The first sales soared by 800%, Snapdragon 8Gen3 + 16GB + 1TB + 100W, and the domestic "new dark horse" was born

The first sales soared by 800%, Snapdragon 8Gen3 + 16GB + 1TB + 100W, and the domestic "new dark horse" was born

When it comes to folding screen mobile phones, in the early years, most netizens will focus on big brands such as Huawei and Samsung, and Huawei Mate X series is regarded as a "financial management" product, at its peak, the price of a mobile phone was speculated to 100,000 yuan by scalpers. However, there is a common problem with folding screen mobile phones, that is, the body is relatively bulky and not very convenient to carry.

The first sales soared by 800%, Snapdragon 8Gen3 + 16GB + 1TB + 100W, and the domestic "new dark horse" was born

Perhaps because of the huge business opportunities in the folding screen market, later OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Honor and other brands have started folding screen mobile phones, and the direction of folding screen mobile phones is constantly changing, and the body is becoming thinner and lighter, but some models have sacrificed battery capacity, and will be castrated in terms of photography.

The vivo X Fold 3 series, which was launched in March this year, has changed this situation, and has truly achieved both, want, and more. In terms of price, it is not much different from the general straight-screen mobile phone. This time, vivo X Fold 3 brings two models, namely X Fold 3 and X Fold3 Pro, among them, the body thickness of the standard version is only 10.2mm, the weight is only 219g, and when unfolded, the thickness is even thinner to 4.65mm, such a thin and light body, it is also more convenient to control with one hand.

The most amazing thing is that in the case of such a thin and light body, this vivo X Fold 3 can also be stuffed with a 5500mAh ultra-large capacity blue ocean battery, supporting 80W fast charging, which greatly reduces consumers' anxiety about the battery life of folding screen mobile phones.

As for the X Fold 3Pro model, the body weighs only 236g, and the battery capacity has reached 5700mAh, and it also supports 100W fast charging and 50W wireless charging when the body is not much heavier.

In terms of taking pictures, the vivo X Fold3 series is also very careful, and the standard version uses a 50 million pixel 1/1.49-inch outsole main camera Sony IMX920, which supports OIS optical image stabilization, and has a 50 million ultra-wide angle, 50 million portrait lens as an auxiliary.

As for the Pro model, it uses a larger photosensitive area50 million pixel main camera, with 50 million ultra wide angle, 64 million periscope telephoto lens composed of AI triple camera, whether it is the standard version or the Pro version, there is a joint adjustment of Zeiss, and the image quality is very reliable.

The first sales soared by 800%, Snapdragon 8Gen3 + 16GB + 1TB + 100W, and the domestic "new dark horse" was born

In terms of performance, the vivo X Fold 3 series is even more unambiguous, the standard version uses a specially customized Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, while the Pro model uses a Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip, which can bring an excellent system experience.

In terms of screen, vivo XFold3 series also brought surprises, using Samsung's E7 luminous material, the outer screen size is 6.53 inches, the resolution is 2748x1172, the inner screen size is 8.03 inches, and the resolution is 2480x2200, all of which have achieved 4500nit peak brightness and 120Hz high brush. Coupled with the new 8T LTPO backplane technology, the eye protection effect and image quality performance are very good.

Since the vivo X Fold3 series is quite strong in photography, performance, body texture, screen, battery life, etc., the first sale is 1 minute, compared with the previous generation model, sales soared by 800%, exceeding 580 million yuan, becoming a domestic "new dark horse".

Because in terms of price, the vivo X fold 3 series is also full of sincerity, the standard version of vivo fold 3 starts at only 6999 yuan, and the 16GB+1TB version is only 8999 yuan.

And vivo X Fold 3 Pro, the standard version 16GB+512GB is only 9999 yuan, and the 16GB+1TB version is priced at 10999 yuan, compared with many competing products of friends next door, the price is indeed a lot cheaper.

In general, judging from the performance of sales, vivo X Fold3 can be said to be in the right direction, and for friends who want to try folding screen phones, you can consider it.

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