Pig prices and grain prices are alerted! Corn, wheat, and hog prices are updated today on April 14!

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April is about to be more than halfway, the domestic pig and grain market, pig prices, grain price warning, in terms of pigs, pig prices stagnation, the market has entered the stage of consolidation, long and short sentiment convergence, pig prices lack obvious changes! In the grain market, corn, wheat market pressure, wheat price level further downward, market pessimism is strong, milling enterprises are still more prominent. In the corn market, the corn market is sluggish, the North China market quotation remains weak, the arrival of enterprises is sufficient, the Northeast market continues to be weak, stable and strong, and the regional market is more differentiated!

Pig prices and grain prices are alerted! Corn, wheat, and hog prices are updated today on April 14!

Today is April 14th, and the prices of corn, wheat and hogs are updated, as follows:

First, the pig price is weak and stable!

According to the data, on April 14, pig prices stabilized sideways, the price of pigs hovered at 15.09 yuan / kg, the price was the same as yesterday, in the north and south of the country, pig prices stabilized and moved, in East China and some parts of central China, pig prices were slightly stronger, scattered areas in the north, pig prices fell slightly to adjust, mainstream areas, pig price adjustment range in 0.05 ~ 0.1 yuan, the market lacks obvious directionality!

On the one hand, the group of pig enterprises and retail pig farms subscribe to the mentality in general, the breeding end of the slaughter pressure is not large, the bullish sentiment still exists, the mainstream pig enterprises have a certain card price to slaughter the phenomenon;

Pig prices and grain prices are alerted! Corn, wheat, and hog prices are updated today on April 14!

On the one hand, the loss margin of slaughtering enterprises is larger, the sentiment of lowering the price of pigs is higher, and the mentality of resisting high-price procurement is stronger; on the other hand, the consumption support is insufficient, the white strip goods are under pressure, the frozen pork is facing the pressure of leaving the warehouse, the wholesale market has more leftovers, the downstream orders of the slaughtering enterprises are less, and the enthusiasm of purchasing pigs is limited!

Therefore, in the long and short game, in the short term, the market lacks obvious directionality, the price or will maintain the trend of high-frequency shocks, the amplitude remains low, of course, the market is bullish at the end of the month mentality is stronger, at the end of the month, pig prices are supported by the festive atmosphere There is still an opportunity to rise!

Second, wheat prices are falling more than once!

New wheat harvest is imminent, in the last two days, in the author's hometown, part of the new wheat has appeared heading, wheat from the harvest is only less than 2 months, and in Hubei, from the early wheat harvest only more than a month left, the new wheat market cycle is approaching, due to the wheat yield is expected to be good, the market generally believes that the wheat yield is the general trend!

Affected by the new wheat approaching the market, domestic grain depot wheat and traders wheat increased the sentiment of Tengku, policy wheat concentrated rotation, grain storage and local grain depot wheat oversupply, demand follow-up is relatively sluggish, many places directly under the warehouse wheat put a wide range of unauctioned, this week, the grain storage wheat rotation plan is as high as 940,000 tons......

Pig prices and grain prices are alerted! Corn, wheat, and hog prices are updated today on April 14!

However, the demand support is difficult to sustain, due to the lack of consumption support, the demand for flour is in the off-season, and the rise in temperature, the increase in precipitation, the difficulty of flour storage, the downstream purchase and sales are relatively cold, the operating rate of milling enterprises is low, the mentality of sales and production is strong, the support of raw grain consumption is insufficient, and the mentality of enterprises purchasing wheat is not high!

Affected by many factors, wheat prospects are not good, the price center of gravity continues to fall sharply, in the domestic mainstream winter wheat producing areas, Shandong, Hebei and Henan regions, wheat spot quotation down 0.3 ~ 1 cent/jin, of which, Shandong, milling enterprises listed price in 1.325 ~ 1.38 yuan / jin, single county Feixiang quotation fell to 1.325 yuan, Hebei market, wheat listed price in 1.34 ~ 1.35 yuan, Hebei Jinshahe quotation fell to 1.34 yuan / jin......

Third, the corn market is under pressure, and the decline is limited!

Recently, the corn market continues to fluctuate weakly, the bottom of the Northeast market is strong, the price is weak and stable, and the purchase and sale of corn is relatively cautious. In the North China market, due to the strong mentality of selling grain at the grassroots level, the supply of surplus grain is relatively sufficient, while the demand follow-up is limited, the channel inventory is more, and the arrival of deep processing is at a high level.

It is understood that in the near future, there is more good news in the corn market, on the one hand, the grain reserves to increase the enthusiasm of corn reserves, Heijiliao region and North China, the grain reserves have a special corn procurement plan, which has a certain support for market sentiment; on the other hand, the customs restrict the import of corn to the bonded area, which alleviates the impact of imported corn and starch on the domestic market, boosting the market prospects!

Pig prices and grain prices are alerted! Corn, wheat, and hog prices are updated today on April 14!

However, due to the phased mismatch between production and marketing, the fundamentals of strong supply and weak demand in the market are still the mainstream, and the corn spot maintains a weak trend!

Among them, in the Northeast market, the price of corn is stable and strong, among them, in Zhalantun Fufeng, Heilongjiang Daqing Yipin, Hailun Guotou and Longjiang Fufeng, the price of corn listed in the price is 10~20 yuan/ton, Tieling Guotou fell 10 yuan/ton, the mainstream corn price in Heilongjiang is 0.864~1.155 yuan/jin, Jilin is quoted at 1.135~1.55 yuan, and the price in Liaoning is 1.15~1.165 yuan/jin!

However, due to the gradual improvement of the enthusiasm of the local grain storage and storage, the market sentiment has improved, some grassroots farmers have a certain mentality of raising prices, and the enthusiasm of enterprises to build warehouses has been improved, and the space for the corn market to fall is limited!

Among them, in Shandong, the price range of mainstream deep processing enterprises is 4~10 yuan/ton, and the spot price of corn is 1.125~1.225 yuan/jin, among them, the price of Heze Chengwu fell to 1.125 yuan, and the price of enterprises in many places fell to 1.14~1.17 yuan/jin, and the inversion of production and marketing prices is highlighted!

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