When a relationship deteriorates, it often starts with one thing

author:Marriage counselor Liu Jie

Text: Marriage counselor Liu Jie

It is often said that marriage is the "grave" of love. Actually, this sentence is a bit too pessimistic.

In fact, marriage is not the end of love, but the beginning of another. But many couples gradually have cracks in their relationships due to various reasons in their married lives.

So, where did the deterioration of the relationship between husband and wife begin?


Before answering this question, we must be clear: the deterioration of the relationship between husband and wife does not happen overnight, it is often a series of small things, which eventually accumulate.

But if there's a starting point, it's often a "lack of communication."

Communication is the most important part of the relationship between husband and wife.

During the love period, couples communicate almost all the time, sharing each other's joys, sorrows, and sorrows. However, over time, especially after entering married life, many couples gradually ignore this.

There is a concept in psychology called "communication disorder", which refers to the various factors that appear in the process of communication and hinder the transmission and understanding of information.

In a couple's relationship, communication barriers often manifest themselves as unwillingness or inability to express their needs and feelings, leading to escalating misunderstandings and conflicts.

When misunderstandings and conflicts accumulate, there will be cracks in the relationship, and the relationship will naturally start to deteriorate.

When a relationship deteriorates, it often starts with one thing


Let's take an example.

There is such a couple who have not been married for a long time, they are very affectionate at the beginning, and they have endless words every day.

But when the marriage has been going on for a long time, the pressure of work and the trivial matters of life are increasing day by day, and the communication between them is becoming less and less.

The husband often works late into the night, and when he comes home, he is exhausted and just wants to rest, but the wife wants her husband to spend more time with her and talk about her heart.

Because of the lack of effective communication, the husband does not understand the needs of his wife, and the wife does not clearly express her expectations. Over time, the relationship between the two became more and more strained.

From this example, we can see that the lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings between couples about each other's needs and expectations.

When this misunderstanding accumulates to a certain level, it can lead to quarrels and conflicts.

At this time, the wife will feel very hurt and feel that her husband does not love her anymore. And the husband will also feel very aggrieved, thinking that his wife does not understand him.

When both people have dissatisfaction and even resentment in their hearts, the relationship between husband and wife is already going bad.

When a relationship deteriorates, it often starts with one thing


So, how can we improve the relationship between husband and wife and avoid further deterioration of the relationship?

Here's some practical advice:

Schedule regular time for communication: No matter how busy you are at work, make time to communicate with your partner. Learn about each other's lives, work, and moods, and enhance relationships.

Learn to listen: When communicating, don't just talk about expressing your own thoughts, but also learn to listen to the other person's voice. Give the other person enough attention and respect so that he can feel your understanding and support.

Be clear about your needs and expectations: Don't let the other person guess what you want, but be clear. This will help to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts and increase mutual understanding.

Avoid accusations and attacks: During communication, try to avoid using accusations and offensive language. It's about expressing your opinions and feelings in a positive, positive way.

When a relationship deteriorates, it often starts with one thing

To sum up, the deterioration of a couple's relationship often begins with a lack of communication.

In order to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, we need to pay attention to the importance of communication and take positive measures to improve the quality of communication.

Only in this way can we go through every stage of our married life together and move hand in hand towards a happy future.