Tell us about what your entrepreneurial idea is?

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What is your initial goal? Every entrepreneur has his own idea! At the beginning, there are good ones, and you have to find the best one for you. Do you think your corporate philosophy is the right fit?

Tell us about what your entrepreneurial idea is?

Talk about entrepreneurial ideas

What kind of entrepreneur do you want to be, what are their plans, what are their advantages?For example, whether you want to start a business, or do you want to start a business, you are welcome to share your views with me in the comment area.

My corporate philosophy: accumulate new media experience and become a cultural communication company by myself! Haha, people must have dreams, if I can win the jackpot, then I will not be rich?

Tell us about what your entrepreneurial idea is?

How do you know if your idea is suitable for action?

A good business mindset is the key to an entrepreneur. Starting a business is difficult without a good idea. But it's not enough to have an idea. When you decide whether you're right for you, you can base your decision on the following factors:

Can it solve tough problems for users. For example, takeaway, Didi taxi, and bicycle sharing, these are all to solve the user's problems, but if your idea is put forward and does not bring convenience to the user, it is not a good idea to start a business.

When I understand a market, I often think that this industry can bring us huge benefits, but do you have the ability to make profits in the industry, so when we have the idea of starting a business, we can look up our own ideas and see if there is any technology to support it.

There is not enough money and team to carry out the repairs together. A tree is a tree, and it is very difficult for a person to succeed in a business. The amount of funds depends on the project, but liquidity must be left behind.

Tell us about what your entrepreneurial idea is?

There is no shortage of people with entrepreneurial ideas in this industry, and similarly, there is no shortage of people with good entrepreneurial ideas, in this world, the most lacking is to implement, people with entrepreneurial ideas, always just one of their own ideas, even if it is ten years later, this kind of idea only exists in his mind, with ideas, you should be bold to do, only put into action, in order to see the results, otherwise, everything is in vain, hard work, entrepreneurs!