Yuewei Port Expressway Project Department: Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

author:CREC China Railway Zhang Xin

At the beginning of the morning, the construction site of the Yuewei Port Expressway Project was already busy. The roar of machines and the trumpets of workers are intertwined to form a symphony full of power. The sun shines through the clouds and sprinkles on the highway under intense construction, and every paved asphalt pavement embodies the hard work and sweat of the project team.

"Brothers, our task this time is arduous, but as long as we are united, there will be no hurdles that cannot be overcome!" Han Yuhu, the project manager, stood on a high place, his eyes were firm, and his voice was loud. His words were like a warm current, which instantly spread throughout the entire scene, arousing the fighting spirit in everyone's hearts.

The task of resuming the two-way traffic construction node of the Linyuewei hub is imminent. The project department not only has to complete the hoisting and welding of a span of steel box girders, but also has to carry out painting, crash wall construction and other work. Time is tight, the task is heavy, and everyone knows that this is an uphill battle.

"Xiao Gao, you are responsible for the supervision and acceptance of the coating here, and you must ensure that the coating is uniform and there are no omissions. Wei Lei, deputy secretary of the project, inspected the construction site back and forth, shouting loudly to the workers from time to time. His voice was slightly hoarse, but full of power.

Yuewei Port Expressway Project Department: Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

At the same time, the construction of the crash wall is also in full swing. However, due to the insufficient number of workers, difficulties arose in the installation of the crash wall, which was supposed to be done by the workers. At this critical moment, the project youth commando team stepped forward, they personally went into battle, shouldered the heavy responsibility of installation, and their figure became a beautiful scenery on the construction site.

Yuewei Port Expressway Project Department: Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

After 7 consecutive days and nights of hard work, the traffic control at the construction points of the project was all removed, and the Yuewei hub interchange finally resumed two-way traffic. When the first car slowly drove by, Han Yuhu had a relieved smile on his face. This is the result of their joint efforts and the team, and it is also the best embodiment of their spirit of overcoming difficulties and striving for the first.

However, the challenges of the project go far beyond that. In August last year, there was a sudden mud gushing incident at the construction site of the left hole of the Hanbang No. 2 tunnel. In the face of this sudden situation, the on-site construction personnel quickly organized the evacuation of personnel and immediately reported to their superiors.

"Don't panic, act according to the plan, and be sure to ensure the safety of personnel!" After Wei Lei received the report, he rushed to the scene as soon as possible, quickly activated the emergency plan, set up a cordon and safety warning signs in front of the palm, prohibited personnel from approaching, installed cameras to monitor the development of mud gushing in real time, and arranged special personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day at the entrance of the hole.

Yuewei Port Expressway Project Department: Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

At the same time, the project department quickly organized experts to investigate and analyze the left hole of Hanbang No. 2 tunnel, and confirmed that it was a mud gushing phenomenon caused by the increase in mud pressure caused by heavy rain. In response to this problem, the project department took the initiative to communicate and negotiate with the owner, design, supervision and other units to discuss the treatment plan.

In the process of formulating the plan, the project department gave full play to its professional advantages and technical strength, combined with the actual situation of the site, put forward a variety of treatment schemes, and after many discussions and modifications, finally determined the best scheme, through the inverted arch, the second lining follow-up, gradually clean up the silt on the face of the tunnel, and set up an advanced pipe shed at the karst cave site for grouting treatment. This scheme not only takes into account the safety and stability of the site, but also takes into account the requirements of the construction schedule.

As soon as the plan came out, the project department immediately took action. At the construction site, the busy figures of the workers shuttled, and they gradually cleaned up the silt on the face of the tunnel in accordance with the requirements of the plan, installed the advanced pipe shed, and carried out grouting treatment. Every job was carried out in an orderly, intense and orderly manner. The project managers also overcame many difficulties and worked day and night on the construction site, even though their clothes were soaked with sweat, their eyes were always firm and bright.

Yuewei Port Expressway Project Department: Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

With the smooth progress of the mud treatment work, the left tunnel of Hanbang No. 2 tunnel has gradually resumed normal construction. When the tunnel was successfully penetrated, the whole tunnel was boiling. They hugged each other, high-fived each other, and celebrated this hard-won victory with laughter and laughter.

Today, the Yuewei Port Expressway project is still in full swing. All members of the project department will continue to overcome difficulties and strive to be the first with high morale and pragmatic work style, and work hard to achieve the goal of opening the project in July.

Source: Jiangsu Branch of CCCC Third Harbor Bureau