Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

author:Xiao Ming children's shoes
Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

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Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

That woman is still Tang San's cousin, and this woman's family was implicated because of Tang Hao's affairs, so she didn't blame Tang Hao for her family's downfall

Because some netizens said that Ma Hongjun later became a handsome guy, I have to popularize science

When Ma Hongjun first met Bai Agarwood, he was the setting of a lewd fat man, and his first impression of Bai Agarwood was to say to Tang San, "Do I have a chance to uncover the rules......

In the comics, Ma Hongjun can become a slim handsome guy for a short time after taking fairy grass, but this is just a comic setting, not in the original book.

Ma Hongjun became thinner in the back place, and the special training on the island and the relationship between the two sides had been basically determined by Tang San and others......

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

Tang San is selfish again, so he has a little bit of trouble with others

Find an anthropomorphic comparison, Xu Fengnian's anthropomorphism is almost the same as that of Queen Victoria

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

According to the definition of the Evil Soul Master, Tang San himself was

To be precise, the advanced direction of the evil soul master is gone, and there used to be a direction of internal consumption, that is, the Shura Divine Examination, although most of them are just chasing a killing realm, but it is undeniable that such a route and being denied by the secular society will make these evil soul masters gather there unconsciously. But this path is gone, and the evil soul master can only develop various ways to become stronger, and then become more and more against the sky

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

I wonder why a mature soul is willing to be a filial son when he travels back and is about the same psychological age as his titular father

It stands to reason that when Tang Hao was in charge of raising his life, he had already triggered San'er's way of taking death passively

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

Longbow Wei had to make way for Tang San, Zhang Wei was already addicted to the Tang family's three young people and couldn't come out

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

When I saw the comics, I wondered, did the Tang family make such a big progress, and the plot was so interesting. Then I went to find a novel to read...... Well, the comic screenwriter is too powerful, and it is outrageous that Mr. Mu Fengchun was still accused

The comics like the love story of the little girl and Ma Hongjun of the Super One clan the most, and it's so good and romantic. From the attraction of martial spirits to the secret birth of feelings, the perfect miss in the middle, and finally the meeting again, it is also an excellent love story to bring it out alone

And in the novel, Bai Agarwood was forced to like Ma Hongjun by the Shrek Seven Monsters Collective PUA, just like Ning Rongrong was deranged by the Shrek Six Monsters Collective PUA, which made Oscar take advantage of the void in the Star Dou Forest "At that time, to save Ning Rongrong, Oscar didn't want to save people, but to die with a beautiful woman, no loss, highlighting a very obscene, and the real body of the martial soul can become Viagra in the back, which shows how disgusting this person is"

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?

I feel that at the beginning, his daughter was a Tang Wutong pseudonym Wang Dong'er, Wang Qiu'er was a female partner who added emotional conflicts, but I don't know what San Shao thought, he gave Wang Qiu'er the same appearance as Wang Dong'er, and even gave the setting of the natural choice of martial arts and soul fusion

Analogous to the three young people in Tianhuo Avenue gave the protagonist a pair of sisters and flower heroines (of course, in order to maintain single-mindedness, my sister didn't appear on the bento, relying on the synopsis to say that it was the protagonist's wife, and then the protagonist married a sister-in-law, so that you can keep single-mindedness and get a pair of sisters)

So I speculate that Sanshao just can't suppress the nature of wanting to write yellow (and yellow dots can attract readers), but for the sake of political correctness, it is necessary to remain single-minded, how can this be yellow, a total, just let autumn and winter merge, slice it

In this way, the heroine can have two bodies but share an identity, you see that the later Gu Yuena was also split into Gu Yue and Na'er, and the god of life and death in the Ice and Fire Demon Kitchen is also one and two souls, it can be seen that even if the three young people are forced to write monogamy, they have to make the heroine's two bodies, and the sister flower is his firm xp

Why is everyone criticizing Tang San so ruthlessly?