Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

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On a sunny morning in April 2024, in a well-known café in downtown Toronto, Canada, a Chinese aunt dressed in floral clothes suddenly lost control of her emotions, picked up the coffee that a neighbor had just bought and threw it at the waiter.

There was an uproar at the scene, many customers screamed in horror, and someone quickly called the police.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

The aunt originally just wanted a glass of water to quench her thirst, but was coldly treated and rejected by the waiter. The language barrier made it impossible for the two parties to communicate, the aunt's desire was not satisfied, and the anger in her heart had nowhere to vent, which finally led to this shocking "spilling coffee" incident.

The police soon arrived, and after an investigation, the aunt was sentenced to 10 years in prison for "wounding people with weapons". This verdict undoubtedly dealt a heavy blow to her and her family, and also provoked heated discussions and reflections on the image of Chinese aunts in the local society.

Witness the positive power of Auntie

When it comes to Chinese aunts, people always associate some negative impressions. But in fact, it is also full of positive power and influence in the group of aunts.

For example, the "Big Mom Group" in Chaoyang District, Beijing, this mysterious and keen team has repeatedly assisted the police in solving various difficult crime cases. With their extraordinary insight, they have successfully exposed the scandals of many well-known artists, and have made great achievements in maintaining social order, and have been highly praised by all walks of life.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

Another group of "Internet celebrity aunts" dressed in cheongsams and dressed up conveyed the positive energy of "aging gracefully" with their unique elegant demeanor. They know their destiny but have an extraordinary temperament, they are dressed up decently and generously, and they exude the charm of wisdom and experience, and they have become the idols of many young people.

What's even more commendable is that a warm-hearted aunt once stepped forward to help a foreign guy in crisis on the train. Although we could not communicate with each other in words, the warmth and kindness of human nature eventually dissolved all barriers.

It is these positive forces that bear witness to the gratifying side of the group of aunts.

Contradictions have escalated

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

In the early morning of May 26, 2024, a large group of energetic Chinese aunts gathered at the entrance of a large shopping mall in downtown Vancouver. They originally wanted to start a "shopping spree" after the mall opened.

However, since the mall is not yet open, the aunts will talk loudly at the door and practice Tai Chi at will, causing great noise pollution.

The mall management was powerless to stop it many times, so they had to call in security personnel to drive them away. In the face of the security guard's order to leave, the aunts not only had no intention of repenting, but were arrogant and threatening, and had a fierce physical conflict with the security guard.

In the end, the security guards could not hide their helplessness and anger, and shouted: "This is not China! Your actions are not welcome!" Because of the differences in cultural customs between the two sides, the contradictions continued to escalate and intensify, and finally the aunts had to reluctantly leave.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

The shadow of the scandal hangs over it

What is sad is that on the land of the motherland, there are also some uncivilized behaviors of the aunt group, which has seriously damaged the image of the entire group.

For example, the phenomenon of square dancing disturbing people can be seen everywhere. In the park or in the community, the familiar melody of the song "Little Apple" can always be heard accompanied by the high-decibel dance movements of the aunts.

Despite repeated appeals from the Government, they turned a blind eye and allowed the noise to disturb the people.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

What's more, some aunts dance square dances in order to occupy the venue, and compete with young people for the court. An aunt actually stretched out her hand to push the young man, and pretended to fall and "touch porcelain" for blackmail.

In recent years, some elderly people have abused the so-called privilege of "respecting the elderly" and "giving up their seats", and there have been endless reports of personal injuries to young people who refuse to give up their seats. There are even elderly people who deliberately fall down on the road and cheat money "porcelain" incidents occur frequently.

These head-scratching negative news have shrouded the aunt group like a haze, deepening the public's dissatisfaction and doubts about them.

Wake up and reflect on the straight

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

It is gratifying that in a foreign country, there are still many aunts who have demonstrated the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation with practical actions.

Although they live in distant foreign countries, they still maintain the excellent qualities of humility and courtesy, respect for the old and love for the young. No matter where he goes, he always has a kind smile on his face and behaves generously and deformously, which has won unanimous praise and friendship from the local people.

An enthusiastic aunt was even more fearless in danger and reached out to help a foreign youth in crisis, demonstrating the brilliance of human nature at the beginning of human beings and their inherent goodness with practical actions.

The noble character of these aunts guides us to reflect on the merits, understand each other's cultural differences, strive to resolve conflicts and antagonisms, and treat each other with a friendly and inclusive attitude.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

Create a harmonious society

Whether it is positive or negative, as a member of society, the group of aunts should be treated fairly. We hope that they will always be cautious in their words and deeds, restrain their words and deeds, be strict with themselves, and establish a good image for the country and the nation.

At the same time, the younger generation should also fully understand the special demands and needs of the elderly. In the face of some of their misdeeds, we should guide and resolve them with a tolerant attitude, instead of blindly reprimanding and scolding.

After all, respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

Why is it that my aunt travels abroad but is not welcome?

Only by understanding and tolerating each other, channeling each other's contradictions and antagonisms with a friendly attitude, and turning hostility into friendship, can we truly create a harmonious, orderly, civilized and courteous social environment.

Let us work together to resolve differences and reach consensus with the power of patience, understanding and fraternity, so that the world can be filled with more positive energy and warmth.

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