that can be obtained during the pre-draw event of the server, and every time you have 1 stack of "Sacrificer", the enemy in the "Holy Fire" state will receive 0.5% more fire attribute damage

Lufel (4 stars) is also a gift from the system, which can be called an all-round group of milk, her ultimate can restore 62.1% attack power + 116 health for all companions, and increase the attack power of all companions by 40%, 1 round melee attack: Use melee weapons to cause a small amount of damage to 1 enemy, which can be described as milk and combat and can also increase attack power!

Kayo Toyama (4 stars) tutorial gives away the character for free, assists a good hand, can make all companions get a shield, the shield value is 67 + 36.1% of their own attack power, the effect lasts for 2 rounds, restores 6 energy points for all companions, and gets 3 beats. The buff effect is based on the self's damage value, providing all companions with a corresponding attribute damage bonus, providing a 5.1% damage bonus for every 500 attack damage, making all companions deal an additional damage bonus to enemies with elemental ailments, and providing a 2.6% damage bonus for every 500 attack damage, these two attribute bonuses last for 1 turn. Kayo Toyama has a wife hot girl in the background of the game, and she is also the most discussed character on the Internet.

This team is basically free for novices without krypton, and it is very cost-effective, so it is a good choice for early development.

The novice pool explosion rate is quite high!

As long as you do tasks in the game and upgrade your level, you can basically get the 60 draws sent by the system on the first day, which is easy and stress-free, and 260 draws are sent for free in the first week. At present, according to the reaction of the players, it seems that the explosion rate of the novice pool is quite high, many players have posted their own one-shot souls in the comment area, and some people have ten consecutive shots, this explosion rate is really good, inhale the European gas!

That is to say, you can basically get a very good character with the number of card draws sent, and friends can combine their favorite teams according to the respective skills of the characters. Or you can just use the "Fire High Damage Team" combination without brains at the beginning.

"Persona: Phantom of the Night" novice zero krypton characters choose to team up to open up the wilderness strategy, redeem the code

Okay, that's it for the novice wilderness development strategy, and then it's time for <>us to open up the most and most frozen, and the little pig will never allow himself and the treasures to miss any useful redemption code!

Persona: Phantom of the Night Open Beta redemption code:

Moment of awakening

The other side of you

P5X beta

The Bandits are assembled

Personality mask awakening

Stealing hearts begins


Okay, just sauce, friends who haven't exchanged yet, hurry up and want to redeem as soon as possible, and then move your little fingers to give this little pig a like and leave a note, so as not to find this baby again!


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